Rush Limbaugh + Karl Rove Know They’re Going to Appear on a Show With Homosexuals, Right?


Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, and some other Republican notables have signed on to play themselves on Family Guy next season. And creator Seth MacFarlane is all about it! Because his shows are always so liberal! But it’s unclear whether MacFarlane told his upcoming guests that they could be co-starring with a gay. (SCENE: Tensions mount.)

America’s youngest homosexual Baby Stewie might share a scene, or at least be nearby, Limbaugh and Rove’s guest spots. Which could be hilarious, you see, because Limbaugh and Rove are raging bigots, and while Stewie is a wee fagala.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the plot: “In an episode being produced for next season, the Griffins’ liberal dog, Brian, gets bored and frustrated because he feels he no longer has anything to complain about with Barack Obama in the White House. So Brian becomes a Republican and starts listening to Rush Limbaugh (who, apparently, also sings a song).”

While Stewie becomes a raging pill popper and starts stealing from Rush Limbaugh.