Locks unlock

Russian Senator’s hair likely contains secrets of the universe

Russia continues to dominate the news cycle in the U.S., but now that the world has experienced Valentina Petrenko’s physics-defying hairstyle, we’re afraid things really may never be the same.

Petrenko is a Russian senator who drew national attention when she negotiated with four kidnappers to release child hostages in Rostov-on-Don in 1993.

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Social media has been buzzing about her this week for a much different reason.

Her hair.

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Not in a meanspirited way, but more a “How is this even possible?”, “Was my coffee laced with something?”, “Is life really but a dream?” sort of tone.

Take a look:

In 2015, she was asked about her signature locks in an interview with Echo of Moscow.

She said:

I’m so tired of answering these questions. I just have curly hair. I lift it upwards with some hair pins, that is all.

Well, that settles that.