Russell Tovey Reveals His Love For Jonathan Groff And Why “Looking” Is Groundbreaking

Tovey, Frankie J. Alvarez, Groff

If you’re not already a card-carrying member of the “Russell Tovey is everything” club, you probably will be after this Sunday’s episode of Looking. That’s when Tovey’s character Kevin, a video game developer and supervisor of Jonathan Groff‘s character Patrick, will make his first appearance and the chemistry between the two, ahem, lookers is palpable.

Tovey, currently appearing as a gay footballer in the London production of The Pass, spoke to Digital Spy about the appeal of the hit HBO series.

“I think a lot of shows have the stereotypical gay man that’s very accessible, very family friendly — the token comedy role or the best friend,” he mused. “This is showing a section of the community where there isn’t any crisis in the fact that they’re gay and it isn’t the all-defining personality trait of each of the characters. It just happens to be that they are gay and this is their lives and this what they are doing — they are living. They’ve got over all their shit and they’re just being.”

The actor, who for now is perhaps best known for his work in the stage production of The History Boys and the popular sci-fi series Being Human, also offered an explanation of the the sparks, romantic or not, that fly when his and Groff’s characters meet in Sunday’s episode.

“Kevin is very secure and sure of himself and I think Patrick falls for that charm,” Tovey offers. “Kevin relishes that, but as the series goes on, he’s wrong-footed. You can be cocky and confident, but when you start developing feelings for someone, suddenly your self-esteem drops a bit. It’s a weird place for him to be in. That’s where his drama comes from.”

There seems to be no drama between the two out actors off-screen and Tovey claims he’s among Groff’s many admirers.

“I love musicals — that’s probably one of my most gay traits, that’s one of my giveaways!” Tovey shares. “Jonathan is obviously a musical king — so between takes, we’d be singing songs from musicals. They’d call cut and we’d break into a tune from Chorus Line. I think he’s absolutely brilliant. A lot of people love Jonathan Groff and I’m happy to join the queue!”

Here’s hoping the two will make beautiful music together onscreen.