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Ryan James Yezak’s Lady Gaga Music Video Will Be Another Hit. Trust Us

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Ryan James Yezak’s music video remake of Britney Spears’ “3,” which premiered in October, has been seen almost three million times on YouTube. So we’ve got high hopes for the director’s latest creation: Lady Gaga‘s “Telephone.” And it didn’t get here easily.

The video was supposed to premiere on Tuesday, but a failed hard drive meant hours of tech repairs, fingers crossed, and ultimately an entire recreation of the final cut from scratch. Annoying! But Yezak (seen here as+with The Lady), the man behind the web series In The Loop, managed to put Scott Nelson (Lady Gaga) and Luna Flare (Beyonce) back together again, and like he did with Britney’s “3,” beat Gaga herself to releasing a music video for the single.

Our only suggestion? More teeth.

UPDATE: Behind the scenes!