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Rutgers President Richard McCormick Will Have A Nice Long Chat With University’s Queer Students

Thankfully, Rutgers University President Richard McCormick isn’t trying to sweep Tyler Clementi’s bullying suicide under the rug. Which would be nearly impossible, since the story already went national and shows no signs of letting up. “This tragedy and the events surrounding it have raised critical questions about the climate of our campuses,” McCormick wrote in an open letter to campus. “Students, parents, and alumni have expressed deep concern that our university, which prides itself on its rich diversity, is not fully welcoming and accepting of all students.” McCormick said Friday he will meet with LGBT students on campus to discuss their concerns. That’s great, really; it shows the administration understands the seriousness of these events. And while McCormick likely can’t speak about suspects Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei directly because of privacy laws, he should make clear what repercussions there are for students who behave like them: expulsion, at the very least. But next? He should make sure Rutger’s coincidentally timed Project Civility, a campus-wide tolerance and respect campaign, reaches the non-queer students in need of a lesson.