Rupert Slams Gay Pride’s “Party-Grazing Cows”

Rupert Everett may have hosted Australia’s gay pride last year, but that doesn’t mean he revels in the lavender madness.

The always outspoken actor told SX News that he’s not down with the way pride parties have become bevies of drugs, sex and other apolitical behavior.

I think all these pride marches have lost their center slightly/ If you encountered them in the beginning of the 1980s when the gay community was really in crisis with its back against the wall, they were very highly charged events about survival and trying to define ourselves and keep our heads up.

Now, because of all the fighting that those people did, there is a generation of mindless drug addicts – party-grazing cows who move from one side of the planet to the other, getting high and fucking each other. I’m not saying whether that’s good or bad, but it’s not political anymore.

Maybe the thing we have to protest most is our behavior within ourselves – maybe it’s interior not exterior. It’s up to us to see where our image to the outside world now is – because that is what’s potentially dangerous.

Wait, we don’t want the world thinking we’re all vapid tarts with straws up our noses? We’ve been going about this thing all wrong!