SA Church Admits Firing Gay Man, But Only Because He Had Sex

South Africa’s constitution, the most progressive in the world, clearly prohibits anti-gay discrimination. That Democratic promise did nothing, however, to stop a Dutch Reformed Church from firing a same-sex loving music teacher, says the sacked employee, who’s now suing:

Johan Strydom instituted a R 100,000 damages claim for loss of income and the impairment of his dignity with the congregation after they abruptly terminated his services as a music lecturer at the church’s arts academy in July 2005.

He said in court papers the termination of his employment contract not only constituted unfair discrimination, but had also impaired his human dignity.

He told the court he had refused to discuss his sexual orientation with the church after being informed that he must attend a meeting to discuss the issue. This was after the church had received an anonymous call from a man who told them Strydom had homosexual relationships.

The church admitted that Strydom’s gay ways influenced their decision, particularly the fact that he was sexually active and refused to admit his sin. Had he decided to damn himself and never have sex – well, that would be fine.

Forgive us if we’re wrong, but aren’t double standards still discriminatory?