Activist Alleges Homo-Hater Loved On Gays

Russian Pol Outed!

Gay activist Nicolas Alexeyev has some balls. The outspoken gay activist made waves yesterday when he outed homophobic MP Alexander Chuev (pictured, looking soulless).

Like many of his political peers, Chuev’s not down with the gays. In fact, the MP once attempted to ban gay pride, calling the gathering “immoral”.

Alexeyev appeared on Russian talk show K baryeru yesterday and claimed Chuev – who proposed legislation to ban “gay propaganda” – dabbled in dick, but went in the closet for political gain. Needless to say, Chuev wasn’t happy about the turn of events and suggested he may sue Alexeyev.

Alexeyev, meanwhile, stuck to his guns:

We reached the most important thing during this TV show. We showed all hypocrisy of the representatives of the present Russian authorities.

They have secret homosexual relationships but at the same time they do all their best in order to slander gays and lesbians. I am ready to prove at any court or prosecution office that deputy Chuev is gay and to produce corresponding proofs.

Shouldn’t that say “corresponding poofs”?