Russia Officially Bans Same-Sex Couples From Adopting, Protects Children From “Severe [Mental] Damage”

ap13031302755-vladimir-putinAs expected, Russian Preisdent Vladimir Putin signed another anti-LGBT bill into law this morning, effectively banning all International same-sex couples from adopting Russian children. The bill doesn’t specify anything about Russian same-sex couples raising children in Russia because—oh yeah—just being gay is illegal in Russia.

The bill passed by a unanimous vote (443-0) last month, and claims children raised by same-sex couples can wind up “severely damaged” with “a distorted perception of reality.” The bill also bans heterosexual couples living in countries that allow same-sex marriage from adopting children as well.

To add insult to injury, Putin issued a statement after signing the new bill into law today:

“This measure is aimed at guaranteeing that children are brought up by their adoptive families in a balanced and complete environment and that their mental wellbeing is not affected by any unwelcome influences, such as the imposition of unconventional sexual behaviour, and also that children are protected from developing complexes and mental distress which psychological research has shown children often experience when brought up by same-gender parents.”

“Psychological research has shown” that children develop “mental distress” from being raised by same-sex parents? You think he’d have the decency to actually cite what research he’s referring to (or not, because it doesn’t exist.)