This Anti-Gay Russian Political Ad is Blunt and Disgraceful, Mocks Conchita Wurst

Two lawmakers on the Murmansk city council in Russia are running for re-election and have released a pre-election advertisement that appears to mock Conchita Wurst, the 2014 Eurovision winner, before they announce their anti-gay stance. has shared an extremely blunt and disgraceful Russian six-second political ad, which depicts tiny animated characters that resemble Conchita.

Watch the video below.

Conchita Wurst Rise Like A Phoenix 5
Conchita Wurst

In the ad, a group of Conchita look-alikes are standing in front of a stage that has a banner strung across. The banner, when translated from Russian, reads “There will be a parade!” The animation then fades out to reveal the two candidates, Oleg Guz and Almaz Gismeyev, shaking hands. The Russian voice over that plays during the short spot says, “Against loudmouths and gays, Oleg Guz and Almaz Gismeyev.” Talk about a straightforward slogan…

While is unclear where the video is currently being broadcast, they believe that the candidates have released this video themselves.

This would not be the first time Russians have targeted Conchita. Conservative politicians have been lambasting her since her Eurovision win, saying it represented a degradation and calling for their country to shun Eurovision in the future. The Russian Orthodox church also condemned her, saying her victory was a sign of the world’s moral decline and part of an effort to “reinforce new cultural norms.”

The Murmansk city elections will take place in September – one year and three months after Russia passed an internationally criticized law that banned “non-traditional sexual relationships” ideas among minors.