Big Ol' Ta-Tas!

Rupert Everett’s Got To Get Something Off His Chest

British born Rupert Everett’s latest role taught him a valuable lesson: big tits can be the pits. Appearing as a school’s headmistress in the remake of St. Trinian’s, the gay actor gets to dress as a gal with a cumbersome bosom.

Laments Everett:

I wear marvelous clothes – tweed suits, Wellingtons, pearls, scarves from Hermes. I also have very big breasts. It has made me feel much more sympathetic to women. Double D cups put your back out. I think I’d have them off. Breasts and high heels are awful.

That’s just about the saddest thing we’ve ever heard! Our hearts go out to you, Everett, you brave, brave boy.