Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Fires Moscow’s Heinous Mayor Yuri Luzhkov

Last week we asked, “Did Bigoted Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov Just Write His Own Undoing By Flaming President Medvedev?” The answer: Yes. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev just canned the prick.

After Luzhkov openly attacked Medvedev in a newspaper op-ed, claiming Russia needed a stronger leader moving in the 2012 presidential “elections,” and the Kremlin-controlled media countered with its own assault on the “no gay prides in my town” mayor, Medvedev gave him an ultimatum: step down or get fired. Yesterday Luzhkov gave his answer: Screw yourself. He said he has “no plans to leave of my own volition.”

So the president fired him — which the Russian leader, evidently, has the power to do. (Really, he does: Russia’s constitution grants the president the power to remove regional leaders.) And which Medvedev did in absentia; the president was on an official state visit to China when the signed decree came out, removing Luzhkov from his post, which he’s held since 1992.

Part of me thinks: HOORAY! THAT JERK IS FINALLY OUT OF OFFICE! HE’S BEEN TERRORIZING MOSCOW’S GAYS FOR DECADES! And the other part of me thinks: Does anyone think Luzhkov’s successor — to be named by President Medvedev — is going to be any more gay friendly?