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Russian Airline Forces Gay Flight Attendant To Marry A Woman

In all honesty it wouldn’t take much to convince us to not to fly a Russian airline—oligarchies tend not to put much stock in safety regulations. But LGBT activists are demanding a boycott of Aeroflot after the company forced a gay flight attendant to marry a woman in order to keep his job.

Last summer Maxim Kupreev, 25, stated his intention to start an LGBT group within Aeroflot to protect the rights of queer employees and push for domestic-partner benefits. That’s when company brass suggested Kupreev (above) not only drop the idea, but put up a heterosexual facade by marrying his old high-school girlfriend, Sofia Mikhailova, who actually had to divorce her real husband to enter into the sham relationship.

Wow, the only thing our high-school girlfriend did for us is let us try on her prom dress. (Thanks again, Debbie!)

Moscow Pride’s Nikolai Alekseev announced the boycott would begin on with a rally on February 9. They hope to draw attention to the plight of Aeroflot’s LGBT employees and encourage the company’s dismissal from Sky Team, an international commercial-airline alliance whose members include Air France, AlitaliaKLM and Delta.

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  • 13Zeroither

    well, that was fucked up

  • FYI

    The Russians have always been anti-Semitic, anti-gay douche-bags…but this beyond the pale. The European Court of Human Rights should sanction Aeroflop-sweat and Putter’s Stalinist regime.

  • Bob

    Yuck…are they forcing him to have sex with her too?

  • Phantom

    Well that’s bullshit.

  • Matt

    How about boycotting the pathedic gay guy who divorced his male partner to marry a woman. NO job would be worth that! I’d rather be unemployed.

  • Cam

    What type of threats were levied at the girlfriend to get her to divorce her husband and enter into a sham?

    The gay activists there are so brave.

  • Prisioneiro 0001

    That’s so sad.

    Why bother being gay BOTH?


    Kisses from Brasil.

  • Jim Hlavac

    So, hetero-divorce is less a problem then a gay marrying for appearances sake? Wow. Meanwhile, Russia has a state-sponsored program to boost the birthrate — do they really think the gay guy is going to make a kid with the damsel in distress? And the hetero-couple will now not have any kids? Egad, talk about your mixed messages. Which is besides the utter absurdity of the “marriage” and forcing the gay guy and the hetero gal into a relationship they have no interest in making a real marriage or consumating. On the other hand, a plane a year drops from the skies in Russia, and that’s not a good track record – maybe they should hire some Lesbian mechanics and get those places to stay aloft.

  • HM

    Is that the flight attendent in the picture? Yummy. If Aeroflop doesn’t want him, maybe Bel Ami will…..

  • Drew

    I agree with Matt. He made the choice to marry his ex girlfriend.


    Que la chinga? Net, ne, nei, neign, non. NO in ANY language!

  • Retnan

    I wonder why the woman went along with it.

  • Joseph

    @Matt: @Matt: We’re talking about a person who would probably have been killed if he hadn’t obeyed the Russian authorities. Not somebody who ‘chose’ to ‘divorce’ (not even a possibility in Russia as gay marriage is obviously illegal) his gay partner for a woman. Keyword: RUSSIA.

  • Joseph

    @Retnan: Probably because she likes being alive.

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