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Ryan James Yezak’s Lady Gaga Music Video Will Be Another Hit. Trust Us

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Ryan James Yezak’s music video remake of Britney Spears’ “3,” which premiered in October, has been seen almost three million times on YouTube. So we’ve got high hopes for the director’s latest creation: Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” And it didn’t get here easily.

The video was supposed to premiere on Tuesday, but a failed hard drive meant hours of tech repairs, fingers crossed, and ultimately an entire recreation of the final cut from scratch. Annoying! But Yezak (seen here as+with The Lady), the man behind the web series In The Loop, managed to put Scott Nelson (Lady Gaga) and Luna Flare (Beyonce) back together again, and like he did with Britney’s “3,” beat Gaga herself to releasing a music video for the single.

Our only suggestion? More teeth.

UPDATE: Behind the scenes!

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  • Bayonet

    Atrocious. Again, remind me why gay men have to dress up as women?

  • romeo

    @Bayonet: Dressing up like women isn’t a “gay-only” thing. Plenty of straight men are into it too. Just watched a BBC program the other night about straight male tranvestites. Had wives, some went for it, some didn’t. Kind of boring, cause I guess straight guys make boring drags, but I’ve seen this before. Interesting that drag is not a gay thing, just that some gays are into it, too. Generally, I think gay guys are more likely to be in the marines, or act like it.

    Lots of confusion in perceptions about us gays. LOL

  • Synnerman

    Because it’s entertaining, especially when its satire.

  • Bayonet

    @romeo: Some straight men do, in the privacy of their homes. But with gays, it’s always out there: on parades, on TV, in movies, and of course, in clubs. How many straight guys of the age of these guys in this video would do this? probably none. So again, if gays are into men, why dress up as women? why act all femme? Make no sense, and it’s embarrassing, like doing blackface.

  • fredo777


    This parody video was what such videos are supposed to be: fun + silly. Some people need to seriously chill out + just take it for what it is. Good plain fun.

  • Smithen Weston

    I thought they arranged and edited the video nicely. That said: both were atrocious looking in drag! I turned out a better face when I was 17!

  • fredo777

    @Qjersey: Oh my God. haha

    That was fantastic. Thx for the link.

  • NOexcuses

    @Qjersey: Now THAT video IS funny, thanks! OH, an no drag. One doesn’t need to be in drag to be funny.

  • Mike L

    @Bayonet: Get over yourself

  • Monsieur Wasabi

    @romeo: Comedian Eddie Izzard comes to mind. Though he’s never said anything about his sexuality he’s open about his transvestism and has drags for his shows.

  • TopTrendingTopics

    There were so many people talking about the Lady Gaga on Twitter that it was one of the top trending topics for a while – check out the video at to see some of the more entertaining ones in a funny video. :-)

  • Bayonet

    @Mike L: Bend over for me Mike.

  • charlie hoover


  • ladygmusic

    someone has to take these guys and put em on stage with lady gaga. they’re hilarious! i hope they do more gaga songs:
    nevermind who wears what. if it’s funny it sells.

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