Russell Tovey Was Very Upset Over His Femme Controversy


Stop what you’re doing — Russell Tovey is upset.

Last year, the actor ruffled feathers by saying he was grateful for all the childhood bullying that cured him of being “really effeminate.”

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Well, now he’s a year older and perhaps wiser. Or perhaps not.

In a new interview with Attitude, he says he “never meant to upset anyone.”

Things come out the way you don’t intend them to. It was a very upsetting time for me. … I learned from it and I’ve grown from it. … I’ve found you’ve just got to be true to yourself, be a good person and the work should speak for itself.”

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At least he recognizes that he said something hurtful, intimating that that there’s something wrong with being effeminate.

Well, now that he’s committed to being himself and being a good person, it’s a perfect time to explain how being effeminate is totally great.

Go ahead, Russell, we’re waiting.