Rupert: Hollywood = Al-Qaeda

Will someone please tell Rupert Everett to shut his pretty little mouth?

The Clooney questioning actor garnered some ink again today after comparing Hollywood, a geographical location, with Al-Qeada, a terrorist organization. As if that’s not enough, the actor goes on to criticize the entertainment industry’s double standards:

A 50 year old male drug addict will be supported. Everyone feels enormous compassion for them. Without naming names, female alcoholics and drug addicts are absolutely rejected. It’s not accepted.

“No one suggests that Robert Downey Jr (who went to prison twice while battling drink and drug problems) was really that crazy whereas Britney Spears is almost witch hunted.

Oh, please! We don’t hunt Britney because she’s a woman! We stalk the pop star because she’s partly our creation: we feel responsible for her gloriously tragic end and want to revel in her tabloid-ready beauty.