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  • Travis

    Maybe there is a God.

  • URA Kuhnt

    We now return to your previously scheduled Gerbling you Queerties.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    I tried being a full-time, professional blowhard.

    When I was an 8-year-old.

    I figured out that it wasn’t good for my health and gave it up.

    Rush, there may still be time…

  • NOLA

    I pray he is okay. How heartless to wish him ill, even if we do not agree with him. A saying I heard a lot when I was a little girl, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it, to the death.” We are Americans, we should defend not only our right to our views, but the oppositions also. It makes us stronger and better.

  • robin fuller

    You heartless bastards. He is still human and if you believe there is a God, you had best rethink your nasty comments. I believe in God and will praying for you. I bet that the government will not be paying for his hospital visit. Are they paying for yours? If not I bet you want them to.

  • Michelle

    In response to the comments above…
    I hope he dies. But, if it is any consolation I wish it to be a painless death surrounded by loved ones.

  • Calls'm Es I See's Em

    This publication says “Free Of An Agenda”…blah blah.
    Reading the two sentence announcement of Rush Limbaugh’ health matter, that begins with “Terrible person”, pretty much tells me that this rag does, indeed, have an agenda.

    I certainly do, and I won’t lie about it either. Nasty filthy homosexuals would not play in the toilet, why would you want to play in someone else’s nasty, filthy ass?

  • Eric

    I’ve suddenly become religious, and I’m praying for this bigot’s quick demise! Good riddance scumbag!

  • Calls'm Es I See's Em

    Michelle you dumb ass. You cannot have it both ways. Unles you are gay too!

  • Matt

    It is like a late Christmas present! You know the one dropped in the chimney that you find a day or too later. Hurray!

  • Calls'm Es I See's Em

    Travis you stupid shit. Either there is or there is not a God. Maybe???

  • Michelle

    It is entirely acceptable to wish that he passes on but still have the humanity to hope that he is not forced to suffer. Sort of like when you kill a pet. You know they need to go, but just because you want them dead doesn’t mean you want it to be horrific.

    Also, your comments do not make much sense.

  • JT

    As often as he has wished death on gays, lesbians, transgendered people, minorities, etc., I have no compunctions wishing the same on him. It’s unseemly to speak ill of the almost dead. Let’s.

  • Why Yes, Sir

    Re: Calls’m

    There is no need to insult others. Also the proposition of God’s existence has yet to be confirmed or denied so “maybe” is entirely acceptable. Learn some manners and maybe, learn how to be a decent human being, and maybe also learn some philosophy and language tenses.

  • Hope

    Calls’m = loser with no life. Get over yourself.

  • Hope

    Calls’m Es I See’s Em= Loser with no life. Get over yourself and grow up.

  • Mikey S


  • Dave

    And without even making my new year’s wish!

  • ajc

    classless faggots

    get aids


  • Tim

    And 2010 begins on a high note… RIP you fat, pandering, worthless piece of shit.

  • simple

    god help us we need rush now more then ever please please.

  • Same Crap

    How did the Becktards and dittoheads find this site?

    It’s seems like you’ve unleashed their self-righteous fury. As if they wouldn’t be cackling with glee if they found out Nancy Pelosi got breast cancer.

    Look, I hope the morbidly obese Limbaugh makes it through this and changes his unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Jake the libertarian

    What’s with all the trolls on this thread? Is it the Rush thing? Why would a straight person who doesn’t like gays come to this site? How do they find it?

  • Jake the libertarian

    ^ haha! great minds…

  • Salty Mission

    I am not religious and don’t give a damn if old Rush dies or not. He is a terrible human being who has spread hate and promoted the worst kinds of conservative reactionary stupidity in this country. He is directly connected to the ascendency of GW Bush, the Iraq War and attacks on marriage equality, among other things. He may not be solely responsible for these things, but he has done everything humanely possible to push them on the public. And he has profited handsomely from this marketing of hate. Whether he truly believes what he says or not, is besides the point. The sum total of his existence is bigotry, elitism, belligerence and racism. On second thought, we deserve his timely death.

  • Same Crap

    “…I wish it to be a painless death surrounded by loved ones.”

    By loved ones, you mean oxycontin dealers, right?


    Wow you people are truly something else, tell you what, the only way I’d want ANYONE to die is if they took Obama and Pelosi with ’em.
    Oh, how did we find this site?
    You do a search for a topic on Google and it comes up, idiot.

  • Same Crap

    No. 27: Welcome. If you’re a Republican male, you will enjoy the posts entitled “Morning Goods.” Make sure the wifey is not over your shoulder!


    Yea 27 just what one might expect from a libtard.
    FU dreamer

  • Same Crap

    Don’t want to channel your inner Larry Craig tonight?


    Sorry bud, not a Republican

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Oh, super-dooper delicious. A haters plethora-thon on Queerty tonight.

    Haters: It went something like this:

    Rush at the 19th hole. Putting.

    Nancy wants to play through.

    Rush: “Bitch, there is no other hole after this!”

    Nancy: “I see a gaping one.” Swoosh….

    Rush, “What is that funny feeling?”

    Nancy, “Its my golf ball up your hole in one, douche bag.”

    Rush. “Sweet Jesus, somebody call a Mambulance!”

  • Same Crap

    Oh don’t tell me, you’re a “libertarian” (a Republican who’s too ashamed to call himself one).

  • huntersam

    On his way to join Oral Roberts…there is a god.

  • Jake the libertarian

    @ same crap:

    I am a libertarian. I am gay… socially liberal. I just don’t like big government… they have a history of killing us. So kiss my ass

  • Same Crap

    Geez. Touchy. I was referring to the teabagger-type of “libertarian” who is actually an authoritarian. Government power is ok with them as long as they are in power.


    Actually, Same Crap, I’m a registered Democrat(you seem to be the one with the shame issues here, bud) I like Rush, he’s got brass balls. Most of you here haven’t listened to him, you just repeat what your told.

    Since I’m straight and love it, I’ll be on my way (nice try though)

    Good luck, Later.

    Funny all these Atheists just found God, cracks me up.

  • Same Crap

    Yeah. Yeah. I’m a registered Republican. I like Nancy Pelosi. She had ovaries of gold. You haven’t really listened to her. You just repeat what you are told.

    See, it’s easy to make shit up on the interwebs, moron.

  • ericka v.

    Wishing death on someone because you do not agree with their thoughts is really juvenile, not to mention plain stupid..

    A lot like you stupid asses who villify Christians, then wonder why they vote against you. You morons have no clue, your infantile fantasies are viewed and sent around by others who laugh at loud at how anyone so dense could even turn a computer on.

    A bunch of you have no class, no brain power, and need to grow up.

    Start now.

  • Same Crap

    Boo hoo, Erica V. You cons were so classy when Ted Kennedy actually passed away. The man actually helped pass legislation that helped millions of people. Limbaugh’s accomplishment is getting rich off of rubes like you.

    Go back to Big Hollywood read what some z-list Hollywood writer has to say about the deficit.

  • David

    I wish him great misfortune.

  • Nick

    I believe in god. If there is a god, then there is a heaven. If there is a heaven, then there is a hell. May Rush Limbaugh rot in hell for ever and ever….amen.

  • trickstertara

    I’m certain Mr. Limbaugh would not extend the same courtesy to me… but I wish him well.

    I’m not a member of the Christian Heteronormative Nation he likes to believe America is (or just likes to sell to his listeners) but I believe in mercy and compassion for all in their time of need.

  • scott ny'er

    sadly… i’m indifferent. I am jealous of his millions and am positive he’ll have the best money can buy while my loved ones do not and have struggled this last year to get decent medical care for my mom.

  • RV

    I can’t wait to put on my tap shoes and dance on his grave…. Happy New Year!

  • Rich Simpson


    You are uninformed, undesireable fool. You don’t even listen to Rush’s show. Maybe it would be different if you were having chest pains. Grow up, jackass.

  • Travis

    We all die regardless whether you pray to a God or not. Nobody will ever know what is on the other side ever. So maybe Limbaugh may finally be enlightened of what it means to follow in the footsteps of God and stop spewing hate and ignorance. Maybe he will be forgiven. Let us pray.


    @ Scott NY’ER,
    So sorry to hear about your mom, however you might want to see how the “Royal” officials we’ve elected live while you and yours receive sub-standard care:

    Hawaii Free Press:

    While President Barack Obama enjoys a high profile vacation on Oahu, “progressive” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is being allowed to stay out of the limelight while luxuriating at the Four Seasons Hualalai resort on the Big Island.

    Guarded by US Capitol Police bolstered by officers on loan from the Hawaii County PD, Pelosi is enjoying what Hollywood Reporter calls: “…a picture-perfect stretch of beach on the Big Island’s chic Kona Coast….a private Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course and Pahu’ia, an award-winning oceanfront restaurant, $40 million worth of enhancements…20 new suites and … its lauded Hualalai Spa.”

    According to the Hualalai Spa website, Pelosi may, “Enjoy complimentary pre-treatment rituals, relaxing by a quiet stream in the open-air Waiea, or Water of Life, garden. Or savour the lap pool, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms and cold plunges, all set amidst lush greenery. (Pelosi’s) choice of skin-care and massage treatments may be enjoyed outdoors in our exotic new hales, secluded for privacy…. With the guidance of (her) spa therapist, (Pelosi may) choose from more than 20 local natural ingredients – from Hawaiian sea salt to crushed macadamia nuts – which are custom-blended to create unique personalized treatments.”
    Yea, I came back, couldn’t pass this one up, same crap.

  • Same Crap

    Wow. A wealthy woman spends her money. Stop the presses.

    Goddamn, you teabaggers are dumb.

  • Same Crap

    Question for our conservative visitors.

    If Limbaugh passes, and Allah forbid this event happens, where will the conservative Graceland be for your king?

  • Mike L

    Ok Im gonna sleep with a smile in my face.

    He’ll meet his maker and he will weep and ask for forgiveness as he is dragged to the fiery pits of hell where he will scream in pain as his skin is burned, and he has stakes run through his fat underbelly, his eyes will burst in his head from the fiery inferno’s intense heat of punishment and retribution. He will then forget about it and suffer again and again for eternity.

    Ok, I went a little over board but you get the idea.

    Well I dont really believe hell or heaven are eternal, there is also reincarnation (as human or animal depending on previous lifes) in the mix I guess religion is so personal.

    Ok I’m becoming a bitter btch, lol working on it b4 it’s too late hahahaHAhHAhHhhahahahahHAHhHaA!!! (evil laugh).

    Queerty, Ima go to bet and you better tell me what I wanna hear or I’ll be pissy all day, well until Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin’s NewYears countdown special.

  • Mike L

    P.s. anyone that says shit about my comment can stick a dick in it, and grab the closest thing to them and proceed to shove it up their ass for all I care.



  • gay-kinda-sorta

    I care about his predicament about as much as he cares about mine. It’s not necessarily good when people die but I’ll still be happy to see him go.

  • Steve

    If Limbaugh were to die, he might be considered a martyr by some sick right-wingers. And it is not very nice to wish for anyone to die, no matter how evil they might be.

    The best that could happen would be for Rush to have a profound religious experience, turn his life around, and spend the rest of his life working FOR equal rights for all the minorities he has previously bashed.

    Second best would be if he decides to retire, and we never see him on TV ever again. A brief obituary, in two decades time, might mention that he had been a TV commentator, and that the minority civil rights causes that he has worked against so vigorously had all come to pass.

  • Steve

    Of course, the “chest pains” might be from indigestion.
    I have read that a lot of people who think they are having a heart attack are really just having indigestion.

  • MacH

    If I were a prayin’ man… hmmm. I’m not religious at all.

    How about hope? I hope hope hope he dies a terrible, pain filled death. That after decades of spewing hate, he dies over the course of days, and it’s not easy.

    Too much? I don’t think so. He’s a bastard. And he deserves a bastard’s end.

  • A Gay Christian Liberal

    Christ says to turn the other cheek and to give to god what belongs to god and Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser. Rush is a brilliant at PR, he gives exactly what he thinks people want to hear. He panders to the extreme right allowing those not as far right he is but still right, believe that they can use rightwing oppression and than point at Rush and say Im a liberal compared to him. He lies, fudges the truth and takes things to extremes, and has made a lot of money doing so. He lived the american dream. That is what will always belong to Rush. Personally I hope he gets better, returns to the radio as bigger liberal than Rachel Maddow, or retires for health reasons, his rhetoric is not one I subscribe to or believe in. I wish him the best and my prayers are with him and more importantly his family during such a difficult time.

  • Qjersey

    If I would ever pass you along in life and you are laying there dying of thirst, I would not give you a drink of water. I would let the vultures take you and do whatever they want with you with no ill regrets.

    Sue Hawk, Survivor Season 1

  • Fitz

    please don’t let him die… please don’t let him die…please don’t let him die……

    Let him live for another 30 years in a diaper and on a feeding tube.

  • AxelDC

    Drugs and obesity killed Chris Farley, so why not Rush Limbaugh?

  • BlackRabbit

    I don’t care if he lives or dies. But if “God” decides it’s time for his fat ass to kick it, well then, perhaps it was Rush Limbaugh who had a hand in his own karmically hilarious demise, and not a bunch of us gays (and a few religious bigots) commenting on Queerty that made it happen….

  • christopher di spirito

    People are “praying for his recovery?” Are you fucking kidding me?

    Limbaugh is one of the most destructive, un-American, homophobic forces in media. He’s a racist and misogynist to boot. He’s made millions dumbing down his audience.

    I hope his doctor has a hangover and his nurse is blind. May he die a slow and painful death.

  • Robert, NYC

    Robin Fuller and AJC…..both closet cases, self loathers otherwise why do they deliberately troll gay blogsites? They have the classic traits of log cabiners.

    I hope Limbaugh croaks, the evil, ugly overweight bastard that he is.

    To the religious wacko closet cases, I’m an out and proud atheist. Have a miserable New Year, you assholes.

  • charlie-imac

    Perhaps we have a gay brother or sister working in the hospital taking care of Rush who can help him on his way. Rush, say hello to Oral when you get to hell.

  • Brian NJ

    Health issues should be off the table. Personally, I hope he recovers for him, the well-being of those who love him, and especially, for us. He is the best thing that ever happened to the left. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a priceless gold, and his words keep the left focused. Many commentators jobs on the left depend on Rush. Pray he recovers.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Hmmmm, isn’t it interesting, and since I suspect that Fox News will not point this out, so I will….

    Hmmmm, isn’t it interesting: President Obama, Speaker of the House Pelosi and Rush Limbaugh each travel to Hawaiia for their Holiday vacations. Isn’t it interesting that God picked Rush to have the heart attack!

  • scott ny'er

    No. 47 · DABIGRAGU


    yeah, i know. a whole bunch of peeps are living the life. And that’s cool I guess but Rush built his empire on stepping on us and so I’m bitter towards him and how he got his wealth.

  • terrwill

    NEWSFLASH: One of the biggest (in more ways than one) closeted Gay self hating frightwing nutbags is none other than RUSH WINDBAG!! He has been on the way DL for years. All 3 of his “marriages” have ended in divorce. He met his last “wife” Marta, thru a “web dating service” yet they never lived together.
    Rumor has it he likes younger hispanic guys………………….

  • james_cambridge

    Tsk, tsk…when will people learn that cheeseburgers and oxycontin don’t mix.

  • Robert, NYC

    Terrwill, if only Mike Rogers had the evidence on that, it would truly make my new year happier.

    Brian, NJ….you have a point. The more slimebags like him open his mouth, the more irrelevant the GOP becomes, further alienating and polarizing it further to the extreme right, turning off a lot of tomorrow’s younger voters. He’s a national embarrassment, the classic ugly American. People of his ilk on the far right are no different than the right wing religious wackos in the middle east. He makes this country the laughing stock of the world, along with Hannity, Beck, Bachman and others.

  • Jon

    hahahahahahahahaha. Queerty get’s trolled by Rushbaggers!

  • Robert, NYC

    Jon, they’re closet cases otherwise why would any sane well adjusted straight male comfortable with his natural orientation be affected or feel threatened by us to waste his precious time trolling gay blogsites when there’s so much straight online porn out there. These people are obviously unhappy, insecure and inadequate in or out of the bedroom as most on the religious right often are.

  • Jon

    Robert, NYC: It’s okay. . .I don’t want any of those self-loathing nutbags calling themselves Gay anyhow. . .Log Cabin/GOprouders are embarrassing enough as it is.

  • terrwill

    NEWSFLASH: One of the biggest (in more ways than one) closeted Gay self hating frightwing nutbags is none other than RUSH WINDBAG!! He has been on the way DL for years. All 3 of his “marriages” have ended in divorce. He met his last “wife” Marta, thru a “web dating service” yet they never lived together.
    Rumor has it he likes younger hispanic guys………………….

    >>>>>> More to get pissed ova that big ‘ol fag Rush Windbag. When they were carrying his fat ass out of the hotel, they closed the entire wing of the hotel down. Wouldn’t let guests go in OR LEAVE and SHUT DOWN THE ELEVATORS. I wish the hell some poor slob fell down a flight of stairs and did some breakage thus enabling them to sue the bejezus out of the hotel and Windbag…..

  • some of you are jerks

    I am a conservative lesbian and I get so sick of the name-calling from the liberals. Can’t we just disagree without all the juvenile shit?

    Also, I don’t like Rush either, but I wish him no harm.

  • Fitz

    Shut up. 1) i feel no compulsion to be nice to people who work so hard to limit my life. 2) I feel no compulsion to be nice to a queer who calls themselves conservative. I wouldn’t lift a finger to help either of you.

  • RomanHans

    If you truly are a conservative lesbian, you don’t have a brain in your head. Where exactly is this liberal “name-calling” taking place? Is there some anti-Fox News I haven’t heard about?

    Meanwhile, Faux Lesbian, we aren’t wishing him harm. We simply believe the world would be better without hate-mongers. What’s wrong with that?

  • Robert, NYC

    Jon, #72, I hear you.

    #74, so, what do you say to the very conservative tea baggers who used some of the most vile, inappropriate comments about the president and still do? Why aren’t you going after them and all of that right wing rabble on Fox faux news channel? If you’re not, then maybe you’re one of them which wouldn’t surprise any of us. You pal Limbaugh blamed femi-nazis and lesbians for the 9/11 attack. Why would anyone in their right mind defend him let alone feel sorry for his stay in the hospital? Fuck that! You reap what you sow in this world and he’s sewn a lot of hatred, the wheel goes around and so does bad karma. He deserves no compassion.

  • dvlaries

    With the throne in jeopardy, imagine how empowered Hannity, Beck and O’Reilly feel this morning to demand more money.

  • Peter

    No 25 Jake, this is off the subject, but the reason this country is in such a mess—— is because of a lack of government to control private profits at the destruction of the people. And Rush is a perfect example of profit over being decent.

  • Dasher

    “…I wish it to be a painless death surrounded by loved ones.”

    He has a brother, there’s his cat Punkin’, and — do you suppose — possibly any teenage boys in the Dominican Republic who may have “made his acquaintance”?

    I mean, the guy is obsessed with talk about “grabbing your ankles” etc., before taking it up the rear. Such colorful expressions. Do you suppose he is talking from personal experience?

    And why did he get caught with Viagra coming back from the D.R.?

  • james_cambridge

    @ Robert #77: Plenty on the left say the same shit about Obama…look at the fucking Queerty editors. That’s the problem with the left…we fuck each other up while the right-wing lunatics always stick together…a republican closet-fag can get caught servicing a boy in a stall at Grand Central and you won’t hear a peep from one of their own. We bash our leaders as a sport.

    @ #74: Whenever a Queer says they’re conservative, it either means they have money so fuck all the rest of ya or they were raised by Biblical freaks and they’ve internalized the hate. Notice plenty of disgusting conservative fags hang out here and not Freerepublic because they know the reception they’d get there. They know they’re self-hating freaks.

  • james_cambridge

    Oh, and I don’t hope Limbaugh dies. I want him to live, as a vegetable (more so than he already is), in horrific pain for years and years. Happy New Year!!

  • Robert, NYC

    James, #81, have to agree with you on that. Also, Queerty ought to clean up its own house. It allows hater closet cases in here spewing their venom. Why should the rest of us have to defend ourselves on a gay blogsite, its bad enough we have to do that in everyday life. Queerty should be ashamed of itself fostering hate against us by doing nothing to eject the scumbags that they are. I’m sick of it. These haters contribute nothing and if Queerty wants to remain a viable blogsite it better get serious otherwise it will find itself out of business. How desperate can it get resorting to allowing the freaks in here in the first place?

  • romeo

    Rush Limbaugh took a modest talent for comedy and made a fortune from it spewing hate to the delight of America’s lower orders. Not hard to do in this country if you have no scruples. He’s been a disaster for poor people, minorities, and gay people in particular. He’s used his power over a segment of the electorate to thwart any effort to save the environment, regulate a disastrous economy, or provide an equitable system of health care. He also helped to deceive the public into a useless war that has cost thousands of American lives and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

    He is an execrable human being. Also, and I’ve seen him in person, he is a fat, sweating pig that has no control over his appetites. Not surprising given his political views.

    I do not have to wish him dead. His own lack of control, the alcohol, drugs, and food, seem to be taking care of that, ironic given his penchant for criticising others for a generation.

    However premature, millions of Americans, and not just gay ones, are humming the rollicking refrain “Ding-dong, the witch is dead” today, and there isn’t a thing you Rushtards can do about it. How much compassion did that dirty bastard ever show for anyone else?

    If he lives through this, I don’t wish him a full recovery. In fact, I hope he’s considerably diminished.

    And for the record, gay people tend to look better as they age because, the lies about us notwithstanding, we do have more self-control than most straight people. We have to in order to survive the hate. So fuck you very much.

  • terrwill

    No. 80 · Dasher: check out #73

  • terrwill

    The only reason they keep comming back is they know they can get a rise (excuse the pun) outta posters by spewing that poo. They are like a little kid who keeps screaming for attention. If you simply ignore them, they shut up and find something else to do, if you indulge them the will continue to scream. I propose a solution: Allow the first poster whom has seen the douche post, bitchslap them any way you want, and then inform them that they and everyone else will simply ignore their posts. Guarantee they go away.

    >>>> As to David and the Queerts allowing these posts, would you rather have a site where every post needs to be reviewed prior to being posted???? Try going to other sites like huff post, it takes like 30 minutes for a post to go up IF they decide to post it. Again if everyone ignored the asshats they would simply go to other sites………….

  • wishstik

    I hope that it is a slow and painful process, that he loses one faculty, one organ and one system at a time. I hope he loses his health insurance and is tossed out of the hospital naked, to beg on the streets. I hope he is exposed for the hideous human being he is. I hope he lives a long and miserable life.

  • blackjack44

    Dear 2009, we will forgive you for every celebrity death except Michael Jackson if you please take Rush Limbaugh with you. You have 12 hours left or the deal is off the table. Signed, Everyone with common sense.

    PS. We dont want Rush Limbaugh to die, we just want his heart to fail. Sound familiar rush?

  • A Gay Christian Liberal

    You guys sound like rush. Someone doesn’t agree with you and their a self hating closet case from a fundamentalist family or they have money and don’t care. Maybe they just disagree with wishing for the death of someones brother, lover, friend, employer or husband. Its disgusting the way your wishing for a man to die, and for the for some of you not even a quick death. You claim to be liberal but your wishes violate the geneva convention of human rights. Your proud to not be republican but you have the same violence towards the right, that they have towards you. If you can’t forgive a man you have never met for his actions against you, how will you ever move forward when it comes time to forgive those closest to you? Or is hatred of others an american trait that will be around forever. United america can do amazing things, to bad none of you can build upon what you share in common, working together, finding where you have the same beliefs and working on it together. Thats Change I can believe in and Change Obama promised to work towards. He might not be following his own words but their words I can believe in

  • Fitz

    No 89: you are none of those.

    I have no problem when someone disagrees with me. I have a gloves-off attitude when someone works to my detriment.

  • Peter

    No 89: Just ask your same comments and questions of Rush and the republicans (who just say “no”). The republicans vote where their contributions come from; never what their constituents really need to live a decent life. Being a christian is supposed to mean something???? Apparently not.

  • Mike L

    OK, queerty what did I say last night?


    And you haven’t brought the good news, well there is always nxt year.

  • james_cambridge

    That’s right “Gay Christian Liberal”…at least some of us believe in an eye for an eye even though we are not religious. I believe that the left needs to be as brutal and nasty towards the right as they are towards us. We use to have tough Libs who embarrassed, humiliated and destroyed right-wingers for fun. You might have heard of them…Lyndon Johnson, FDR, JFK (who might have stolen Illinois and kept that asshat Nixon out of power for a few more years. And I love him for it.) Our side wasn’t composed solely of pussies until the last 30 years or so. Before then we knew how to fight and win. As much as I like Obama personally, I haven’t seen any signs yet that he’s the balls-to-the wall FDR/JFK type and it worries me greatly.

    Here’s hoping Hillary lends him her massive balls.

  • MacH

    Seriously, if you think all conservatives are rich or Bible freaks, you’re seriously fooling yourselves. I’m certainly not rich, and I’m a gay atheist libertarian. Strangely enough, some of us want the government out of the marriage business, to let gays in the military, and to lower our taxes.

    Gosh, that sounds a lot like some of YOUR goals. Strange.

  • schlukitz

    No. 89 · A Gay Christian Liberal

    Someone doesn’t agree with you and their a self hating closet case from a fundamentalist family or they have money and don’t care.

    Umm…it’s “they’re”, sweetie…not “their”.

    He might not be following his own words but their words I can believe in

    Here again, it’s “they’re”, not “their”.

    If you are going to attempt to pass yourself as a beacon of intelligence and a person of authority, at least try to sound like a person of intelligence and authority.

  • schlukitz

    Heart attack or indigestion, Rush Limburger still stinks to high heaven.

  • Peter

    MacH: you might consider that we do need the government IN the Marriage business (as then we will get our 1300 rights) and Religion OUT of the marriage business.

    And the government into the Military; and religions OUT of the Military.

    THESE are some of our goals.

  • romeo

    Heard it’s “unclear” whether he’ll be able to go back to his show after the Christmas break. Considering all the jubilation I’m seeing around the net, I’m sure he’ll try. Maybe that will push him over the edge if the current episode doesn’t. Just sayin’.

  • Robert, NYC

    Mach and Peter, lofty goals, but unlikely it would ever happen. With five catholic republicans on the Supreme Court bench, marriage equality would NEVER stand a chance. They would vote against it 5-4. We won’t see it happening in our life time I don’t think as much as I’d like it. Under our system it can only be changed state by state and unfortunately, religious beliefs trump our rights, they always have and the always will. Obama has already made that quite clear in his statement on opposing same-sex marriage, although he believes in legal segregation with the same rights.

  • james_cambridge

    @ No. 95 · schlukitz: Educated WIN!!

  • terrwill

    NEWSFLASH: One of the biggest (in more ways than one) closeted Gay self hating frightwing nutbags is none other than RUSH WINDBAG!! He has been on the way DL for years. All 3 of his “marriages” have ended in divorce. He met his last “wife” Marta, thru a “web dating service” yet they never lived together.
    Rumor has it he likes younger hispanic guys………………….

    >>>>>> More to get pissed ova that big ‘ol fag Rush Windbag. When they were carrying his fat ass out of the hotel, they closed the entire wing of the hotel down. Wouldn’t let guests go in OR LEAVE and SHUT DOWN THE ELEVATORS. I wish the hell some poor slob fell down a flight of stairs and did some breakage thus enabling them to sue the bejezus out of the hotel and Windbag…..

    >>> ‘Nother nugget to this story, Michael (don’t call me by my real Jewish last name Weiner) Savage has claimed that the problems were caused by Windbag’s continued abuse of oxicotin……..Maybe this fat selfhating fag went a little overboard celebrating the holidays with his hustlers! And once upon a time he spouted from his blowhole that not only the dealers, but the users of illegal drugs should be tossed in jail………

  • schlukitz

    No. 100 · james_cambridge


    There were several other errors in his use of possessive forms as well as spelling errors, but I am not one to beat on a man when he is down. ;P

  • james_cambridge

    Shlukitz: Well, you’re a better man than I. I like to finish them off when they’re down.

    I just heard that Limbaugh is out of the hospital. Oh well, can’t win them all. Next time, we all need to pray harder.

  • schlukitz

    No. 103 · james_cambridge

    Next time, we all need to pray harder.

    Amen, brother! ;P

  • romeo

    He says he’s in perfect health. Just an artery blip or something. He’s lying through his teeth. You could see it all over his face. We’ll see.

  • james_cambridge

    All I really care about is whether this was drug-related. As fat as he is, if he’s abusing oxy again, it could fuck with his heart of arteries. Plus, that shit is good…I don’t believe for a second he gave it up. Come on bloggers!!! Expose the pig!!!

  • Same Crap


    You are confusing conservatives and libertarians.

    The typical Rush listener is a conservative authoritarian, exceedingly comfortable with government power and big government as long as the Republican is in power.

  • Robert, NYC

    That fat fuck is a liar. Sooner or later its going to catch up with him, his world will come tumbling down, they all do eventually. Then he can go join Jerry Fallwell, that other fat fuck right wingnut.

    I’d read somewhere that Limbaugh had paid off one of his wives after their divorce not to divulge or discuss anything that went on. I’d love to know what that was all about. Three times married, three times divorced and that from a fat bastard who chants the sanctity of marriage mantra. Fucking hypocrite.

  • tikihead

    @No. 94 · MacH:

    So atheists won’t be able to marry?

  • terrwill

    Read post #101……….Allegedly: He is a closeted self hating fag. They closed the entire wing of the hotel down so he could be brought down and no one could see he was so on such an Oxy bender high that he could have flown to the hospital and to give cover for the hustler he had in the room to escape unnoticed…….

  • The Southern Belle

    How fitting he should pick Hawaii to pass away in. And how ironic Obama is vacationing there as well at the same time (somehow I doubt O will interrupt his golf game for this).

    I remember Rush’s comment “Obama must be stopped at all cost from entering the senate” when black america’s favorite pic-a-ninny Alan Keyes ran against Obama for the senate seat. How fitting. If only HE would take Alan Keyes along with Rush. But that would be too gready.

    Well Rush, as gay icon Bea “Maude” Arthur would have said “god will get’cha for that” it sure looks like he took a darn good stab at it. If only he had succeeded it would have been a perfect start for the new year.

  • terrwill

    No. 108 · Robert, NYC in #110 meant to direct to you…….You put all the pieces together. This asshat is probably the worst example of a alleged closeted self hating fag. Unlike Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, who have influence some one like Windbag and Drudge have millions of persons who they can influence every day and yet do nothing for the Gays. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if they simply kept their mouths shut and simply were right wing leaning. However they promote and publicize those who wish nothing but ill will towards the Gays……..One bright thought is think of how much you have to hate what you are to encourage others to harm your lifestyle………

  • Helga von ornstein

    Things must be pretty bad when a dying penguin receives more prayers for recovery than Mr. Limbaugh.

  • terrwill

    No. 114 · Helga von ornstein: Perfect post!!!!!!!!!

  • schlukitz

    No. 114 · Helga von ornstein

    As outrageous as that might seem, I am certain that the dying penguin is more deserving of sympathy than that pig, Rash Limburger!

    And upon further consideration, my apologies to the pig I just compared Limburger to.

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