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Sabrina Schlichting Wants Her High School Adorned In Blue To Fight Bullying

Speaking of awesome kids like Michigan’s Graeme Taylor, let’s meet Sabrina Schlichting. She’s a fellow 14-year-old from Minnesota, and rather than let anti-gay bullying at Lincoln High School go unnoticed by administrators, she’s organizing “Blue Days” where she and classmates wear blue (not purple?) tees in support of bullied kids. The 4-foot-11 freshman had her first one on Wednesday. This girl rocks.

“Bruises and bangs, those may heal but sometimes people’s hearts don’t heal,” says Sabrina, who’s been bullied herself growing up in Lake City. “Sometimes when they hear hurtful things, they can’t find the strength inside to say, ‘Oh that’s not true.'” Sabrina says she isn’t the popular girl at

But unlike administrators at the Pennsylvania high school who were completely unaware any bullying was taking place (let alone the kind that would drive Brandon Bitner to kill himself), Sabrina’s principal appears well aware of the bullying environment — and is applauding her efforts. “I think back to when we were freshmen and I was her age, and I honestly don’t think I would have the courage to do this,” says Principal Greg Berge. (The school had to agree to let the local news cameras film in the school, which shows additional support for Sabrina’s efforts.)

A round of applause for brave chicks like Sabrina, who care little about climbing high school’s painful social ladder. She just wants to see her classmates be able to walk to class without getting picked on. How … novel.