"Incomprehensible...Out of Touch With Reality...Disturbing."

Ryan White’s Lawyers Blast Huckabee

We haven’t seen someone get reamed this hard since Backdoor Ram Jammers 5! The late Ryan White’s lawyers absolutely skewer presidential candidate Mike Huckabee over his HIV/AIDS quarantine comments, which he refuses to recant. Here’s the meatiest bit:

Ryan White’s story was the No. 1 news story, and exercising his civil right to be in the classroom with his fellow students and the education of the public on how AIDS was transmitted were the other issues.

Ryan’s story was also the No. 2 most-covered news story in 1986.

Evidently Mr. Huckabee did not read a newspaper in 1985 or 1986.

It seems to us Mr. Huckabee reaffirmation of the statement he made in 1992, that AIDS patients should be isolated, is incomprehensible.

That this man, who is so out of touch with reality, could run for president of the United States is more than disturbing.

That’s going to hurt in the morning.