SA Just Can’t Get It Right…

As the Constitutional Court’s deadline for a revised, gay-marriage inclusive constitution looms, lawmakers are still tripping over just what “equality” means.

365 Gay reports:

The office of the state law advisor is warning that provisions in South Africa’s Civil Union Bill are unconstitutional. Enver Daniels has told a parliamentary committee holding public hearings on the legislation that the separate but equal law will not gain approval of the Constitutional Court.

rather than amending the marriage act to make it gender neutral the government angered LGBT rights groups by introducing a separate bill that allows for marriage and also would recognize non married gay and non-gay couples.

The proposed bill also would allow people who conduct civil marriages to refuse to perform same-sex ceremonies based on “moral grounds”

Needless to say, this is not equality. Now, we understand that plenty of people don’t like the gays. That’s fine. There are plenty of people that we don’t like (namely, the people who don’t like us), but haven’t people learned anything from apartheid?

At least the ANC’s not hating. If only Nelson Mandela were still president…