Sacramento Diocese Cuts Funding To Homeless Group Because Director Likes Gays

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We’ve given Douche of the Week awards to individuals, to groups—heck we even gave it to the Republican presidential nominees once. But we’re pretty sure this is the first time we’ve presented the esteemed award to a Catholic diocese.

Good thing we’re going to hell anyway.

The Diocese of Sacramento, CA, announced it was pulling its funding from Francis House, a nonprofit providing services to the homeless, because its director, Rev. Faith Whitmore, made public her support of marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose.

Now we haven’t heard back from Francis House, but we’re pretty sure they don’t perform marriages or abortions there. So even though those things aren’t in line with Catholic doctrine, they really don’t have anything to do with tending to the needy, which we’re pretty sure the Son of God was big on.

In a letter, Rev. Michael Kiernan, the diocese’s social services director, said it was “impossible for the diocese to continue funding Francis House.”

Francis House is one of the largest homeless-services nonprofits in the region, with a budget of $500,000 and some 25,000 clients. For the past twenty years, it’s received between $7,500 and $10,000 from the diocese. But according to Kiernan’s missive, it was dropping coal in Francis House’s stocking because of Whitmore, an ordained United Methodist minister.

In its letter to Whitmore, the Sacramento diocese said it respects the work Francis House does and cannot expect every organization it supports financially to “actively promote Catholic teaching.”

“We can expect, however, that they or their leaders not publicly oppose Catholic teaching and that, unfortunately, is the situation in which we find ourselves,” the letter reads.

Well, we’re pretty sure Methodists don’t believe the Pope is the ultimate authority on religious matters, so wouldn’t Whitmore be “opposing Catholic teachings” by even telling anyone she’s a pastor in the United Methodist Church?

Whitmore, who came in as director after the sudden death of longtime head Gregory Bunker, says the loss of the Church’s donation isn’t devastating but that any cuts hurt in this economy. Thankfully, Francis House is standing behind her. According to the Kansas Star:

“She had some big shoes to fill at Francis House, and she has done that very well,” said Francis House board member Michael Miiller. “We serve the poor. We don’t have a litmus test for homeless people when they come in. We don’t ask them for their position on choice and gay marriage. We just help them. But for whatever reason, the diocese made those issues a higher priority than the mission.”

The Sacramento diocese is engaging in blackmail—which isn’t one of the Ten Commandments, but is still really, really bad.

All together now: What a bunch of douches!

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