Rush To Judgement

Rush Limbaugh Wants To Remind You That Don Lemon Is A Big Gay



Outrageously homophobic conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh is still alive and running his mouth on the radio, and after finding himself at the end of a Don Lemon tongue lashing, he responded by reminding everyone that Don Lemon was gay.

After being called a “stunt king” for trying to tie soon to be former L.A. Clippers owner (and enormous racist) Donald Sterling’s comeuppance to a lack of Obama campaign contributions, Limbaugh responded with the following retort that a fifth-grader would probably rethink for being too juvenile:

“Well, over at CNN, they interpreted that to mean that I was defending Sterling! How did they get there? I don’t know how they get there. Erin Burnett played the sound bite and then went to Mr. Black Hole himself, Don Lemon—who sleeps with men, proudly—for comment.”

Sometimes we wonder what it’s like to live in the haze of pills and alcohol that is Rush Limbaugh’s head, but these rants are as close as we want to get.

Yes, Don Lemon is gay. He came out in the New York Times. He wrote an entire book about it. We don’t really need a reminder at this point.

However, we do thank Limbaugh for reminding us that even though he may get one thing right every once in a while, he remains an enormous asshole.