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Rush Limbaugh’s Problem With Vaughn Walker Isn’t His Sexuality, But His Vanity

It’s not that Judge Vaughn Walker is a homosexual. Rush Limbaugh’s furor with the gay guy on Prop 8’s bench is that Walker is “seeking a reputation” as a “great civil libertarian jurist” who’s “pretending to be” a judge but is actually “a political activist wearing [a] black robe.” On an unrelated note, congratulations to Mr. Limbaugh on his recent fourth-time’s-the-charm nuptials, an institution that must not be infringed on by The Gays.

Adds Limbaugh: “This ruling is not really even about gay marriage … The reason it’s being celebrated is that once again a minority, and this is a political minority, is able to savor the fact that they’ve stuck it to the majority. That’s what this is really about.”


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  • Tessie Tura

    Vanity? I think I’ll have a large facsimile of MY autograph put up on the wall in my studio.

  • Steve

    You’re damn right that’s what its about Rush. There’s a reason why John Adams wanted our country to be a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC: to protect the minorities or dissenting individuals from the tyranny of the majority. It’s about time you idiots realize that you can’t legally pull bullshit like vote on people’s rights and get away with it.

  • Cam

    Notice how he avoids any mention of the merits of the case?

    So in his view, Brown v. Board of education was all about a minority sticking it to the majority?

    Funny, the Majority never seems to be able to articulate just exactly HOW this is STICKING IT to them. They think that god hates gays? Fine, then they can all act smug that we are going to hell…it still doesn’t explain how any of this effects THEIR lives.

  • The Bony Man

    So… Rush not only hates gay marriage, but he believes that the Texas sodomy laws were justified. What is wrong with this man?


    @The Bony Man: You ask “whats wrong with this man”? Do ya gots a few hours to discuss? :-p

    Geeze where does one begin? He pontificates about how the best way to end the drug problem is to lock up for years the drug users as well as the dealers to “send a strong message” while he is doctor shopping for multiple oxycotin ‘scripts which he downed like skittles…..He loves hetrosexual marriage so damm much that he has had four of them!! And yet he has not lived with any of his wives, is never photographed with them nor travels with them. There have been rumors for years that he is actually a deeply closeted Gay who has a thing for slim Hispanic boys and has traveled to various Latin countires to hire hustlers……….If true those kids deserve combat pay for that mission

  • Michael

    I will say there is one thing that Rush is right about. Is that SCOTUS Justice Kennedy is THE swing vote but it’s also logical that he will vote in our favor, as he should/will.

    One last thing, notice that Rush is READING from a script. Can anyone say puppet? Maybe even Moron.

  • [email protected]

    Feel free to slip away from the bonds of the earth while in the saddle, hombre. The youtube video of that will be the only time I watch your show.

  • Mark

    I don’t know what universe Limbaugh lives in, but it sure is a dark and scary place.

  • adman

    Ugh, junkies always have that strange mouth motion, and that freakin’ junkie voice. So disgusting. I was watching this with my hand on my wallet.

  • Pip

    The only good judges out there are fat and have vertical hair lines

  • miles

    Steve you are an idiot. The judges opinion is not based in the constitution and this isn’t a civil rights issue. Idiot.

  • miles

    Again, if you read Walker’s opinion you’ll see that its entirely offensive and completely subjective. His idiotic opinion will get overturned. And states haVe a right to vote on this because it isnt a federal issue. It’s okay for states to vote to have gay marriage but it is “tyranny” if they vote not to have it. Such hypocrisy. Some people are so stupid.

  • miles

    Oh… this is a gay website. I wouldn’t expect any of you to know anything roabout logic or practical reasoning. You will never have a relationship like a man and a woman. It isnt possible. Gay marriage is an oxymoron. Marriage isn’t a civil right. Get a civil union. Leave marriage alone. It isnt discrimination to keep it between a man and a woman, you morons. Lol.

  • miles

    Real men make love to women and procreate.

  • counterpoll

    You, sad to say, have opinions which you cannot articulate and for which you offer no credible logic or evidence. Not convincing. Arguing with us does not make up for the fact that your “side” lost due to the same lack of logic and proof.

    I’ll recommend you take a course in civics as well as constitutional law if and when you finally pass middle school or learn to read at a 10th grade level.

    Calling people names is something that will gain you no sympathy or convince anyone of anything remember Jeebus dislikes that very much. That’s in the Bible.

    Your’re posting the very same words on multiple websites. Unfortunately, you bookmarked this site near your extensive collection of teabagger sites and the very wide array you have of gheyporn sites.

    You’ve downloaded approx. 32MG of photos in the last ~ 72 hours.

    Shall I inform your pastor? Yes, I may.

    The tracks which you leave are very easy to follow, as well as your other aliases. We shall continue to monitor your activities.

  • miles

    Lol. I have not bookmarked this site nor have i posted the same words on multiple sites or downloaded any photos.

  • miles

    Marriage isn’t a federal issue. I win. Yes, you lose. And, yes, Walker’s opinion was not based on the constitution. Good day to you. And I don’t visit “gheyporn” sites. Nice try.

    P.S. I don’t have a pastor.

  • counterpoll

    Miles: And all of my best wishes to you as well.

    You stopped with the name calling, which I appreciate. Thanks — I’ve been positive influence on you!

    Once again: you offer no logic, no evidence. Vaughn Walker, Olson & Boies had plenty of evidence and logic. Try to read the decision. You can do it! It won’t make you gay(er)!

    Marriage is “Not a Federal issue”? Check out the US Tax code, FMLA [check Google on that] and the 900+ benefits you have that I don’t have when you marry or remarry.

    You’re kinda tetchy there buddy. Methinks you protest too much. I pity you feeling so upset for no valid reason. My marriage has no effect on yours. You have nothing to fear.

    Jeebus is proud of you when you admit your wrongdoings! Re-pent! (And check out NOM’s videos: the leader is a totally hawt woman named Maggie!)

  • miles

    That’s why states have civil unions that grant the same benefits.

  • counterpoll

    Poor poor Miles: doesn’t understand Federal law.

    Civil Unions don’t impact Federal Tax Code or FMLA & countless other benefits provided to married couples.

    I pity you for your lack of logic, facts, or education.

    Until you read and understand the actual decision, and study the actual Constitution, you’re like my dog trying to catch a snowball in the middle of a blizzard.

    Get some educational assistance!

    I’m sorry you’re so afraid of samesex marriage. You have yet to explain your fears about how someone else’s samesex marriage affects you. I tried sympathy, prayer, and logic, but none of that works on someone so mired in hatred.

    It’s like me trying to explain calculus to a goldfish. I’m done trying.

    Swim away home, Goldie!
    Fare thee well.
    You fail, we prevail.

  • sixfeetunder

    “Once again a minority”? What other minorities does Limbaugh hold a grudge aganst?

  • patrick

    @sixfeetunder: Any and all of them.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @miles: “In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.”
    — Catharine MacKinnon, quoted in Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women’s Studies.

    Enjoy raping your wife, boy!

  • Jeffree

    Limbaugh should have Maggie Srtivistav-Gallagher on his show. It will make him seem slimmer!
    – – – – – –
    BTW: I love the way the trolls scurry away when their talking-points get them nowhere.

  • Southpaugh

    It’s striking how the Rush is accurately describing himself and his followers as he lambasts those minorities he’s so afraid of. The Republican party is in the minority in government as they try and impose their will on the rest of society. The only reason there’s any issue on any of the fronts Rush presents as items in the culture wars exist only because the political minority of malcontents such as himself are fomenting the chaos he decries. Were he to mind his own business, as he claims he is, instead of micromanaging everybody else’s lives, he’d have no reason to exist. The case was decided based on judicial precedent and the Constitution. Rush would have the Constitution changed to suit his purposes, doing away with parts of the First Amendment and the Fourteenth amendment upon which this ruling was based. He talks about people who were born here, yet would deprive natural born citizens their birthright because their parent(s) weren’t born here. This guy is a hypocrite and an idiot of the highest order. Why does he hate the Constitution? Tel you what, Rush: Love It or Leave It.

  • Josie

    Miles- this might be a gay website, but I am a straight woman with two teenage children married to a wonderful man. However, this nutjob (Limbaugh) and you obviously don’t understand:
    1. history
    2. our constitution
    3. propoganda

    The concept of marriage has changed throughout history according to circumstance.

    Our constitution doesn’t allow for the unreasonable denial of a person’s (or goup of people’s) rights.

    Given that we live in a country founded first and foremost on the concept of seperation of church and state, religious reasons have NO bearing.

    The idea that allowing gay marriage will weaken the institution, is absurd. My kids and their friends take hard issue on the concept of marriage in our country as it stands. My daughter’s best friend (who hails from a far more conservative place than mine) has entirely denounced marriage as a stupid sham.

    Kids these days acknowledge that there are same-sex people living amongst us all and are okay with it.

    The liberation is coming, you will live.

    All I have to say about this fool is that he offers only ignorance and intolerance and about you, you are a sheep! How on this great earth would gays being able to marry ever effect you? Talk to our youth!

  • Jaroslaw

    #23 I’ve read your posts before and I seem to remember them being pretty good. While I realize I’m pretty late to this one, I must comment – you don’t really believe that all het sex is rape by the male do you? There are lot of horny women out there that would protest strongly!

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