Rush Limbaugh + Elton John Became Friends Because They Are Both Fabulously Wealthy

While one is a bonafide hate leader and the other brands himself an AIDS activist, it doesn’t mean Rush Limbaugh and Elton John can’t be friends — and exchange $1 million for a wedding performance. Because when human beings are as rich as these two middle aged men, they automatically travel in the same social circles, and moral codes go out the window. They just get in the way while counting your money. But how did these two gents meet in the first place?

Scene: Luxury Hawaii hotel. Around New Year’s Eve, last year. And Rush is, ahem, rushed to the hospital with chest pains. He survived, of course, but Elton, who was staying at the same hotel, reportedly checked in on the radio host to make sure he was OK, and their friendship blossomed from there.

So did the jokes.

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  • kb

    Maybe Elton needed more money for hair plug replacement.

  • Fitz

    They actually have a lot in common. Fat, old, drug addicts, infamous for temper tantrums…

  • Willhelmina

    They have something in common….both are douchebags…one a gay douchebag…and the other a het one…

  • chris

    Straight people never support us unless they know us/gay people. Elton’s reaching out a hand to this azzhole is a great thing for our community.

    If you have ever turned a homophobic str8 person to our side, you’d understand. Rush may not be leading the Pride parade next year due to Elton, but he may very well realize how ridiculously hateful he has been to our community and tone it down.

    Great job Elton. Let’s clone Ellen a few hundred times and have Elton assist with changing hateful attitudes – one jerk at a time.

  • jamison

    @chris: i kinda like that attitude chris.

    its true that a lot of bigots live in a consequence-free bubble. the most effective way to gain support is to make ourselves literally seen and heard.

  • Cam

    @jamison: said..

    its true that a lot of bigots live in a consequence-free bubble. the most effective way to gain support is to make ourselves literally seen and heard.


    True, but Elton John lives right there with them. Remember, Elton was the one that came out and said that gays shouldn’t push for marriage, That civil unions were good enough etc… So basically his view wasn’t that far off from Rush Limbaugh’s. He is wealthy, he has all his needs taken care of, why should it matter to Elton that other people without $100 million in the bank don’t have the same rights and freedoms he can buy?

  • jamison

    @Cam: true, i was just about to go back myself to note the Elton is against gay marriage.

    as far as i’m concerned if you’re not part of the solution then you’re the problem.


    So there is such a thing as getting a pass because you are rich eh? Extraordinary how the prejudice in most people evaporate when they glance your bank account.

  • Nick

    They agree on gay marriage! Still, it’s even stranger bedfellows than Elton and Eminem. Maybe the new Mrs. Limbaugh is a fan.

  • alan brickman

    so typical and token and sad……

  • Jimmi

    @chris: Naive. Sweet.

  • Robert in NYC

    Cam, No. 6….Elton John never said he was against marriage equality, all he said was that civil partnerships are just as good. I doubt if he’d support a ban against full marriage equality.However, there are many gays in our own country who oppose marriage equality, quite vociferously, some of whom voted for Prop. 8. That said, there aren’t many gay celebrities pouring millions of dollars into AIDS research and other social issues affecting the LGBT community on a global scale as Elton has done. He’s not perfect, granted….but cut the guy some slack. I don’t care for Limbaugh and his ilk. For all we know, there may be a silver lining in all this. Homophobes can change, its not impossible. Now who would have thought Laura Bush would have come out in support of full equality for gay people, Cindy McCain is another. Chuck Schumer was dead set against it and look how he has evolved.

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