'Wrapped' Shows, Grows

SA Gays Love New Rag

While America’s fag rags worry about ad sales, South Africa’s recently revamped Wrapped seems to be doing quite well.

Says new publisher Morne Ebersohn:

The response from readers to the new look Wrapped has been very encouraging. Notably the fact that Wrapped is a magazine that reflects the diverse interests of the gay consumer and is a magazine one can leave on the coffee table. We repositioned Wrapped as a true lifestyle magazine…

Yikes, we wonder what NY Times“lifestyle” enemy Chandler Burr would have to say about that.

The first edition of the new look sold out, and Ebersohn’s expecting more of the same:

Positioning has been an important aspect of our marketing campaign, with our aim being to grow the circulation run. Next month we will be doubling the numbers in each store, testament to our growing success.

One of the most successful sales areas have been airports, which is weird, because we don’t recall ever seeing America’s gay glossies in the transit hubs. Only senators.