Russian Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Take Kids Away From Gay Parents

RUSSIA FOREIGN ADOPTIONSA Russian lawmaker, not satisfied with denying gay people their rights, also wants to deny them their children.

Deputy of the Russian State Duma — the lower house of parliament — and noted shithead Alexei Zhuravlyov has proposed amendments to the Family Code that will make “non-traditional sexual orientation” a basis for denying custody of children; other grounds include alcoholism, drug use and a history of violence, insanity and abuse.

“In the case when a parent has sexual contact with people of their own gender, the damage that can be inflicted on the psyche of a child is enormous,” Zhuravlyov, the author of the bill, wrote in his proposal to the Duma.

Claiming that 5 to 7 percent of people in Russia were of a “non-traditional sexual orientation,” Zhuravlyov wants to ban homosexual propaganda not only in the public realm, but “also in the family,” according to Gay Star News.

Once again, Russia’s precious children and their impressionable minds have been used as a scapegoat for blatant discrimination — discrimination, which, by the gay, does not exist in Russia, as per President Vladimir Putin. Those comparisons to Nazi Germany are becoming disturbingly more accurate.

The child custody bill, should it pass the State Duma, would be the third law limiting the rights of LGBT people this year alone. Back in June, the Duma unanimously passed the federal anti-gay propaganda law, followed by a law — also passed unanimously — banning adoptions from countries that have marriage equality.

Meanwhile, sponsor of the national propaganda bill and all-around piece of human garbage Elena Mizulina accused the West of “aggressively imposing” its social conduct on Russia with its “fetishizing of human rights, including those of sexual minorities.”

Yes, the West really gets off on giving people fair and equal treatment under the law. I’m hard right now just thinking of all those rights and privileges of being considered a real life human being.

In June, Mizulina said parliament should consider removing children from gay couples as “there is a high chance that this child will imitate the behavior of his parents.” Too bad parliament doesn’t consider removing kids from people who don’t know a goddamn thing about anything, since that’s a behavior that’s being imitated and perpetuated generation after generation.

What’s next, concentration camps or state-funded conversion therapy to purge Russia of the homosexual menace? Oh…wait. Fuck.

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  • fagburn

    “According to Gay Star News”?
    World dies laughing!

    Thanks as ever, Queerty, for your hysterical contribution to this “debate”…

  • Polaro

    @fagburn: I don’t understand your comment.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Dangerous minds are in power. A Romney presidency would have rivaled Russian anti-gay sentiment, only they would have new haircuts to boot.

  • fagburn

    @Polaro: Gay Star News is the most spectacularly bad gay media outlet at the moment – with some exceptions (I think Joe Morgan does good stuff) it’s just ill-informed trash, often just ripped off from right-wing UK tabloids without question, or asking if it showed anti-gay bias.

    Do you not think this stuff about Russia now in the West shows signs of mass hysteria, and not rational thought?

    You can basically say anything you want.

  • Dxley

    Poor things. This is so sad. How could somebody be this cruel? Just look at them. Suffering because of their parents’ love for each other. When my partner and I have our kids and someone tries to take them away, I swear I’d rather die first. I’ll declare war. Not with my future kids. I’ll kill a bastard!!!

  • orrine

    And still there’s no english news about Aleksndr Yermoshkin, geography teacher and scientist from Khabarovsk, who is being forced to resign from school after the petition from baptists to officials. This happens after Putin’s assurance that noone discriminates gays based on their orientation in Russia.

    google translate link:

  • Dxley

    I cannot believe that you people flagged me. Are you really that sad?

  • MikeE

    @fagburn: hey numbnuts, did you also miss the link to Reuters news agency?

  • Scott Rose

    I have read the Russian-language proposed law and can tell you that it is no laughing matter. The sponsors of this anti-gay legislation — like those of the anti-gay Russian legislation before it — are relying very heavily on the fraudulent Regnerus study. For reference, here is the Russian-language, Regnerus-dependent justification for the proposed Russian law to take gay parents’ children away from their parents:$FILE/338740-6.PDF?OpenElement

  • LadyLady

    This is the lowest of the low…. We need to offer refuge to the gays that want to leave this disgusting country.

  • Kieran

    Why are we so fixated on Russia all of a sudden? Couldn’t be because they are opposed to the illegal neocon War on Syria could it? In places like Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states (America’s Middle East “allies”) not only can’t gay people adopt children, but you could have your head cut off if caught engaging in homosexuality.

  • fagburn

    @Kieran: Kieran, please don’t try and bring rational thought into this, the right-wing hysterics have won.

  • lwagner

    The Russian LGBT group Coming Out weighed in today saying this bill is not expected to pass but that its contributing to the climate where lgbts feel the unsafe. Its over the top and irresponsible for queerty to be making the Nazi comparisons. And on the other hand, we can expect some Russians who are anti-lgbt rights to be commenting as trolls on these articles. My mantra is listen to what the lgbt organizations in Russia are saying (not the Russians in New York or the bloggers). Keep calm and carry on.

  • kvitka

    Photos of children from the orphanage doesn’t fit here. Actually, they made the initiative on how to take away biological children from gay men and lesbians. That is, it does not even ban adoptions, it is much worse. Adoptions are also banned by “the tolerant” Austria and Italy, as well as surrogacy for gays. Queerty, you check and specify the information. Because you present news 2 months old, as with Dmitry Isakov from Kazan or not quite accurate information at all.

  • pflagmom

    I recently attended a small demonstration against the new Russian law. Two Russian men, maybe 19 and 20 came to intimidate us by filming us and got interviews by media before our speakers were done. My husband and I went over to engage them and found that one had a green card, the other wasn’t old enough to vote yet. But they were sure that Russian gays were different than US gays. They are convinced that gays choose this, that Putin is right and Russia is heading “toward the light” on this topic. They couldn’t name any gay people they knew, of course. They kept saying we had no right to tell the majority in Russia they were wrong and were angry that we would talk of boycotting Sochi.
    I fear our own populations of Russians and Romanians are isolated enough that they can continue to believe the same lies about gay people and perpetuate it to their children. They are only reading Russian news and were using the same discredited western anti-gay propagandists some here quote. Those are getting translated, but the studies showing gay families are doing just fine sure aren’t.

  • mezzacanadese

    There are so many orphans in Russia, as I witnessed when I was there. It is mind-boggling to even think of taking children away from their gay parents, who offer them so much love. This is madness.

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