Rupert Rips On “Whiny” Americans

Hey, fellow Americans! Guess what?! Holier-than-thou actor and British homosexual Rupert Everett doesn’t like us!

Why? Because apparently we Yanks don’t stand up and fight for what’s right. Oh, and we all talk like Carrie Bradshaw.

Everett starts his rant on a global scale, griping about the world of “copy cats” who don’t stand up for what’s right. “We’re such a world of copycats. All the problems we have now, they’re all really about people not daring to stand up and say anything.” Apparently this complaint inspired something in him, because he then narrowed in on the States:

I’m totally off the States now. The reaction to 9/11 and then George Bush – really, they’ve got very blobby as a nation.

Now they [the Americans] are whiny victims whose language is entirely taken from two TV shows – Friends and Sex And The City – and there’s nothing sexy about them any more. And that kind of semi-blindness about the rest of the world, which was attractive when America was exciting, is really unattractive now.

Gross! Talk about “semi-blindness!” With whom has Everett been associating, ill-educated teenage twinks? Sure, there are some American who fit that description, but surely not every single citizen! There are, after all, millions of us. There’s only one Rupert Everett, though. And he sounds like a jerk.

Remember called gay pride paraders “party-grazing cows”, or equated gay-fearful Hollywood with Al Qaeda, which isn’t the most fair comparison. It’s a jerky comparison, actually.

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  • afrolito

    He’s right.

    The truth hurts.

  • Lost

    He’s only talking about half the country.

    There is no “Truth Hurts” and if does, then you’re that half of the country.

  • afrolito

    He’s talking about the entire country (yours included). I’m from New York, so we’re exempt.

  • Charley

    I agree with Afro. Most of us are as shallow as the “Sex in the City” girls. We need to organize and make change.

  • foofyjim

    This may be a bit off topic, but as I was watching Obama give his speech last night I thought about Pride and how many blogs I’ve been reading saying it’s tired and too much. Barack mentioned several instances in our history when the oppressed stood up for change, or a generation stood up against tyranny. I thought about Stonewall. I thought about how scared and closeted those queens were at the time. How they had been bashed and harassed by the police. How they finally said, “We’re not going to take this anymore!” and stood up against oppression and hate.

    I’ll be thinking about that when I’m celebrating my drunken ass off at Pride this month while gawking at hotties and drag queens, cheering on politicians, and basically making a fool of myself with 300,000 other crazy queers. This is our Memorial Day, our Labor Day, our Veteran’s Day, and our 4th of July all wrapped up in one. I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate!

    Rupert Everett can screw off.


    I think he is hot!:)

  • -M-

    The only people unable to see the truth in Rupert’s claims are the Americans. Right now the majority of nations and people of the world would agree with him. So maybe the 250 million of you need to wake up?

    Sure, it’s generalising, but there’s always some truth in a stereotype to inspire it in the first place.

  • Barton Fink

    It’s not a problem that Rupert at the end of his career doesn’t like America. Non-Americans aren’t required to like America, and Americans are not required to court approval from the world for their existence. Live and let live.

  • Miss Understood

    He’s largely correct. What the hell is wrong with this country? It took two terms until people realized they didn’t like Bush! Look, even if he stole the election (which I think he did) it was still awfully close. The man is and always was an idiot, the fact that he was put into office is an embarrassment of tragic proportions. And now everyone is nitpicking about who’s minister said what. It’s insane.

  • Michael

    Everett is a twat looking for a few lines of print. Demonize the aged whores of Sex in the City (and the Americans he seems to think they represent) whilst whoring his own self-respect for a few lines of ink. Am I the only one bored with hearing what actors have to say? You cannot imagine for an instance that they are in any way connected to the whole of society. How precarious it must be, Mr. Everett, to be perched high atop that ivory tower…

  • ggreen

    No. 1 Afrolito. Ouch you are so right the truth hurts. I hear people talking all the time about celebrity-boobs they see on TV like they are more important than their own family members. More people know what the weekly Box Office is than can tell you what the national minimum wage is.

  • Chapeau

    Tell it Rupert!

    The Truth Does hurt — but we need to hear it.

  • ChristopherM

    Funny how this epiphany coincides so neatly with the end of his career and relevancy in the entertainment business. Anyone who starred in Inspector Gadget has some nerve calling us shallow.

  • fredo777

    I don’t get how he’s “right” about everything in that quote. Personally, if he wanted to comment on a particular segment of the population who are flaky + gossip-obsessed, fine. But I could have done w/o the sweeping generalization + the “whiny victims” of 9/11 rubbish.

    Meh, I’m over him.

  • CAm

    It would be easier to agree with him if I hadn’t traveled to his country. If Rupert somehow thinks that New Yorkers at Champagne bars are any more vapid than hords of Chavs or Bridgit Jones wannabees in London and Newcastle getting into bar fights every night and then vomiting in the streets he is welcome to his opionion. I would wonder however if a bit of his bitterness is due to his failure to make a go of it in Hollywood after his very promising role in My Best Friends Wedding.

  • todd

    Americans have gotten fat and stupid and stressed out over fear of the unknown.

  • jbran

    It’s funny to hear someone who is virtually unrecognizable after the plastic surgery he’s had criticize others for being shallow.

    If that weren’t the case, I’d be more likely to think a little more about his point.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Why are you all spending so much time arguing about something this ex-rent boy, minor-league movie star who has lost his looks and complains about being invisible at gay bars because the 20-somethings don’t know who he is?

    I think America tired of him a long time before he tired of us.

  • slcoutsider

    Yes, because taking countless roles where he plays an accessory for the heterosexual female stars has definitely made the pride swell in my heart to call him one of our own.

  • Darth Paul

    Go lick Madonna’s arse a bit more, you old skank.

  • Len

    The state of Everett’s career, or the possibility that Britain may be as bad or worse, doesn’t invalidate what he says.

    Of course he’s being provocative. But I have to say that by and large I agree.

    (And yes, I’m an American.)

  • Erick

    I love americans, but Im sorry to say, hes right

  • Irony much?

    I love how people whine about his comments about whiny Americans.

    “We’re not whiiiiiiiny! The Brits are whiiiiiiny! You’re careeeeeer’s in the toilet. So nyah.”

    “Oh, and Madonna . . . something. So there.”

  • fredo777

    “Irony much”, this has nothing to do w/ whining. It’s calling bullshit when you see it.

    Unless, of course, having a differing opinion equates to whining in your book… I just think he’s full of shit. Some agree; some don’t. Feh.

  • The Milkman

    I don’t know what “blobby” means. Whatever it means, a nation as large and diverse as the United States can’t be lumped into a single category such as “blobby”.

    Disagreeing with part of what he said does not mean we’re “whining”.

    He’s right in saying that our country took a turn for the worse after 9/11 and the 2004 election. What he doesn’t understand is WHY our country took that turn. There are some pretty heavy societal changes going on over here right now that we’re only beginning to grapple with, as evidenced by the deep division in the political climate. He shouldn’t talk about something he doesn’t understand.

    Finally, if the “semi-blindness” of Americans (a valid point) is such a terrible thing, then why was it a source of attraction for Mr. Everett when we were “exciting”? I’ve always found the tendency of so many of our citizens to ignore the rest of the world a somewhat troublesome thing, regardless of what our citizens were watching on TV.

  • John

    Ouch, touchy.

  • John

    Who said American’s can’t take criticisms!

  • Cufflinks

    I can certainly agree/sympathize with Rupe’s view of America. We haven’t been putting our best foot forward lately.

    But one does wonder if Rupert would be so critical of America if our film industry were still paying him lots of money to star in crappy movies with Madonna….

  • KJ

    So, one of the whiniest actors ever, calls, while whining, Americans “whiny.”

    Oh yes, we should take this criticism very seriously.

  • Jason

    Rupert is the whiniest bitch around. Does he ever not complain. Shut the fuck up already you moany twat!

  • michael

    Margareth Thatcher on TV
    Shocked by the deaths that took place in Beijing
    It seems strange that she should be offended
    The same orders are given by her
    I’ve said this before now
    You said I was childish and you’ll say it now

    Remember what I told you
    If they hated me they will hate you
    England’s not the mythical land of Madame George and roses
    It’s the home of police who kill black boys on mopeds
    And I love my boy and that’s why I’m leaving
    I don’t want him to be aware that there’s
    any such thing as grieving
    Young mother down at Smithfield
    5 am, looking for food for her kids
    In her arms she holds three cold babies
    And the first words that they learned were please
    these are dangerous days
    To say what you feel is to make your own grave

    Remember what I told you
    If you were of the world they would love you
    England’s not the mythical land of Madame George and roses
    It’s the home of police who kill blacks boys on mopeds
    And I love my boy and that’s why I’m leaving
    I don’t want him to be aware that there’s
    Any such thing as grieving

  • mike

    The only thing Rupert hates more than America is himself. His self loathing is becoming pathological. I hope he gets some psych. help because the hack job on his face obviously did not. And Rupert, you were never that hot even when you were younger, you were just had lucky karma and now your fucking that up.

  • bobito

    Back in the days when Rupert was the only out-of-the-closet homo in Hollywood, he was a big deal. He had talent (able to act rings around Julia & Madonna, good-hearted enough not to have done so in the films with them – and those films really sucked) and his out-ness limited the range of roles in which he would be cast. If he’s bitter and disenchanted, that’s his right. Question is: would he have been any happier being a Hollywood commodity if it meant he had to pack himself into a closet? Maybe…

    In any case, he was something of a pioneer, being out when he was still hot & desirable and had a flourishing career – and I think he made it easier for other celebs to make that jump. And, yes, America has been collectively pissing its drawers ever since the attacks of September 11, so much so that in 2004, 1 out of 4 gay voters voted for Bush, because they thought he would “make us safer”. A very sad state of affairs.

  • mike

    He may have the “right” to live his life on a “dry drunk” but it does not mean people have to like it. We all have a choice in life. We can accept life as it is and choose to be positive, optimistic and happy or we can see only the negative side and become a bitter old queens, Take a cue from Nelson Mandela who spent years of his life behind bars for being true to himself, I don’t see him walking around a miserable old wretch because of it. If Rupert is bitter because his “fabulousness” is retiring then thats to fucking bad. There are those who are far more talented, far more attractive and definitely more positive who never have or will never see the rewards he has. He is an ingrate and the proverbial bitter old queen.

  • marcus

    I do not think he would have ever been any more of a commodity
    had he stayed in the closet. He just is not that hot.

  • paul

    3 years ago I moved to Vancouver B.C. I was fed up with America,
    fed up with the way GLBT’s were treated and definitely fed up with Bush. I was offered a great job and off to the land of milk and honey I and my partner went. In my job here I travel Europe extensively as well, so lets say I have been around. Since moving to Vancouver I have never been called a “fagg” as many times in my
    life as I have here. I have been threatened because I am gay by strangers on the street and the police just laughed when I called to report it. The gay village here begs for police protection from rampant gay bashing but it falls on death ears. A gay man was beaten to death with baseball bats by 6 men, the longest sentence handed down was 6 years, most got NOTHING! My point is, if your a gay American and you think the grass is greener on the other side you might be in for a huge surprise. Yes, I found that the rest of the world loves to hate the states, but then what better way to deflect from your own shit than point your finger at somebody elses. And by the way, my partner and I are coming back home, and we cannot wait.

  • alan brickman

    He’s right…why arn’t you marching you shallow bitches?….

  • rrgg

    Then why is he in Miami so often if it sucks so much?

  • Jonathan

    Boy….I think Rupert just looks so old, so terribly weathered — what a shame, he’s become a dowdy old british queen.

  • PJ

    This coming from a man who only plays gay roles because he has stereotyped himself. When does he play the romantic lead? Oscar Wilde roles. hmmmmm

    Who doesn’t stand up for something?


  • bobito

    Ah, but he ‘stereotyped himself’ by being openly gay in the world’s biggest closet. After that, he had a very limited range of roles offered to him. True, his looks are pretty much burned out now (if he helped that along with ill-advised cosmetic surgery, more fool he, but he’s not the only one) but if his career was still smoking, he’d be on People’s 50 most beautiful lists regardless, and the queens would be drooling about him. But that’s not the case, and he’s not happy about that. Yeah, life is tough.

    It doesn’t change the fact that Americans (in general) tend to have a bubble mentality when it comes to the rest of the world. And this mentality enabled Bush (the King of Bubbledom) to convince far too many otherwise intelligent people that we were attacked because “they hate us for our freedoms”, engendering a “they’re with us or against us” justification for some pretty despicable shit that is going down now. Perhaps 15 years ago, the bubble mentality came across as a carefree insouciance and was somehow sexy. Now, with the added paranoia, it’s no longer attractive. You can hate on the messenger, but it doesn’t mean the message is totally worthless.

    And he was a pioneer in terms of being out back when he was still hot.

  • gerrard

    Sex in the city grossed 37 million its opening weekend in Europe.
    Obviously he never reads Wallpaper magazine which is out of London and is the bible when it comes to all things fabulous and shallow. I have been all over and those of you who think the U.S. is this vile house of horrors would do well to travel past your borders because extremes of any kind are equally as bad and there is a world out there that proves it. Life is to be enjoyed and just because Mr. Rupert is no longer in the “in” crowd he has decided to demonize it. Nothing good or positive or affirming ever comes out of this wretched mans mouth, he contributes nothing worthwhile to the world, gay, straight or otherwise.

  • bobito

    Despite Paul’s horrible experience in Vancouver, I support Gerrard’s statement that people would do well to travel past their borders. There is a lot of world out there, and what our government is doing out there (unbeknownst to us in Bubble Land) often affects that world in ways that we can’t perceive of here inside the bubble – not always in bad ways, but lately… mostly in bad ways. Awareness of what is going on outside the bubble would do everyone some good.

    PS to Paul – sorry to know that you had such a crappy experience, and the kind of shit that happens in parts of America is still going on in parts of Canada, too. Hope things go better for you both back here.

  • CAm

    Hi Paul,

    I have heard similar stories about Vancouver. I have friends in Montreal and they said that Many of the problems in the other Canadian cities don’t occur there. vancouver also has the problem with a lot of immigrants from countries that hate gays combined with a police force that doesn’t want to upset people. Not a great combo if you are gay. Oh thats right this post is supposed to be about Rupert Everett. What is it about old British Queens that they love to bitch about the U.S. First Elton John bitched that America was racist when they kicked Jennifer Hudson off American Idol (Even though Fantasia won that year and note to Mr. John…she is not white) then he bitches that America is sexist for not voting for Hillary Clinton (But would he have called us racists for not voting for Obama?) Now Rupert is bitching about us because apparently he now is getting charged to get into clubs because nobody recognizes him anymore. Oh well, I suppose soon enough we’ll hear that Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty think we’re all drug addicts.

  • Shabaka

    Yeah, sorry about what happened to you while here, PAUL!! Canada isn’t the land of the “civilized” few as Americans often tend to think. Gaybashing happens ALL THE TIME here too!

    American politics may be flawed (he got that right) at the moment but the world is always changing and we’re witnessing this very phenomenon right now. So Miss thang can chill for now.

    Now, being Canadian myself, Rupert’s comments hit close to home. After all, we share a border (and culture to an extent), have the same ethnic make up and speak the EXACT SAME language. And those comments were a tad harsh and can only be the result of some bitter, deep seated self aversion of some kind (look at me trying to sound all DR PHIL and $hit). And the funny thing is that FRIENDS and S&C were/still are popular in Europe! He’s so yesterday and should be thankful Radio Times even considered airing his interview!!

  • fredo777

    Not to bring up ollld pop culture news, Cam, but Elton’s complaint with Idol that year was b/c the three contestants in the “least-voted-for” positions were the three black female contestants whom some called the “divas”. The vibe was that these three were some of the best on the show. So, when all three were in the bottom that week, a lot of people found it questionable.

    Also, Elton’s comment came before Fantasia had even won that year.

  • Al Tam

    Rupert is right. We are afraid of calling muslims terrorists and we have become complacent. OMG, where is Ronald Reagan when you need him?


  • fredo777

    Fuck Ronald Reagan.

  • michael

    America has its problems but to infer that it is responsible for the way people act and live in other countries is victim thinking. Everyone is responsible for their own thinking and beliefs and behavior. I think the point of traveling other places is to learn that the grass is not always greener. Neo-nazism is rampant in Europe. The Swiss literally put on commercials depicting immigrants in a bad light. Italy is a bigoted mess, and yes England is not the mythical land of Madame George and Roses. A psyche professor of mine once told me that when an individual or group of people make a great effort to convince you that they are one way, you can count on the fact that they are actually the opposite. But the sadist thing is to see Americans themselves doing nothing but bashing their own country but doing little to change it. Rupert does not make the comments he makes because he is trying to help the world. He makes them because he is nasty, bitter, and like one poster said, an ingrate. His friend Madonna seems to have moved past that aspect of herself that she used to display, to bad she has not rubbed off on him.

  • marcus

    I would rather laugh and cry with my friends while watching Sex and the City than to spend my life on a “dry drunk” has one poster put it. We earned being called “Gay” for a reason. Because in our essence we are a joyful, light and positive group of humans. We are beautiful and we celebrate that. If that makes us vapid, or “grazing cows” in some dark, depressed persons book then thats just sad for them. Rupert knows nothing about being gay, he’s to self loathing to experience his own essence. We need to pick our role models and icons more carefully. He is not a person I would want our young gay community to look up to. He uses the truth as a weapon and to
    destroy, thats not what the purpose of it is about.

  • Ted

    Excuse me? Why do I care what a marginal-at-best actor thinks? Maybe Britney can enlighten us on the political situation in Belgrade.

    There are enough problems in the UK that Rupert could be addressing. I’m not saying America is perfect, but I also don’t care what he thinks.

  • JamesR

    He’s just still pissed the Loading Zone closed.

  • gay as life

    Friends? Do people still watch Friends?

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