Russia Would Prefer That The U.S. STFU About Its Anti-LGBT Law

As the Russian city of St. Petersburg moves ever closer towards passing a proposed bill banning all public mention of anything LGBT-related, the U.S. state department said that gay rights are human rights (and vice-versa) and that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow would look into it.

Now Russia’s foreign ministry representative for human rights Konstantin Dolgov has called the U.S. comments “inappropriate” and added, “We view with bewilderment the American side’s attempts to interfere, what’s more, publicly, in the lawmaking process.” Yeah guys, let Russia criminalize their LGBT citizens in peace!

Oh, and did we mention that the law may be in violation of the European Convention of Human Rights, which Russia signed onto? One Russian activist thinks the bill is merely a ploy to distract citizens from the country’s unresolved economic and social problems. Gee, ya think?

Luckily online pressure is building against Russia’s proposed bill and hopefully more world leaders will continue applying diplomatic pressure by speaking out against the bill.

Via Think Progress