Russian Anti-Gay Activists Serve Madonna With Summons

The Russians really know how to hold a grudge. Back in August, a group of anti-gay activists tried to slap Madonna with a $10 million lawsuit for violating St. Petersburg’s ban on “homosexual propaganda,” but seeing that their arms were too short to bitchslap with Madge, they recently sent a summons to the popstar’s house.

According to RT, the nine plaintiffs acquired the address of Madonna’s New York home, summoning her to appear in court to defend her actions at a concert in St. Petersburg, where she told fans to “show your love and appreciation to the gay community,” distributed pink wristbands and scrawled the words “no fear” on her oddly muscular back.

Madonna is,  of course, currently trekking the globe on her MDNA tour, but the activists are nevertheless determined to track her down – they also sent a summons to the Material Matron’s Hard Candy gym in Moscow (like she’s ever set foot in that dump). Staffers, for their part, claim that they’ve received nothing to that effect.

You gotta hand it to those alleged activists for pursuing a lawsuit that they’ll never win since Madonna openly refuses to acknowledge its existence.


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