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Rupert Everett’s Stupid Promise to Flee the UK If David Cameron Takes Over


Threats from Rupert Everett are like threats from, well, Melissa Etheridge: Noble in purpose, but empty in execution. So what’s the cranky Brit’s latest ridiculous soundbite? That he’ll leave the UK if Conservative leader David Cameron takes things over.

“I’m not going to stay here if David Cameron gets in,” Everett tells a reporter, saying he dislikes Conservatives “because they’re posh.” Which, uh, Rupert acknowledges he also is, “but I wouldn’t put myself up for parliament. I don’t believe them. And I don’t want the country run from yachts. … I don’t want the country to be run through a boat moored off the coast of Corfu, where a foreign newspaper billionaire is pulling all our strings.”

Fair enough, since Cameron is kind of a douchebag, and that includes his views on gays. But these whiny statements about what you’ll do if Cameron succeeds Gordon Brown and the Labour Party are, without any real action, just another notch on your growing irrelevance, dude.