Russian Pol’s Cure For The Gays: Fasting And Prayer

A deputy of the St. Petersburg city legislature has a cure for homosexuality that sounds awful like our ritual for fitting into a Speedo: fasting and prayer.

Vitaly Milonov, who authored the bill banning gay propaganda in the city explained on a Russian talk show that if his son came out as gay, he would drag him to the nearest priest, who would explain the boy could easily quit his homo ways.

“God can send many temptations upon us,” said Milonov (right). “But the thing is, this illness is easily treated by fasting and praying. I do not know of a single case within the Russian Orthodox Church that a man would not be cured by his sincere repentance in this sin. People get rid of it, just like they get rid of kleptomania or, for instance, fornicators.”

Judging from Milonov’s photo, he might have the praying part down, but fasting isn’t really his forte.