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Rutgers President Richard McCormick Will Have A Nice Long Chat With University’s Queer Students

Thankfully, Rutgers University President Richard McCormick isn’t trying to sweep Tyler Clementi‘s bullying suicide under the rug. Which would be nearly impossible, since the story already went national and shows no signs of letting up. “This tragedy and the events surrounding it have raised critical questions about the climate of our campuses,” McCormick wrote in an open letter to campus. “Students, parents, and alumni have expressed deep concern that our university, which prides itself on its rich diversity, is not fully welcoming and accepting of all students.” McCormick said Friday he will meet with LGBT students on campus to discuss their concerns. That’s great, really; it shows the administration understands the seriousness of these events. And while McCormick likely can’t speak about suspects Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei directly because of privacy laws, he should make clear what repercussions there are for students who behave like them: expulsion, at the very least. But next? He should make sure Rutger’s coincidentally timed Project Civility, a campus-wide tolerance and respect campaign, reaches the non-queer students in need of a lesson.

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  • Rashid

    Indeed. That quote by president McCormick was taken from a letter that was sent out to the entire Rutgers community earlier this afternoon.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    When I was in college, it would have been the gay student(s) who would have been expelled by the University….and arrested by the Police for having deviant-sex in a dorm room.

  • Sceth

    @Ted B. (Charging Rhino): Sorry to hear that. Obviously the past is no standard for the present.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    The past may not be a standard for the present, but it does provide a lesson.

  • Kimberly Peacock

    I feel saddened because despite progress made; we as a society still instill so much self hate in LBGT Youth, that suicide seemed preferable to staring down the bully.

    Sadly the world is filled with people who are biased by the color of skin, religion, and or perceived class.

    Maybe its a result of the predator instinct? All societies historically have shown a lack of compassion and or scapegoated certain components of the society. It is seen even in other animals which have social networks, like wolves.

    Like with predatory animals when confronted with bullying behavior the worst thing to do is to run. It triggers predatory behavior in the form of more bullying.

    To the people who have religious beliefs which conflict them in this situation; it is about giving back what you have received.
    Others may have a problem with your religion but they allow it because you allow them freedom to pursue their faith. Is it so different with LGBT? You may not agree with how they choose to live their lives, but should you not give them the freedom to live their lives in any way they see fit? The same freedom you take for yourself. To me that trade off of giving liberty to receive liberty is what makes America great. It’s a shame we forget it all too often.

  • jason

    He should be meeting with the homophobic students, not the GLBT body. The GLBT body is pathetic. They segregate themselves, thus creating the impression of imperiousness and distance. I’m not surprised that many gay students feel alienated from such a body.

    Homophobia exists throughout every layer of college. It’s pointless talking to the GLBT body.

  • a

    @jason: you are disgusting

  • adman

    He’ll promise the GLBT students things he can’t possibly deliver on, it’s the standard script for straights when they finally do get around to paying us attention as people. It’s a nice thought that some straights want to help, but even the most well meaning people don’t or can’t stop accepting unearned privilege, since they don’t know they have it in the first place. We are on our own, that is the GLBT experience in a nutshell.

  • ewe

    @jason: You are confused. If anything the GLBT body are the ones who already get this. They do not need to be informed. Gay people know about this all too well. The Rutgers president should be addressing ignorant straight college kids that need to be bluntly told they are now adults and will go straight to prison and come out with a felony on their record.

  • Fitz

    Aside from the GLBT issues, which are enormous (obviously), incoming freshman need a LOT more eduMcation about dorm life and basic civility. This isn’t summer camp, this is the grown up world with grown up responsibilities and consequences.

  • Fitz

    @jason: The kid who killed himself wasn’t screwing in the bushes.. he did a VERY normal 18 year old thing. He brought someone to his room. He asked for some privacy. Blaming HIM for the invasion of privacy is absurd.

  • Bryce

    At least they’re doing more than Duke University…….

  • David Ehrenstein

    Jason’s angling for a date with Andrew Shirvell.

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