Get Nasty With Activists

Russian Police Ban Gay Protest

Russia’s bloody anti-gay history continues. Police carted off two gay activists today after shutting down a pre-sanctioned protest against Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov (pictured, looking like a shit eater). Demonstrators want the EU to ban Luzkhov’s intracontinental travel.

Rather than admitting the injustice, overzealous coppers claimed the queers’ were too close to a construction area, according to The Independent

Police on Wednesday blocked gay rights activists from holding a demonstration in the capital and detained two of them despite the protest being authorized by city authorities.

The approximately two dozen activists aimed to hold the protest outside the European Union’s representative office in Moscow to demand that the EU impose a visa ban on Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who has banned gay rights parades and called homosexuality “satanic.”

“Authorities in Moscow have broken the law again by not allowing our picket,” said activist Alexey Davydov.

Meanwhile, an anti-gay activist supported the police brutality. People’s Union’s nationalist leader Mikhail Sinitsyn, “There must be no propaganda of sexual perversions in Russia, especially if it is Western-funded.” Sorry, babe, these are some home grown homos, but good effort turning your anti-gay crusade into an attack on the West.