Russian Press Sec. Denies Gay Assault

If you were looking for some teary explanation of horrid homophobia, you’re looking in the wrong place. Despite video evidence, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov‘s press secretary, Sergei Tsoi, denied attacking Russian gay rights activist, Nikolai Alekseev after a meeting in London. Going into full-fledged robot mode, Tsoi said:

I assaulted Nikolai Alekseev? Who said that?

This fact is not ‘protocoled’. And any ‘non-protocoled’ action is not a fact.

Um…so, if you’re not told do something but do it anyway, it never happened? How convenient.

Responding to Tsoi’s denial, Alekseev remarked:

The Moscow Mayor’s press secretary is pretending that he does not understand what’s going on. In reality, I suspect that he knows perfectly what the allegations are about.

We suspect you’re right. Unless, of course, Tsoi has selective memory. Hopefully Scotland Yard will help job his memory.

In the meantime, we’re in awe of Tsoi’s denial, tenacity and, more than anything, balls.