Ryan Murphy Lets Kurt + Blaine’s Lips Get Close

If you want to read too much into this, this duet is clearly evidence Kurt and Blaine are totes going to get it on. If you don’t feel like exercising your imagination that much, accept it for what it is: a Christmas song Mariah Carey has yet to monopolize.

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  • Red Meat

    That was really gay and I don’t mean that in a bad way or a good way either.

  • scott ny'er

    I don’t think they were really that close to kissing in the video. But, as a poster on youtube said… It sure is nice to see 2 guys singing a love song to each other.

    darren is a really good actor, since he’s not gay and chris of course is a great actor as well.

  • hephaestion

    Will this be on the show next Tuesday night?

    Mariah Carey does Christmas songs?? I’ve never heard any songs by her. I have standards.

  • Francis

    It would’ve been better had they actually touched at some point. Like when he says “I’ll hold your hands they’re just like ice” he probably should’ve ACTUALLY at least touched his hands lol. Still adorable though

  • Ross

    OMG I refuse to watch this ’til Tuesday! =0

    I’m soooo excited to see it tho! =D

  • McMike

    Are we ever going to see on American television two MASCULINE men who are gay? You know, it’s really great they’re doing this song but I have yet to see a portrayal of a gay male couple on American television where one or both men aren’t totally beyond gay. Kurt is great but he sounds like a friggin woman in this song.

    It’s like Modern Family, the bigger gay is 100% flamboyant but in real life he’s completely macho. WTF is America so afraid of by seeing to masculine men in love? One would imagine it might be more Earth shattering than any Brokeback movie could ever be.

  • Ian

    @Francis: It’s the double-standard where so FAR Glee has not been really all that gay friendly. The boys/girls & even girls/girls hold hands, cuddle, kiss, dry-hump, f*ck, etc. yet the first boy/boy action the two act like they have to be careful because they have a physical restraining order against each other and can’t get within 10 ft.

    Further the straight & lesbian couples the pairs often get to either having sex or get to heavy 3rd-base very quickly within a few episodes of meeting each other, yet the first boy/boy pair it has to get dragged & DRAGGED out when they might actually have an innocent peck let alone a passionate kiss.

    That being said, the song was still pretty damned cute.

  • Jake the libertarian


  • Ian

    Is it just me or does Blaine look like he’s doing a pelvic f*ck thrust in the still shot?

  • Jorge

    @McMike: Shut up.

    Watch 90210 if you want some heteronormative gays.

  • jason


    You’re exactly right. Liberals in the entertainment industry – like Ryan Murphy – seem to have an aversion to showing male-male affection. When it’s shown, albeit sparingly, it’s often dragged out or surrounded in some sort of angst and reluctance. It’s very homophobic in the true sense of homophobia.

    The problem in America is that the gay community is unwilling to take on liberals. Gay Americans spend too much time attacking John McCain and other conservatives. They forget that liberals are just as guilty of homophobia as conservatives.

  • Dollie

    I admit that I don’t follow Glee, but that was probably the most darling thing I’ve watched in some time. I’m proud of the show for developing this storyline, though it has been very modest and careful- it’s a bold step. Lest we forget, the show is on Fox.
    That said, I hope they continue to take the story further step-by-step. I hope that they do not shy away from showing kisses and hinting at sex, like I imagine they frequently do with other couples.

    And I think Kurt’s character is wonderful. To criticize him for being effeminate is ridiculous- and absolutely steeped in homophobia and sexism (yes, it really is). Certainly, I’d appreciate seeing more masculine gay men (and masculine lesbians and lesbians that aren’t skinny, pretty, and blonde- but different discussion), and there are programs that are doing this right now (Teddy on 90210)- but it is harmful to put down these other characters while crusading for more and different portrayals. We need to show heterosexual audiences that gay men come in many different flavors (if you will), and that includes the whole masc/fem spectrum.

  • DR

    @jason: @Ian:

    Then do us all a favor and stop watching since it’s abundantly clear that there is no pleasing you two. Tired, boring, and predictable. Like a broken clock, only right once in a while.

    LOGO is still airing crappy tv with lots of lousy stories but lots of men-on-men action. I’d rather have a good story than that crap. No one will remember Brittany/Santana years from now as a couple, but they’ll probably remember Kurt/Blaine.

  • soakman

    @Dollie I completely agree. And I think that they are adorable and talented.

    It’s so refreshing seeing an honest blossoming relationship here. Kurt and Blaine haven’t even known each other that long. I don’t see what all the griping is about. Not everybody gives it up on a first date (which by the way, I’m not sure they’ve even had yet).

    I don’t understand why you guys can’t be supportive of anything that supports the GLBT spectrum at all. Immersion is the way to combat homophobia. Not everyone wants to dive into the deep end. Even those that LOVE swimming sometimes inch their way in on a cold day.

  • Ian

    @DR: Sorry I’ll watch what I want & too bad if you can’t have the apparent group-think you desire in terms of gay affection as it is depicted in the media. This is a liberal website but you are acting just like a tea-bagger (the republican kind, not the fun one). It is a legitimate point to show that there IS a still today a double-standard with gays in the media and television, to want to ignore that is to simply want to accept one’s status as 2nd class and not to question or protest it.

  • Kieran

    Everyone in the gay community is “masc” only.

    Let the feys have their space on TV.

    Kurt has a high voice. Are you actually attack him for something that is biologically and hormonally determined? Sounds like history can’t help but repeat itself.

  • Frank

    The Kurt character is Ryan Murphy at that age. This is likely a fantasy of his childhood that some hot or butch gay guy would be interested in the Kurt character or himself at that age – would never happen in reality. This show is truly a fantasy.

  • espy

    I don’t care what others say…
    They are doing awesome job covering that song. It’s obvious they are extremely talented. I am really having fun watching the development of these two. Like 1,000,000,000th time on the internetz comments “if you don’t like it just don’t watch”.


  • DR


    Wow, you really are as pathetic as Jason. Why is it such a bad thing to give the relationship a change to evolve and grow? Why does there have to be immediate affection? Do you kiss and demand sex from every man you have an interest in?

    Seriously, let’s look at this objectively for a moment:

    Brittany and Santana: a few good one-liners, and within a week or two Santana is back with Puck and Brittany is with Artie. Their relationship is friends-with-benefits at best, and it provides a bit of tension and some comedic relief. There is no substance to the relationship, and I don’t see it growing much, no matter how much affection they may share as a “couple”. Brittany will be remembered for her one liners and dance routines, Santana will be remembered as the bitchy cheerleader with a boob job who did a rockin cover of “Valerie”.

    Kurt and Blaine: It’s a relatively new relationship, but we’ve already had Kurt serenaded once, there’s already more depth to the two of them as friends than between Brittany and Santana as supposed girlfriends, and while this may not be moving fast enough for the instant gratification set, we’re already seeing some good things. Darrin Criss was supposed to be around for a few eps this season, he’s been upgraded to full appearances into season three. Chris Colfer has already been given an emmy nod for the stories he had in season one, and I suspect there will be another nod for season two; “Grilled Cheesus” was brilliantly done on his part, and so was “Never Been Kissed”.

    Fine, Brittany and Sanata get sex, Kurt and Blaine get depth. If you’re so shallow that you need a kiss and can ignore good stories, you’ve been given my recommendations.

    Your incessant whining, which I guess passes for thought in some circles, is tiresome. So is your incessant need for instant gratification and validation from a tv show. How about you see where the story goes instead of acting like an entitled child?

  • Ian

    @DR:First, the only one acting like a haughty child is YOU. You throw out insults like “pathetic, demand sex, instant gratification set, shallow, incessant whin(er), entitled child” and then try to pretend like your the adult in the room, NOT, showing that the only one complaining w/out any real maturity is yourself.

    Second, neither myself, Jason, or some others are talking about “instant gratification/fornication”. That is an imaginary assumption on YOUR part not based in reality. What WAS being talked about is the double-standard Ryan Murphy brings to Glee in the depiction of intimacy in terms of the hetero VS homosexual relationships on this program and it’s characters.

  • Matthew

    Well I think I like how Ryan Murphy is developing Kurt and Blaine’s relationship. He didn’t just make it into another sexually charged relationship which I think is brilliant. Ryan Murphy, I think, wants to make the relationship last(like a love story rather then a promiscuous romp). And I think he’s pulling the audience in slowly so when they do(if they do) have an intimate scene then the audience won’t freak out. It’s a slow relationship but I think it’ll be golden in the end ^_^

  • jason


    Oh, please, give me a break. If Kurt and Blaine were a hetero couple, Ryan Murphy would have them snogging right away. But, because they’re two men, they’re not allowed to. This is basically the gist of it. It’s got nothing to do with wanting to “develop” the relationship. How long are they going to develop it for? Until Glee goes out of production???

    Moss on a roof-top develops more quickly than the male-male relationships in Ryan Murphy’s Glee.

    Ryan Murphy’s portrayals of male-male relationships are similar to how hetero couples were portrayed on film in the 1930’s. That’s where Glee’s viewpoint is stuck.

  • Red Meat

    @Ian: annoying~

  • McMike

    Would you guys maybe get off of your crucifixes for a moment? First off, NOBODY watches 90210 so, yeah, they might have a masculine homosexual but how does that help when no one is watching?

    I hate when gay guys are “masc only” however the ONLY gay men you see on TV, on programs people actually might watch, are your typical flamboyant homosexuals. It’s great to see this on Glee but does America’s notion of “If you’re gay you have to act like you’re more woman than a man” have to be reinforced? It’s great Blaine is this good looking masculine gay guy but it’s even sadder that these two wouldn’t be a pair in real life. I mean, Glee gets props for being so gay but give me a break, as if Kurt is going to not only land this hot-ass beau guy but is going to have the macho football player fall madly, deeply in love with him.

    What I’m getting at is if you take a look at most reality shows they will have seven, or so, really good looking heterosexuals and then the one gay character they have is not only flamboyant but unattractive.

    Yeah, I’m bitching and need to STFU but it’s annoying when 95% of the portrayals of gay men only make up about 5% of what’s really out there.

  • Dallas David

    Wow . . . I thought I’d never live to see anything as bold as this on TV. It’s another step forward in making gays on TV as ordinary as dysfunctional straights.

    Who cares if they start with nelly gays? As our history shows, it was the nelly queens who had the balls to resist the oppressive police in 1969 Stonewall riots. All the respectable butch guys wimped out.

    This show is a milestone, and in another while, we’ll have another milestone, and then another, and another. Eventually we’ll be where we want to be, and then we’ll get restless and want to do something else . . .

    But for now, I think this is absolutely marvelous.

  • Jack

    Kurt is only a 3 out of 10. He needs to be replaced by a hot guy who doesn’t have the down syndrome look.

  • gregger

    @McMike: Man I’ve been out for thirty years now and why do people want to see just burly men? Do effeminate men make you uncomfortable? Most of the gay guys in my high school glee club/chorus/show choir were gayer than a picnic basket, in other words effeminate. Most of the gay boys that I’ve seen in the last 30 years that were in vocal performance were not butch burly men. Relax, there’s enough room in the gay world for femmes, butches, and closet case Republitards, although that last group is not so welcome.

    PS, have you sought out some therapy? This passive aggressive BS I repeatedly see from you is tiring.

  • Hilarious

    God you TV fanboys need lives. Stop fighting over which show is the best, they all have their own appeal to each individual who watches them. Get over it.

    I’m a masculine gay man, I thought this video was fucking adorable. I don’t have to see myself down to the letter slathered over every single tv show. So they’re not the pinnacle of masculinity…and?

    Then there are the random digs at 90210 for what? It’s a good show in it’s own way as well and yes the guys are more masculine on that show…and?

    That’s called variety.

    There’s gay variety on television now and you dipshits are literally complaining about it.

    Really? REALLY?

    We were invisible for so long and now you have multiple shows on multiple networks to see exactly what you want. Stop being drama queens and utterly spoiled children. Pick the show you like and shut the fuck up already.

  • Danny

    That was really sweet. And very much in the holiday spirit.

  • Tallskin

    I am 100% with Jason on this. I don’t watch Glee but I do keep a watching brief on its gay progress and I watch the vids posted on here. It’s now several months since I watched the first one where the slightly more macho boy serenades the camper boy

    and there’s been no f*cking development at all since then!!!

    Like Jason says, if there’s a straight couple, within 5 mins of their meeting they’d be all over each other like a priest with a choir boy, snogging, groping, holding hands blah blah Bleughhhh.

    Thing is if this were a british tv show you know the two boys would’ve been shown naked in bed by now and they’d be dealing with solid relationship ‘issues’ together, like normal sexually active teens (gay and straight) do in british soap dramas.

    The US media has a real problem with homophobia (fear of homosexuality) because it just will not portray gay love, gay contact, gay flesh, gay affection.

  • DR


    You and Jason *are* both acting like petulant children, demanding that Kurt be written just like everyone else (which would make the character suck, IMO). Every chance you get, all you do is bitch, piss, moan, whine and complain. Either it’s “bisexual women exist solely for the purpose of icky gratification by men and we should insult them all” (mostly Jason) or “Ryan Murphy is a total pig who can’t write a show because it’s not being done to our specifications and anyone who defends it is too dumb to see that”.

    If you don’t like the show, don’t watch the damned show! Very simple proposition. You’re both boring and predictable. It’s at the point where most of us can write your posts for you as soon as anything on the show is posted by Queerty.

    It’s a tv show, and if you can’t see the difference between some of the straight or bi characters and their story lines and Kurt’s story lines, that’s on you. Like I said, most of these characters will be footnotes in tv history. Not Kurt.

  • Lefty

    But the lead up to the point where they get it on is the interesting bit. Once they get together it will only be a short while before they’re splitting up again, such are the rules of drama.
    How long was it after the introduction of the Finn and Rachel story before they actually kissed?
    We’re all frustrated that they haven’t even kissed yet. But when they eventually do it will be all the more amazing because of the wait. Hopefully.

    I actually think that scene is more romantic and beautiful than any of the straight love songs/scenes on Glee so far.
    I do agree that they could have been a little more tactile, though.

  • jason


    I think there’s been some progress on the portrayal of male-male relationships on free-to-air TV in America. Shows like Desperate Housewives, Brother/Sister, Modern Family etc all depict male-male relationships and affection to varying degrees.

    The problem in America is that there’s a strong religious Right element and a strong sleazy straight guy element. Both groups tend to oppose depictions of male-male sexuality on TV.

    In America, sleazy straight guys make a lot of the decisions as to what gets shown in a movie or on a TV show. These men are generally hostile to scenes of male-male intimacy.

  • Matthew

    Well I think this is a big step(especially for Fox who never have gay characters on their channels in general). And you know what, it might be fox who is telling Ryan Murphy to keep the gay to a minimum, but if you look at it as a whole they have done a lot in portraying gay people on Glee. Right now it’s as if Kurt is the main focus of the shows direction(with the very serious bullying story, having Kurt move on to the opposing glee team, and having even the meanest person, Sue, protect him). I think with all these happenings, the Kurt and Blaine storyline is developing well. It’s only been two episodes since Kurt changed schools, you might want to give it time before he jumps into bed with Blaine. All in all, you can’t say that Ryan Murphy is prejudice on his “Homo” storyline.

  • Rich

    Rush Limbaugh likes his boys butch too Jason

  • scott ny'er

    @Lefty: Actually, this is a good point. The sooner they become a couple, then the sooner they will be boring and have less screen time. The slow dance to coupledom “should” give both characters more screen time. I see some posts complaining about how it’s the “kurt show” so take that for what you will.

  • Dynex

    Fem gay men are just as part of LGBT community as more masculine gay men, and to suggest otherwise, or taunt effiminate gay men for who they are is the exact polar opposite of everything our community has worked for, the many gay people who have died for being gay in vain, and what Stonewall was about..liberation for being you. Now the “str8 acting” gay men who are trying to pin our community against each other over the most petty (and ignorant) topic (fems vs. masculine) are the absolute worst thing we need in our community. Not only do self loathing, self hating, internalized homophobes send a mixed message to the hetros in their lives who assume all us gay men have bipolar complexes with mannerisms, but they are dangerous to our LGBT youth who are clearly at a very fragile climate today. It’s important for well adjusted, comfortable and confident gay men to stand up and speak up and encourage a brotherhood for ALL gay men in our community, including the feminine ones who are usually the first to take a punch from the hateful world out there that dictates a uniform manner in behaving.
    To all the Kurts out there…be YOU and be damn proud of it because blending in to please others will make for a miserable life of selling out. Don’t listen to the gays who want you to be “straight acting”….they usually have severe Daddy issues that can only be best taken up with a shrink.

  • Mr.Aigner

    @McMike: You wanna know how I know you’re not masculine?

    A. TRULY masculine men don’t announce their masculinity, unlike hyper sensitive “str8 acting” gay men who seem to convenientally squeeze it in every conversation, relevant or not.

    B. TRULY masculine men don’t give a damn how other men behave, nor fixate on others mannerisms in comparison to their own.

    C. TRULY masculine gay men don’t watch a charming clip like the one posted above and automatically go on the defense to ridicule why a gay *cast member* does not act according to how masculine they do; as opposed to appreciating the celebration of acceptance for all of us, which this clip helps promote.

    To the small minority of gays who’ve convinced yourself you’re better than other homosexuals because you ACT more masculine, you are by far the most entertaining characters one could ever have the desire of meeting. I have yet to meet a gay man who reffered to himself as “masculine” who didn’t have a really creepy, sketchy, negative energy about them. On the other hand, gay men who just ARE -be it fem or macho- and don’t mind how others are, always manage to be good quality people. Oh, obscure point but worth mentioning, volunteer firefighter of 8 years here and comfortable enough in me to not attack a Kurt for being comfortable enough in his own skin.

  • Lefty

    @Dynex: Well said.

  • Ian

    @Tallskin: I just love this sentence:
    “The US media has a real problem with homophobia (fear of homosexuality) because it just will not portray gay love, gay contact, gay flesh, gay affection.”

    I also think that he USA has such an ingrained problem I think that it’s not by accident that on Glee, Modern Family, & Brothers & Sisters it’s NO accident that the networks made a point to tell everyone and they’re uncles that at least one actor in each of these onscreen gay pairings are all actually straight in real life, so as to “difuse” if you will the “frightening” prospect of any intimate energy coming from the male-male romance depicted onscreen.

  • Phil

    @DR: “If you don’t like the show, don’t watch the damned show! Very simple proposition. You’re both boring and predictable. It’s at the point where most of us can write your posts for you as soon as anything on the show is posted by Queerty.”

    Question: How do you find out whether or not you like the content of a show before watching it? Get off your god damned high horse and realize that asking for equal treatment for gay people, fictional or otherwise, is a sticking point of this site.

  • JJ

    @Jack: Jack – you are right, never thought of it but Kurt does have that DS look!!

  • Ian

    @JJ: That is SOOOO not cool to make fun of. It’s no different than the jock who yells “fag” at a gay kid. Just not cool at all, shame.

  • Pip

    These guys aren’t even that fem lol.

  • TJ Parker

    “Oh, please, give me a break. If Kurt and Blaine were a hetero couple, Ryan Murphy would have them snogging right away. But, because they’re two men, they’re not allowed to.”

    Oh puhleeze. It would be feeding the stereotypes. Kurt is looking for love, not sex.

  • brian

    Everybody stop chest thumping for a minute and listen to how awesome their voices sound together.

    I f’ing love non-crappily done Christmas music.

  • Becky911

    jason ryan murphy is actually a gay dude who fetishizes lesbians, but turns male homosexuals into effemenite asexual characters

  • Cavaliera

    How dare you call yourself a member of the gay community and sit there behind your safe little computer screen and belittle members of that same f*cking community bacause they somehow equate to less the “type” of gay you are is the better gay to be~
    Get over yourselves, I beg of you, before you trip over your own ego.

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