SA Gays Blast Zimbabwe

There’s still no clear winner in Zimbabwe’s national elections. Madman President Robert Mugabe refuses to release the election results, which many say will prove the opposition won. So, as Mugabe fights rival Morgan Tsvangirai, the nation’s people continue to suffer.

While the United Nations pressures Mugabe, another, smaller group is getting in on the action: The South African Lesbian and Gay Equality Project.

We express our full solidarity with the lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, women, workers and all the people of Zimbabwe. We add our voice in condemning the unjustified delay in the release of the 29 March elections. As Zimbabwean Independence Day approaches on 18 April 2008, Zimbabweans have nothing to celebrate in honour of their heroic liberation struggle and historic achievement of freedom and democracy.

The actions of the government of Zimbabwe, the police, the army, the judiciary and the Zimbabwean Elections Commission are against universally accepted democratic principles and practice. The Zimbabwean government is responsible for the social and economic crises facing that country.

The group also urges all gay Zimbabweans to come out of the closet and take a stand. Things probably couldn’t get any worse for Zimbabwean nationals, so they might as well do it now, right?