St. Patrick's Dick

Rupert Murdoch Calls For Boycott Of Guinness Beer For Showing Gays Some Irish Love

Rupert-Murdoch-006After you’ve been wrapped up in a major phone hacking scandal, how long does it take before you can act exacerbated about a current event, rhetorically asking the Twitterverse, “Where will this end?

About a year, apparently.

The ever-charming Rupert Murdoch is upset that recent news of gays and lesbians being denied entry into St. Patrick’s Day parades has led to major sponsor pull-outs.

Like Sam Adams and Heineken in Boston, and now Guinness in New York City.

He tweeted this little nugget of wisdom this morning:

Because the St. Paddy’s day parade is a serious religious event and not an excuse for people to get drunk and rowdy in public in the middle of the day.

As evidenced by this video from last year’s parade in NYC:

You’re right, Rupes, gays marching in the parade would really take the focus off religious observances. Like when one sorority priestess exclaims, “Fuck the new pope!”

And we wouldn’t want that.

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