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Rush Limbaugh’s Problem With Vaughn Walker Isn’t His Sexuality, But His Vanity

It’s not that Judge Vaughn Walker is a homosexual. Rush Limbaugh‘s furor with the gay guy on Prop 8’s bench is that Walker is “seeking a reputation” as a “great civil libertarian jurist” who’s “pretending to be” a judge but is actually “a political activist wearing [a] black robe.” On an unrelated note, congratulations to Mr. Limbaugh on his recent fourth-time’s-the-charm nuptials, an institution that must not be infringed on by The Gays.

Adds Limbaugh: “This ruling is not really even about gay marriage … The reason it’s being celebrated is that once again a minority, and this is a political minority, is able to savor the fact that they’ve stuck it to the majority. That’s what this is really about.”