idiot logic

Sacred Heart Was Right to Kick 2 Kids Out Because Their Lesbian Parents Became ‘Public Dissenters’ of Catholicism

What was more remarkable about this segment from Bill O’Reilly’s television show last night? That he only cut off his guest once or twice, or that he came out in defense of the two kids kicked out of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School for having two mommies?

His guest was Father Jonathan Morris — a compensated Fox News contributor, enterprising author, paid public speaker — who had the balls to claim that the parents of these two children are in the wrong because they became “public dissenters, disagreers, with fundamental teachings of the Catholic church.” Which is like saying any parents involved in divorce, children born out of wedlock, and felons are public dissenters of the Catholic Church and disallowed from sending their kids to Catholic school.

We’re all for religious freedom, and the right of a Catholic school (that accepts not one penny from taxpayers) to make their own enrollment decisions. But let’s do it without the hypocrisy of targeting gay parents and not every “sinning” parent.

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