SA Educator Sues Students Over Gay Picture

Poor baby!

South African educator Dr Louis Dey has filed a defamation lawsuit against three high schoolers after the boys distributed a doctored porn picture featuring Dey and a colleague “masturbating.” Dey was so “humiliated” that he had to leave his gig at the school and move elsewhere:

A former vice-principal of Hoërskool Waterkloof became extremely emotional on Thursday as he told the Pretoria High Court how three pupils manipulated a picture of two naked gay men – sitting snug together on a couch while masturbating – by substituting their faces with those of the school’s principal and vice-principal.

A tearful Dey told Judge Ben du Plessis that he was so humiliated and belittled by this that he could not bear facing the pupils.

I honestly felt like just sitting in my office and not coming out. I wanted to crawl into a hole.”

Though the boys have been punished at school and have been assigned community service, Dey’s still asking for monetary compensation. So, basically, this whiner is trying to take these kids’ milk money. And, of course, setting a bad example by claiming being “gay” counts as something inhumane.