Out And Proud

Russell Tovey says being gay quite literally made his career


Russell Tovey attributes his success to being gay.

Tovey’s plays a gay football player in a new film called The Pass, which takes place in various hotels rooms over the course of his life, and focuses on his relationship with a fellow player.

It’s based on a play written by John Donnelly, inspired by a real-life image of a football team in the early ’90s and the questions that linger about the players to this day.

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According to Tovey, he was attracted to the role because it struck him as “sporty Hamlet,” and the role was written with him in mind.

Though many of his roles have been unabashedly gay, Tovey irritated a lot of people last year when he suggested that he was glad he was bullied as a youngster or else he would’ve wound up more effeminate. He seems to have changed his tune, however.

He tells The Guardian“If I’m going to be seen as a ‘pioneer’, a gay man and a performer, I need to make sure I put out a positive message.”

He didn’t play gay characters until he was in his 30s, but it’s all certainly worked out well for him.

“The gay roles are the best for me,” he says. “Being gay has made my career.”

Here’s hoping many more gay actors take pride in their sexual orientation.

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