Russian Bishop Doesn’t Undertand Meaning Of Rights, Universal

The war of words coming out of Moscow reached new heights today as Bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky lent his support to Mayor Yury Luzhkov‘s decision to bar Moscow’s gay rights parade.

In addition to upholding the Bible’s so-called prohibition on homosexuality, Ryakhovsky insists that gay rights simply don’t exist:

The tolerance our sexual minorities mention so often, does not in reality correspond to the concept of ‘right.’ The fundamental human rights as formulated by the UN General Assembly in 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, do not include anything like a right to vice and or a right to moral crime.

Well, no, they don’t, but the declaration’s also not a religious or spiritual document. It’s meant for everyone. That’s why it’s called “universal”.

Ryakhovsky went on to criticize other European leaders for supporting gay rights, insisting “…You were born only because you daddies were men and mammies women…” A master of the obvious, that one.