Russia Is Mad That the World Noticed Its Abuse of Gays

dispatches huntedBritain’s Channel 4 aired a documentary episode of Dispatches called “Hunted” recently, and the Russian embassy is NOT AMUSED.

But insanely, an unnamed official is claiming that Russian gays aren’t treated any worse than British redheads.

So, just to be clear: according to Human Rights Watch, an organized group of vigilantes is abducting and torturing gay men in Russia under the widely-held belief that LGBTs are pedophiles. They are beaten by mobs in the street. Queer people have lost jobs simply for being queer. For years, police have arrested protestors just for waving rainbow flags. And don’t forget the “propaganda” law: for asserting that you’re in a loving, happy, healthy relationship, you can get arrested and fined.

So… no, not really comparable to anything happening in England.

Nevertheless, the Russian embassy called the documentary “hate propaganda” and “full of distorted facts and unverifiable allegations.”

The embassy also defended the vigilantes, claiming they only target pedophiles, which obviously isn’t true.

You can watch it for yourself here if you’re in the UK. If you’re in America, it’ll take a few more steps to thwart their country-lockout. You’ll either have to pay to use a British VPN, try this Firefox add-on, or find a torrent like you do with HBO.