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  • jimstoic

    I would watch a reality show about the making of this video.

  • Jan Stapel

    This is just fantastic!
    When I was in college being out was considered radical.
    I am so happy that stuff like this is now common place.
    Keep it up boyz!

  • Rashid

    I can’t believe this ended up on Queerty. Lol.
    I’m the one on the far right, in the back. This is ridiculous.

    visit to learn more about this great fraternity!

  • Pip

    These guys really did a good job with all that choreography. What kinda kills me is that the guy who didn’t dance, holding the petition at the end is the hottest O_O

  • PirateFaafy

    @3 Rashid

    Dude, your moves are bangin’! I approve.

  • imho116

    Well PIP we can be friends. I think the one that did the dancing on the far left is the hottest.. he certainly blows up my skirt.. sure like to get to know him! HOT and a great dancer. Great job guys

  • Chris

    @Pip: Believe me, I am very regretful that I did not take the time to learn the dance with my fellow brothers! ;) They are celebrities now!

  • Rashid

    You should have been dancing with us Chris!!!

  • Rashid

    @PirateFaafy: Thank you! :D I’m glad you think so.

  • Mike L.

    This looked like so much fun to make, loved it.



    TO IMHO116: You can’t get to know him too bad he already has a boyfriend so back off. Thanks :)

  • Kurt Glasser

    AS a good ‘ol catholic boy from way back when, who remembers fraternities as having communal showers, are they still that way? And if so, how often is “communion” served at your frat pad? Oh c’mon, spill! ;)
    You guys were smok’in, you could take it on the road and raise beaucoupe bux! I’m sure the gay troopers are thanking you over and over. Thanks so much for your courage in the light of fun!

  • Jonathan

    That was fun. IT’s sooooo great to see gay boys having fun and able to do whatever they want without a bunch of haters fucking it up.

    We’re here, we’re queer, and fuck you if you don’t like it.

  • alan brickman

    Work out more guys!!! I’m just sayin…

  • jeffree

    Great job Delta Lambda Phi guys – fun video, made me want to dance! We need to see more happy gb men having fun — with all ths sad crap happening in the world, sometimes we have to have some dang fun !!

    I also like how your frat includes gay, bi & “progressive” guys. That rocks!

    More vids please, keep us posted!

  • Jeff

    BRAVO DLP Brothers! Kudos Rashid!

  • leanleft

    Go DLP- glad to see you all on queerty….

  • dingoratter

    @Kurt Glasser: No house (yet), and no communion, either–two Jews and a Muslim in it, wouldn’t happen ;-).

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