Russian Police Love Gay Putin Paintings So Much, They’re Seizing Them All!

o-WRESTLING-570The Russian government is diligently making sure the folks in town for this week’s G20 summit don’t have the chance to view the many banned artworks now criminalized under new “gay propaganda” laws.

As a result, they’ve employed the most stunning example of the Streisand Effect by publicly seizing a number of paintings that depict President Vladimir Putin in an unsavory manner. Last week, it was this painting of Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in women’s undergarments.

This week, it’s a painting of Putin and Barack Obama surrounded by giant dicks. Literally.

The painting was seized from the Tochka G (G Spot) erotica museum in St. Petersburg this week, which has subsequently been shut down. “I do not understand why it’s necessary to mix arts and politics,” gallery owner Alexander Donskoi told the AFP.

The artist, Ver Donskaya-Khilko, managed to tell HuffPo what all the “controversial imagery” means without mentioning the many, many penises once:

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are in a significant fight. Putin is positioned next to a gas mask and fuel container, referencing his country’s natural resources, wearing a traditional bearskin hat and fox tails. Obama is painted in front of a small Statue of Liberty and a staff of dollar bills with liberty bells hanging below his waste.

Protests were planned around the globe to coincide with the G20 kickoff today. So far, Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are the only world leaders that have agreed to press Putin on his new anti-gay laws.