Russian Officials Discuss Removing The “Gay” In “Gay Propaganda”

russian-prime-minister-vladimir-putin-chairing-a-meeting-in-st-petersburg-pic-getty-35869320-187800Russian officials are reportedly taking steps to remove the “gay” terminology from Putin’s anti-gay laws banning the promotion of “homosexual propaganda” to minors in the country. Before you get excited, we’ll just go ahead and tell you this seemingly great news isn’t necessarily that great at all.

Putin and his newly-adopted laws have been heavily scrutinized around the world for their use against the LGBT community and the horrific consequences LGBTs have suffered since the legislation passed in June 2013.

Technically speaking, the new legislation amended Article 6.21 in Russia’s Code of Administrative Offenses to ban the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” The Russian police have since equated “non-traditional” with “homosexual” and acted accordingly, arresting, beating, and generally making life hell for LGBTs in Russia.

But according to Queer Russia, representatives from a number of Russia’s political parties submitted a proposal yesterday to exclude the term “non-traditional” from Article 6.21, which would essentially ban the promotion of any sexual relations to minors—not just gay relations.

Recognizing that the country has come under fire for targeting the LGBT community, the amendment “proposes to deem any information which promotes priority of sexual relations as opposed to family life values, spiritual and intellectual development of of minors as information harmful to the health and (or) development of children.”

So, this could either go one of two ways. If passed, the Russian police would treat heterosexual people “promoting heterosexuality” (i.e. kissing, standing, breathing) in public just as harshly as they have the gays (unlikely), or this could just be a way for the government to save face and claim they’re officially “no longer targeting homosexuals” (very likely).

Regardless of what happens now, Russia, we’ll still think you’re an asshole. We’ve had it with you.


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  • dougmc92

    There was another law passed that was anti gay along with the propaganda law- I can’t remember now what it was…back in July, it’s been over shadowed by the propaganda law- it may have outlawed gay marriage….plus- they have put up laws taking children away from gay parents- but it keeps getting shelved in the run up to the Olympics- you can bet- the day after- that law will be passed.

  • ouragannyc

    I am surprised that they wish to “save face”.
    At first, they were proud to be the saviour of children against western states that now accepted “pedophilia”.

  • glittercomments

    Of course I find Russia’s laws and actions detestable, but what I find even more objectionable is the SILENCE regarding the winter games being held in Dubai- a super anti gay country. Not a PEEP from gay rights activists. Why?

  • Ridpathos

    I think this is probably a slightly beneficial change.

    They COULD take in heterosexuals for kissing, showing PDA, etc. but more likely this will not happen.

    Because this law will not specifically target homosexuals, it will completely lose its teeth if they fail to penalize straight counterparts from PDA. All someone has to do is point out: “Well if they can do it, why can’t we?”

    While I think de-sexing society entirely may lead to other complications (lack of education for birth control, STD prevention, etc.) it would at least no longer be discriminatory to a certain group (like the LGBT)

  • Ridpathos

    @glittercomments: They have Winter in Dubai? I thought it was in the desert.

  • Kevin B


    1) Dubai is not a country, it is an Emirate within the UAE as well as the largest city of that Emirate.

    2) It’s not hosting winter games, and couldn’t ever do so, lacking both mountains capable of having ski events and temperatures anywhere near freezing. In fact the temperature in Dubai has literally never in recorded history gone below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

    3) After Sochi, the next games will be in 2018 and will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The location for the 2022 games hasn’t been decided; bids will be accepted later this year. At the moment Olso Norway, Warsaw Poland, Almaty Kazakhstan, Lviv Ukraine, and Beijing China are expected to put in bids.

    4) I think maybe you’re talking about the 2022 World Cup, which is being held in Qatar. Maybe? Or you’re just wildly, wildly misinformed…

  • glittercomments

    @Kevin B:
    1- People say Dubai Colloquially to refer to the UAE. Get a life.
    2- You have a lot lot lot of time on your hands to type all of this
    3- I am in fact referring to 2022; Qatar is super homophobic.

    Any reason we aren’t hearing any outrage that 2022 has been awarded to Qatar, a country that lashes gay people, and worse??

  • Lestar

    I agree, UAE is worse than Russia

  • MikeE

    @glittercomments: So Queerty hasn’t mentioned it (I think they actually have) or YOU haven’t read about it here, translates to “no outrage” about the World Cup?

    Apparently, you don’t keep up with football news, because ever since it was announced the World Cup would be in Qatar there has been nothing BUT outrage over this issue.

    But the World Cup is in 8 years. The Olympics in less than a month. Don’t you think it normal that the immediate problem is getting more coverage “at this time”?

    And in case you didn’t know, the World Cup has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Olympics. They are both sporting events, true, but neither organisation answers to the other. It’s like criticizing the NHL for something the LPGA is doing.

  • jimbryant

    I think Putin might be on a winner here. He’s seen the international backlash. He’s seen how it’s growing and giving Russia a bad name.

  • AuntieChrist

    Church Lady voice: How convenient…Keep the hate but change the wording…They will still enforce draconian laws and be jackbooted thugs but with a little sugar on top.

  • hephaestion

    The fact that the Russian government is considering even a slight revision of the anti-gay law is a sign that our protests have had an impact. They are seeing that such laws will destroy Russia, and we must continue to let them see the veracity of that fear. Anti-gay laws are a fast track to 3rd World Nation status and loss of economic power.

  • Kevin B


    1) They should stop. That’d be like referring to the USA colloquially as Pennsylvania… when you really mean Mexico.

    2) Maybe 10 minutes, including making sure I got my facts straight? The horror!

    3) Yeah Qatar has a pretty terrible human rights record all around. Better than most of its neighbors but that’s not saying much in that region. I feel like there will be slightly less protest about the World Cup because there isn’t the same scale of home-grown protest there like there is in Russia. But then again a lot can change in 8 years.

  • glittercomments

    No they shouldn’t. I speak Arabic, and Arabs say Dubai when they mean UAE. It’s like saying Holland to mean the Netherlands- Holland is after all just ONE state of the Netherlands (like Dubai is to the UAE).

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  • Gman23

    I think every Russian citizen (and other citizens of anti-gay nations) should be greeted upon arrival to this country at all international airports with people waving the gay pride flag. Show them that in this Country we are more tolerant. Let them know that they are coming to visit a gay nation. If they don’t like it they can go home (and take some of the United States bigots with them). Set up shop right in the airport terminal at the gates, customs arrival area, with a bunch of people waving flags.

  • DShucking

    @glittercomments: Maybe because it’s like a decade away?

  • Tedy

    Russia is doing a temporary eye wash. He is the near consummate dictator. He will not change what he is doing. This is misdirection, nothing more.

  • Cynthia M. Thomas

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  • getbackjoe94

    “I’ve got an idea. Instead of no gay sex, no sex at all!”

    Naturally, because that will change anything…

  • kevaroo

    2022 games have NOT been decided and will not be until 2015.

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