"March for Sexual Majority" Makes Us Sick...

Russians Rock For Hate, Babies

More anti-gay drama over in Russia. Less than a week after Moscow’s bloody gay pride, a massive club called B1 Maximum has organized a so-called “March of the Sexual Majority”. This fresh anti-queer crusade echoes Latvia’s No Pride’s reproductive slant: Via The Moscow Times: “[The march’s] poster has the slogan “For the sake of life on Earth!” and shows a cartoon image of a man and woman holding hands, with a white circle marking the woman’s womb.” Hopefully girl has a ring on her finger, too…

While the name may imply a street scene, the march’s actually a rock concert, led by a popular rocker named Alexei Kortnev. Kortnev feels so strongly about the issue, in fact, that he also acted as the event’s main organizer. Speaking to the Times, Kortnev lamented the slow decline of Moscow’s traditional values, but made clear that he doesn’t hate the queers:

I’m not against those people, we’re not against those people. We are against the active popularization of homosexual values among young people… [There is] an erosion of the difference between men and girls.

These purportedly disastrous trends are perpetuated “on the stage and in pop music,” Kortnev claimed.

Not only will this festival of intolerance feature live musical performances, but exciting games to promote heterosexual sex. One game – “Stretch out the Pleasure” – asks contestants to show their condom rolling skills. Sounds like a real blast. And when we say “blast,” we mean a frightening display of heterosexual dominance. Whee!