SA Heads Spinning

Remember Jacob Zuma, the former South African deputy President who was acquitted for rape, admitted having sex with hooker, and came under fire last month after making some “misconstrued” remarks, ie: calling homosexuality “un-African” and saying that gay marriage was “a disgrace to the nation and to God”?

Well, after his apologies fell short, Zuma’s taking another step by publicly supporting South Africa’s prosed marriage bill.

In an interview with the BBC, Zuma reiterated his support:

With regard to the people who want to marry, I don’t think one can be judgmental… We have a constitution that guides us and we have to abide by it; no matter at times what other kinds of views people have.

While many people scoff that his remarks are nothing more than a bit of pre-2008 election season double-speak, Zuma insists that he’s not actively vying for President Thabo Mbeki’s seat. He’s quick to mention, however, that “[I] had never refused a task of my organisation…”

Translation: “I’ll say anything to be president, especially when it makes me look like I don’t want to want to be president. Which I do. A lot.”

Oh well, we suppose Zuma would make a better choice than Winnie Mandela or some other corrupt politician…

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