Wilde, That Is...

Rupert Going For Oscar

Rupert Everett confirmed that he’s writing and acting in a movie about Oscar Wilde. And, of course, the increasingly vocal actor used the occasion to criticize his peers. No, he didn’t question George Clooney’s sexuality, but Everett did piss on screenwriter David Hare and director Richard Eyre, who collaborated on Wilde biopic, The Judas Kiss:

Yes, I’m writing a screenplay of a film I’m hoping to get made with myself in it, about Oscar Wilde, after the trial, his life in exile…It’s provisionally titled Sebastian Melmoth, after one of the aliases Wilde adopted after his downfall.

…Those people should never ever have thought about attacking the Wilde story, because they have no sympathy, or sensitivity or sensibility…

They’re rigorously straight, the two of them

They cast Liam Neeson as Wilde – why? Because he’s big and Irish.”

Everett’s neither of those things, of course. He’s just gay.