St. Patrick's Dick

Rupert Murdoch Calls For Boycott Of Guinness Beer For Showing Gays Some Irish Love

Rupert-Murdoch-006After you’ve been wrapped up in a major phone hacking scandal, how long does it take before you can act exacerbated about a current event, rhetorically asking the Twitterverse, “Where will this end?

About a year, apparently.

The ever-charming Rupert Murdoch is upset that recent news of gays and lesbians being denied entry into St. Patrick’s Day parades has led to major sponsor pull-outs.

Like Sam Adams and Heineken in Boston, and now Guinness in New York City.

He tweeted this little nugget of wisdom this morning:

Because the St. Paddy’s day parade is a serious religious event and not an excuse for people to get drunk and rowdy in public in the middle of the day.

As evidenced by this video from last year’s parade in NYC:

You’re right, Rupes, gays marching in the parade would really take the focus off religious observances. Like when one sorority priestess exclaims, “Fuck the new pope!”

And we wouldn’t want that.

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  • Cam

    Oh really, it’s a “Religious” parade? Then why is he asking all “Irish” to boycott and not all “Catholics. Ooooops Murdock, remember to at least keep your B.S. consistent for a few sentences.

    And of course a great way to get Ireland to love you Murdock is to call for a boycott of one of it’s marquis brands.

  • Apparatus

    People in glass houses…

    A man with so many large slow-moving targets attached to his name really shouldn’t say things like this in public. People really don’t need more reason to go after all things Murdoch.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I don’t know who is the biggest idiot, Murdock or the nematode in the You Tube video! I have no time for brainless/clueless people.

  • keoki3


  • Dakotahgeo

    @keoki3: Preferably with an empty Irish beer bottle!

  • BJ McFrisky

    Perhaps Mr. Murdoch has witnessed the reality of a gay pride parade, and doesn’t want St. Patty’s to include men dressed as women, men wearing assless chaps, women dressed as biker gangs . . . you get the point, we’ve all seen it. All it would take is one angry activist yelling about gay marriage from the parade route, and it would backfire on us big-time.

  • Horse Lips

    He needs to go the way of Fred Phelps.


    Murdoch go fuck yourself you goddamned bollix. Irish people don’t give a fiddler’s fuck about people’s sexuality. You’re mistaking us with the would be Irish in the Ancient Order Of Hibernians.
    Now stop hacking peoples private mail and hold your breath for 20 minutes.

  • dazzer

    @keoki3: @IRISHGUY171:

    Oh dear God in heaven, sweet mother Mary on her back in O’Connell Street – never, ever should anyone ever have to fuck Murdoch.


    Rupert Murdoch? Give that man a medal. Make it a big brass one and chuck him in the Liffey.

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