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Ryan Murphy just deflated his Twitter haters in the most hilarious way

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Television impresario Ryan Murphy may be one of the industry’s biggest names, but that doesn’t mean his shows are universally loved. In a rare move, Murphy himself took to Twitter last night (August 25) to clap back against a few of his detractors…with hilarious results.

“Can Ryan Murphy write a season without [gay] perverted addicts???” Twitter user @CantReadMyJudas wrote. “I feel like he’s used this trope a million times.”

Murphy responded in kind.

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“I will always write gay perverted addicts, sorry,” Murphy wrote.

That same evening, another user attacked Murphy, apparently annoyed with the release of his recent horror anthology American Horror Stories.

“Is there a support group for people who would curbstomp ryan murphy if they saw him on the street but also watch every single one of his stupid little shows,” wondered @twoheadedmother.

“No, let’s start one,” Murphy teased back.

We’d like to believe that in the wake of a heated Twitter exchange we too could show the kind of grace and good humor Ryan Murphy has. Of course, we’re pretty sure his pile of Emmy Awards and millions of dollars soften the blows on social media.