Ryan Vows Romney Administration Would Defend DOMA, Fight Gay Marriage

In an interview with Jim Daly, the president of noted gay haters, Focus on the Family, Paul Ryan reaffirmed his and Mitt Romney’s dedication to denying equal rights to LGBT people nationwide.

Right Wing Watch reports:

It’s the foundation for society and for family for thousands of years. First of all, Mitt Romney and I — I’ll just say it, it’s worth repeating — we believe marriage is between one man and one woman, that’s number one. Number two, you know where I come from we had one of those amendments in Wisconsin, I was a big supporter of it and we passed it like you say, where it’s put on the ballot it passes. The second point is, President Obama gave up defending the Defense of Marriage Act in the courts, I mean, not only is this decision to abandon this law the wrong decision, it passed in a bipartisan manner, it is very troubling because it undermines not only traditional marriage but it contradicts our system of government. It’s not the president’s job to pick and choose which laws he likes. A Romney administration will protect traditional marriage and the rule of law and we will provide the Defense of Marriage Act the proper defense in the courts that it deserves.

Though Romney’s been known to flip-flop on the issue of gay rights on his long, cretinous crawl to the top, Ryan’s been open about his anti-gay policies from day one, reminding Daly of his vehement support for a 2006 amendment banning same-sex marriage in Wisconsin.

Two days ago while in Denver, Romney himself commended Focus on the Family for its commitment to “preserving the foundation of America,” which as any minority group knows, is bigotry. Keep on preservin’, kids.

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  • 2eo

    With the way they’re collapsing day after day why don’t they just go ridiculous instead of hateful.

    “We’re fcking MURICA we promise a base on mars within 2 years, and all gay people and mexicans and others will be fired out of a cannon into the sun, because fuck yeah MURICA”

    Although this may win the ironic hipster crowd vote.

  • Little-Kiwi

    and the cowardly gay republicans will say “yeah, we agree!” because they’re complete f***ing wimps.

  • Cam

    It’s the foundation for society and for family for thousands of years. First of all, Mitt Romney and I — I’ll just say it, it’s worth repeating — we believe marriage is between one man and one woman, that’s number one. “”

    Interesting since Mitt Romney’s Grandfather started a polygomous compound in Mexico and had multiple wives. Did that happen thousands of years ago? No, Romney grew up intereacting constnatly with people in his own family invoved in Polygomy.

    How could Ryan say that…oh wait, this is the same guy who lied about his Marathon time by over and hour AND who lied so badly during the convention that even FOX News called him out on it.

  • Little-Kiwi

    and remember, a party that feels that “there are more important issues than gay_______” doesn’t run on an anti-gay campaign platform.

    parties that do that do so because they want to convince the braindead idiots of middle america to vote with their prejudice. because, you know, the GOP’s fiscal plans will screw over the majority of their base. their base is just too bigoted, and stupid, to realize it.

  • Daniel-Reader

    The foundation of America was sadly slavery. The Mormon church teaches that non-Mormons become the slaves of Mormons in the afterlife when each man goes to rule his own planet. Christians have to stand up to Mormons, who view Joseph Smith as the one true prophet rather than Jesus, the way Christians do. Mormons and Muslims are similar, both put a mortal man above Jesus. Vote against Mormon Mitt to tell him you won’t be his slave.

  • balehead

    And yet 27 percent of gays will still vote republican…why?

  • Little-Kiwi

    @balehead: simple – it’s the only thing they can do to earn the pitiful level of almost-tolerance from their bigoted republican families.

    behind every gay republican are the mother and father that resent having them for a son. that’s why they lean so hard to the right and complain about “liberals” – they’re not loved and accepted and feel that if they tow the line they’ll be allowed to sit at the Family Table at Christmas again.

    it’s sad. they’re modern day eunuchs.

  • Dumdum

    No way dude. That is so freaking funny! To be clear to those of you who take every word to heart. Try to see the metaphor the quip the part where I say not what I mean or really believe. Are you Queens so DENSE ? It is a metaphor. I am the angel, the devil, I will say things that piss ME off. I will say things that piss YOU off. I love you people. I really do. Well maybe not BJMcFrisky. Please let me share. In psychology if something makes you angry or upset, it can be a projection. Something within yourself that you do not like that you see within another.I may play the troll,and I am old so let me point out that until today. I thought that a troll was a creepy old man who lusted after sweet young boys. I do not want to hide under a bridge. Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it. I have been in the Gay subculture for 37 years! A drop in the bucket (list) Kidding,NOT. THEY SAY. The best actor wins! Ronald Regan. Have you seen Bedtime for Bonzo ? I thank the Goddess that us old people are dying cause you youngsters don’t give a rats ass. Good luck bitches!!! Fight each other and be stupid.If I do not kill myself tomorrow, then my tears will soften the soil of my grave.Paul Ryan may have pretty eyes but he is a devil. Would not vote for him but a BJ oh yes.

  • Ned_Flaherty

    The problem isn’t only Romney/Ryan.

    Here’s the official plan for what the entire Republican Party plans to do to 31 million LGBT Americans over the next 4 years:

  • Guillermo3

    @balehead: Sadly,balehead, for the same reasons
    that that so many well-meaning Americans,whatever their sexual orientations
    vote for the fascists:Because their families have always voted GOP,
    because they believe that they are being fiscally responsible
    conservatives who want to “work for a living”,because they are
    uninformed.The reaction of so many ,when raped by the 1% seems to be,”Deeper!,Deeper!

  • Guillermo3

    @Little-Kiwi: Right on the head,as usual,
    Little Kiwi! Vast numbers of people in the Midwest,middle Atlantic,and
    affluent suburban areas of the Norteast vote Republican because their
    families always have,and because Nixon’s hideous “Southern Strategy”
    was and continues to rreplace the old Democratic “Solid South.”
    Maybe it is a common human flaw everywhere:working vigorously against
    our own best interests__rather like the ritual in the late Bronze Age
    of sacrificing the first-born male in each family and burying his
    body in the house foundations to ensure fertility.

  • tdx3fan

    This is funny. The president should not get to choose what laws he does not like (according to Ryan)? Does that mean that under a Romney presidency that DADT repeal and Roe vs Wade will be upheld? I didn’t think so!

  • evdanker

    Every time I see Paul Ryan I think of someone who has lost his dentures.

  • the other Greg

    @evdanker: “Every time I see Paul Ryan I think of someone who has lost his dentures.”

    Why, so he could be a better c*cks*cker? :) … Which is awesome btw if you’ve never experienced it.

  • Aidan8

    And once again…. our GOP-friendly conservative apologists are silent when it comes to defending their candidate and his policies. All kinds of loud when it comes to blaming “lefties” and crying about being ostracized… but when their own candidate makes our point for us… they fall silent.

  • Guillermo3

    @Aidan8: Damn it,Aidan8! You’re,
    once again,too good!
    For most of the rest of us,so far,unfortunately we shouldn’t
    debate about,or make statements on politics:Seems we either
    drown in our own “witty” sarcasm,or sound like
    a bunch of dumb faggots.

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