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  • No 4

    I have NO SYMPATHY for drug users/dealers. They all belong in prisons if you ask me.

  • ggreen

    No 4 I am so glad no one asked you. In a world that worships only youth and sex is a performance devoid of intimacy what the fuck do people expect? Drugs are not they problem they are the solution to a plethora of problems that real people in this real world face. Alcohol is legal but it makes people sick and sloppy. I don’t advocate drug use but I do advocate empathy and personal insight. I have met Michael Brandon he is a sweet and caring person and is deserving of human compassion and help as any one else. Maybe more so.

  • dvlaries

    Oh boy :( Is it really true? I wondered why Brandon never seemed to put a pound on and that would do it. He’s as skinny in his early 2000s -and successful- return as he was in 1988’s “Ranger Nick.” Handsome Michael, here’s hoping you get recovered again.

  • john

    I got into Meth when I was working for a very difficult group of bosses who expected me to work at all hours, sometimes at 4am to deliver orange juice and the paper to a boss who lived in Malibu. I just got carried away with it, and over time it got out of control. I turned it around in 97 but fell off the wagon a year later and went back to meth until august 2001. My life is back together and better than it’s ever been, I’ve been down that road and pulled myself out of it and am a better person for it.
    To NO.4, you would have wished me into a prison? I can’t fathom that type of ignorance or hate for your fellow human being. We all fall, for what ever reason, with alcohol, drugs or just self sabotage because we hate ourselves for some reason, but the point is we CAN and DO pull ourselves out of it and continue the journey of life THAT much stronger.
    And unfortunately some of us don’t, the pull towards life destroying drugs or behavior is too strong, we hate ourselves too much or deam ourselves too unworthy (something that can be fixed with mood stabilizers and a good shrink). we are all different, handle challenges differently, but we all deserve the support and cheers when we need them most.

  • BillyBob Thornton

    NO 4, I certainly hope you never need compassion and get what you have dished out.

    John, I applaude you. I hope you are able to keep yourself clean forever.

    meth has destroyed so many lives of promising, intelligent, loving, and wonderful people.

    Sad….so so Sad….

  • michael

    Its people like No. 4 who are the root of all the worlds problems.
    Rigid, controlling, cruel, and truly spiritually bankrupt. These are the kind of people who become the Hitlers of the world as they see the solution to everything is to destroy what they don’t want to see. I may sound harsh but it is true. These are the kind of people who are attracted to right wing religions, rigid political philosophies and social philosophies. They are the parents that produce addicts. They use shame, guilt and rigidity to raise their children. No. 4, I feel sorry for you, because you are obviously a loveless individual, and you can have everything, but if you don’t have love, and compassion is one of the most important components of love, then you have nothing. I have known many addicts in my life, the one thing that they all have in common is that at the bottom of their addiction lies a beautiful, but wounded, heart of gold, and when they are able to heal their hearts, they become the worlds greatest humans because they
    have found themselves. John, how wonderful for you to realize that you are a better person having gone through what you did.
    You will contribute much to our world, I can tell.

  • marc

    We all deserve compassion #4 and everyone answers for it when they die. To who or what I don’t know, but we all answer in the end.

  • averageguy40

    To No 4 Yay for you. I too believe drug dealers deserve to be imprisoned. To those that choose to use drugs, if you are caught I have no problem with you going to jail. Everyone has choices. I have a stressful job, I have bills, I have problems like everyone else…I don’t need drugs to get through them. And to those of you that will say I have no sympathy, empathy or whatever…because of some of my friend’s choices, I know first hand what drugs can do. I’ve been through it all with my best friend. I know this is not a popular stance, but facing up to your problem and accepting the just due consequences to your actions is what we all have to do. Time to grow up and face your own future.

  • Jake

    Being a recovering alcoholic I understand the power of addiction and how it can suck every empathic response out of those close to the addict and are suffering because of that addiction. I am moved by that pain and wish desperately things were different. Being gay men, turning our backs on one of our own with addiction is turning our backs on ourselves, however self-protective we believe that response to be. The ones who don’t turn their backs are the true saints among us and in the end they deserve as much attention as the addict and his problems: love’s a powerful thing. As I learned, the substance abused is emphemeral, it is the abuse and what drives it that’s important. It is, and will always be, extremely personal, no matter what the public presentation of it turns out to be.
    #4 and Averageguy40, I hope you never find yourselves with these problems, never find yourselves bedeviled by internal needs/drives/behaviors you cannot control because, if that happened, without all those saints out there you’d be truly lost.
    What John said is true, as true as the old adage about lemons and lemonade: the lucky ones can pick ourselves up, with help, and move on, mostly the better for it.
    Michael, seek your inner power, turn yourself over to the vibrant love that surrounds us all: have faith you can connect to it because it does exist and in it is healing. And remember, saints turn up in unexpected places.

  • ousslander

    I have sympathy for what he’s going through. Been ther, done that. BUt it is his own fault/weakness that got him in this position. There is nobodyelse to blame but himself.

    Working in POrn with sex as a commodity not an intimate expressions of lopve (cue Ice castles music) probably deadened his soul. It would mine. He set himself up for this fall.

    maybe when our community in general truly stops glamourizing and accepting such behaviour, it will stop.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Rush Limbaugh felt the same way as No 4 and Averageguy40 about drug users. Interesting how Rush’s limp-dicked, fat ass isn’t doing any jail time after he got busted.

  • Distingué Traces

    This is sad, and I wish him well. Obviously, advocating jail time for drug addicts is stupid for any number of reasons.

    But a central part of recovery is getting yourself out of and away from the environment that enabled your addiction, and in which your destructive habits were formed.

    Going clean and then continuing to work in the porn industry–an environment where meth is omnipresent–was foolish, and it showed an incomplete commitment to his recovery.

    Hopefully he’ll get clean again, and this time take the next step of finding a new, healthier community to support him rather than staying in one that will use him up and tear him down.

  • averageguy40

    I’m sorry Distingue Traces…but those reasons are? It’s a crime… Jail time is for those that commit crimes. We all make choices. Paying for those choices whether good or bad is called being an adult. And again before anyone thinks I’m heartless and unsympathetic, I wish everyone would choose something other than drugs, get the help they need and lead safe, productive lives, but not making people accountable for their actions only worsens the problem.

  • Distingué Traces

    Good point. Jail time for speeding too. After all, it’s a crime, and jail is for those who commit crimes.

    There’s a difference, you say? Yeah there is. Speeding kills more people.

    More than one in every hundred Americans is in prison right now. Among young black men, that proportion rises to 1 in 9, more than ten percent.

    If you don’t see anything sick about a culture that does this to itself, then I don’t know what else to say to you.

  • ggreen

    I love how some of the posters here are passing judgment on someone they don’t know and have made a ton of assumptions based on one news article in an alternative weekly paper. Maybe if they weren’t so convinced of their own infallibility and their own faultless judgment, empathy and compassion for others could blossom in their lives and enrich them as human beings. These days everyone thinks being Judge Judy or Nancy Grace is the answer with short pithy solutions to life’s complex problems. Many people feel if it’s not happening to them, it isn’t happening. Some short pithy advice for them: To thine own self get a clue.

  • Charlie Dude

    well said! Poster N 14!

    Poeople and their soap boxes! One rule for other and another for all those politicians, drink drivers who keep on breaking the law but get away with nothing to so little!

    But it’s easier to pick on drugs right? despite the fact that it’s SELF destructive and imposed..i.e you’re the one the suffers?!

    I wouldn’t surpiesed if he’s from a shitty background childhood…you can never get away from your demons..

  • Charles Merrill

    I hope he can become well again. Besides being a porn star he is very talented public speaker in front of crowds. Maybe he will take the challenge and be a spokesperson against destructive behaviours in the gay community. I want to see he and others grow old. I am tired of being the only 74 year old gay geezer on the block in Palm Springs. Meth addiction is epidemic in Palm Springs amoung the younger gays. My partner took up meth and delusional, thought I was tracking him through transistors implanted by a dentist in his gums linked up to a satellite. It was a nightmare. He got help and is well again. We got married, but there is always a chance that someone will revert back. My fingers are crossed. We need more education about meth, and Michael would be a great person to spread the word. Instead of meeting in convention halls to see who won best orgy scene in a DVD, we need motivational groups who meet to discuss real life and learn survival.

  • M Shane

    No. 4: It is a good thing that everyone is not as stupid and incompassionate as you. The United Staes has more persons percapita in Prisions than any country on earth.
    If it was left to dingbats with your tolerance you would certainly be in jail just for being ignorant. That’s all that is all the helpful advice I can think of for you. Just be thankful you have never been addicted, unless you are to some of the legal, equally as harmful drugs around.

  • mds

    No. 4 and Average guy No. 40, I would rather be addicted to drugs than be addicted to hatred as the two of you are. The reason America is going down the drain is because it is people of your mentality that has turned this country into a hate filled theocracy. There is far greater shame in being cold, heartless, not to mention simpletons, than it is to be addicted to any drug. But unfortunately the two of you are an accurate representation of what has taken control of the United States since Bush became president. But here me now, its not this guy you do not feel sorry for, or wish to prison, or hate. It is only yourselves projecting your own inferiorities and self loathing upon him. If the two of you were to embrace those things you would probably put a gun to your heads within minutes. This hatred and judgement of others is a survival tool that you use in order to keep your eyes off yourselves, but from what I can see I can hardly blame you, because neither of you are very attractive humans.

  • averageguy40

    MDS… Wow! You told me. Thanks for setting me straight. I’m going to buy drugs right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.


    Sad indeed. Such a cutie wasting his life like that, perhaps he needs to hit rock bottom so that he can start his climb out of the black well he’s in now. I do support putting his ass behind bars.
    Sometimes it’s the only way people react and stop themselves for ending their life. That along with some good psychological help, because there has to be a reason for such destructive behavior.

  • Phoenix (The Angry Millitant Nelly Stoking the Fires of Change)

    Since I am related to Meth addicts/Alcoholics and have seen how they destroy everyone in their lives along with themselves I have a hard time feeling compasion for them. Most people who’ve had somebody on drugs/alchohol drag them into hell feel this way. That being said there is not nearly enough drug/alchohol treatment facilities. People arrested on drug charges should be sent directly to re-hab and told that staying clean and attending counseling is the only way they will get their freedom back.

  • michael

    Yo averageguy40- Please do go buy some drugs and make sure you take enough that the world is rid of your sorry ass. And don’t bother letting any of us know how it turns out unless your ass is dead because otherwise nobody on here gives a fuck, well may No.
    4 does. but I have a feeling your both the same, sorry, mental case.
    Stop polluting our planet with your presence, because assholes like you are beyond healing, fortunately most drug addicts are not.

  • No 4

    Apparently people think I’m an ass…LOL. WELL I have been through my share of experiences to use as an excuse for drugs, including being kidnapped at 15 and sexually molested. BUT DRUGS AND ENABLERS AND DEALERS ARE NEVER THE ANSWER. I had three older siblings that went through things. PEOPLE USE DRUGS AS AN EXCUSE AND PEOPLE WHO SHOW “EMPATHY” ARE JUST SUPPORTING A HABIT OF DESTRUCTION. I know the history of drugs, studied it all the way from the Opium Wars in China to how that transformed American culture.

    I DO NOT NEED TO BE ASKED ABOUT DRUG ADDICTS/DEALERS…THEY ALL BELONG IN JAIL. This guy is one less person on the street less likely to spread crime or disease.

  • charles

    I don’t know if there is enough room for all the drug users and dealers in the world and it actually costs less and is ultimately more productive to just get them into treatment. That’s not empathy (Drug use really is sickening), it’s really just practical.

    I thought, as dumb and misguided as this guy seems, that this story was really just sad. It seemed that he meant well and was trying and was just a weak person in a bad scene. Reading this just reinforced my fear of drug use-prudish, but what can you do.

  • BillyBob Thornton

    #no 4

    Another brilliantly written post, that definately shows your lack of compassion for people.

    Are you one of Fred Phelps family members?

    Hate is hate, no matter to whom or what it’s directed.

  • No 4

    LOL…oh yeah…I never said I wanted druggies to die and burn in hell. LOL. Jail is the law for criminals and drugs are illegal. And I feel the same way about prescription drug abusers.

    And just to give you all a persepective on my compassion level…LOL. Everyday I see people say one thing and do another. Gay guys are the worst offenders and VERY hypocritical. I give old ladies car rides to their home when I see that they can’t carry their groceries or it’s getting late. I let my friend’s kids mow my lawn for cash so that they develop a work ethic, I make sure they understand that a half black half white kid is just the same as the white one. And that love isn’t bound to just men and women. That my being gay doesn’t make me a meth addict that only cares about sex, fashion, and Paris Hiltion. I spend days at the humane society playing with pups.

    BUT I WILL NEVER WASTE MY TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY DESTROY THEIR FRIENDS, FAMLIY, THIER BODIES AND IN THE END THEMSELVES. DRUGS are a CHOICE. AND ALWAYS A WRONG ONE. Michael has someone who loves him and still it isn’t enough. His lover is second rate compared to a drug? Yeah that’s compassion.

    Call me a Hitler…LOL But at least I have been strong enough and LOVED enough to know that drugs are never the answer.

  • averageguy40

    Once again Wow! Wanting me dead? Where’s the hatred now? Just like No 4 (and we’re not the same person) I never wished any harm on anyone. I never wished anyone to die. Just to be accountable for their actions. To equate using or selling drugs with speeding (Distingue Traces), are you serious? All crimes are not equal and don’t carry the same punishment. I didn’t make up the consequences. For those who feel we are passing judgment on someone we don’t even know, and without a total lack of compassion, doesn’t that make you guilty of the same thing. For whatever reason, a lot of you overlook the part about my best friend being on drugs. I have been by his side for 20 years now. Gone to his house at all hours of the night when he was afraid he was going to die…bailed his butt out financially on numerous occasions…been his scapegoat when he couldn’t tell others the truth…cried over his addictions more than I care to remember…So if you think I have no compassion that’s OK by me. I know different. And I think my other friends would agree. So take shots if you want. I still stand by my convictions. And to Micheal Branson I wish you the best. I hope you do overcome this. As I said earlier I wish everyone would choose a road that makes for productive, happy men.

  • rick

    kruezer at night reported on his leaving raging stallion months ago because of a “bad back” and pain pills. all druggies from rush to cindy mccain seem to have a bad back and use it as an excuse for their drug use.

    the man was going from hotel to hotel using fake names and selling drugs. he needs to go to jail.

  • michael

    No. 4 and Average guy, nobody ever said that you have to immerse your life into that of someone who is abusing substances, thats co-dependency and that explains both your bitterness, anger and hatred, its a disease as well that the two of you obviously have never gotten treatment for. But recovery from co-dependency is discovering compassion and getting out of the way and not getting addicted to addicts, or being addicted to bitterness and hatred.
    Neither of you are the happy campers you are trying to portray yourselves as, your experiences have left you nasty, cold and heartless. And I was molested as well as a kid and I did not turn to drugs but I got help and did not use the anger and negativity it left me with to drive my life. Your both arrogant and condescending and light years from enlightenment. Bye!

  • boytroy

    Hey hater dudes, if they threw all the addicts in prison then what would you have left to hate? I have a feeling its probably a favorite past time for all of you and then what would you do? Oh yeah, there is always yourselves.

  • No 4

    It’s quite obvious a lot of you were cracked out at one point in your life or another and made an excuse for it. AverageGuy40 and I apparently have been diagnosed here on wonderful QUEERTY…LOL. I know I’m not angry, in jail or on drugs or addicted to an addict(LOL)BUT if we were ever so fortunate that all addicts were thrown in prison…there are still plenty of things to hate, like the improper use of “Your” in Michael’s post. That’s what I really hate…stupid people. But I will show compassion and tell you that you meant to say “You’re”. How’s that for walking towards the path of non-hatefulness?

  • marcus

    No. 4 and average guy, the most telling thing about all this is that as soon as you heard someone was addicted to drugs you could not help but jump into the “loop” that it sounds like you have been in all your life. That is what happens to the cp-addict, they think they are the good guys and they are addiction free but all their thoughts and emotions circle around the addict and his/her addiction and if they could just free them from the addiction, as in your case imprison them, then you could be free. Forsomeone who claims not to be so angry and have no time for drug addicts you have certainly spent a lot here on the subject and it has managed to pull out a lot of anger and rage for us all to see. You can deny it but its here in black and white. What you hate is the fact that you are as obsessed with the addiction yourself, it has the power to completely take you into its world and determine your own emotions. This is your own powerless at play. Well boys, you can imprison, destroy, do whatever you want with an addict but it will never change the fact that you are hooked as well. Hit an al-anon meeting, you will see yourself all over the place if you do. You might find peace, the kind of peace that you don’t need to try to convince others that you have.

  • boytroy

    No. 4 did you fall out of Sarah Palin’s asshole? Is that really the best you can do when you are backed into a corner? Critique someone’s grammar to deflect from the fact that everybody has your number? Is this the way you try to elevate your low self esteem, trying to make your self look superior by picking at someone’s word usage? So you were kidnapped as a kid and molested, sounds like you come from a rather trashy background to me, so lay of the bullshit, your a trailer park idiot and its going to take more than the ability to use a word properly to raise you out of that. “What I really hate is stupid people.” What I really hate are low class pieces of shit like you.
    And keep telling yourself how “loved” you were. I imagine you are actually the product of a botched abortion and a product of incest.
    actually the product of a botched abortion.

  • yaletownman

    there are still plenty of things to hate, like the improper use of “Your” in Michael’s post. That’s what I really hate…stupid people.

    Look everybody, its another Pissy Queen hooked on phonics!

  • Roz Lipschits

    What a sick and stupid hypocrite! Michael Brandon – asshole and IDIOT of the year vows a comeback! In another breath he complains that he cannot go to 12-step N.A. or AA meetings because as “Superstar” Michael Brandon “he has no anonymity!” BULLSHIT MICHAEL! BULL FUCKEN SHIT! He’s such an ass + HYPOCRITE he says in one breath to please a judge that he’ll do ANOTHER REHAB and then he goes and calls the press and does an interview lamenting that he cannot get clean cause NA and AA do not allow him anonymity! GET A FRIGGIN grip MICHAEL — – There are lots of gay and straight people at 12-step meetings who do not care about your porno career or your dick size! You are so conceited to think people are obsessed with you — GOD, you are an asshole! + you are getting rahter old and ugly any how so change your name to back to Michael Phillips – THROW THE POPPERS BOTTLES + DRUG PARAPHANELIA out and get a life! Get a career — go to college! One time Michael was going to fuck me and he said, “Relax your spinkter muscle…” I looked at him and said “And, I have only 1 spinkter muscle??” Michael said “yes!” God, what an idiot = FYI Michael the average caucasian American male has 22-27 spinkter muscles! Have you ever had a biology class in your life???? Have you ever in your travels which you thought you were so fucken hot BOTHERED to learn another language???? Can you even tell a Leonardo brushstroke fron a Cezanne brush stroke? Do you know the difference of acid and base and Fresco seco and Fresco Vero? Stop thinking people want your cock! They don’t cause if they did your “so-called” fans would have raised funds for you to have a legal defense! They do not love you so quit worrying about them you asshole! You want recovery and anonymity – RIGHT! What you want is sympathy and a world where you do not work or contributre anything yet you want your cock worshiped and to party like hell and get on the cover of magazines as a “VICTIM” – – Michael you are your own victim and deserve life in prison! IDIOT, lying BITCH-CUNT- WHORE!

  • I Love Michael Brandon so Lay off!

    Anything negative about Michael Brandon is Bullshit because Michael is obligated to do porno because of his dick size! He owes this to the world and has no choice! He gets under pressure and has to do drugs because that is the only way to cope in life! Lay off him! He has no choice because you see, fame and fortune are difficult and he can’t go to meetings cause he will be recognized and everytime he goes to see a shrink or a doctor that professional wants to go down on Michael too. The problem is that Michael is such a big star that he needs the drugs to manage his life so give him a break! Plus poppers and alcohol and even pot aren’t really drugs! We all do these substances and get busted from time to time and then we manage and get through it! Michael needs these things cause it is hard to have the calling of such a big porno star who contributes so much to humanity and the progress of the nation + world peace and help to those in need! Afterall, look at what happened to poor Ryan Idol. We wouldn’t want Michael falling out of any windows and we want him around so we can all sit on his dildo of monster cause that is a very important contribution for world peace and a betterr ecconomy! I do not know what I woudl do if it was not for my “monster dildo!” it gives me so much peace and happiness and aside from michael himself it is the only thing I truly love in this world! Millions of people owe their very existence to what michael has done with his large penis! The world is such a better place because of this! Furthermore, it is not Michael Brandon’s fault that Raging Stallion hates him and he is not allowed on their property! You do not understand that people are jealous of his stardom and big penis and they have to do and say nasty things to cope. Michael is forgiving though and forgives all of them while he slams and toots. That is wha slamming and tooting is for though! Michael is a victim cause in San Francisco there are no human services, no HIV case management (and yes bois he doee got that disease alson with the other sickness!), no doctors, phychologists, legal aid, nursing staff, no 12 step meetings, no people with similar experience as Michael who have stayed off of drugs for a decade or more.
    You see, Michael had no choice; he was forced to use and forced to undo his anti-meth work of 1999-2004 because the world was mean to him and put lots of pressure on this poor fellow! Lastly, because Michael has so many fans, he has to do drugs in order to manage them and the time demands they put on him. He has to do drugs to stay hard and take care of his fans. Certainly even with the power of meth, Michael’s time is difficult to manage and he has to not shown up at places he promises to and people inevitable have to bet burned through no fault of Michael’s.
    Any way, getting arrested is no big deal! Everyone who is anyone has been arrested and done time! I mean that is part of being an important person!
    Give the guy a break, he is so wonderful and loving and fucks everyone with love! And lord knows we all need to be fucked and especially by the rare dick michael’s size so he is obligated! He deserves nothing but unconditional love and tons of awards for his world-changing wonderful work in the pornography industry! +++ It is not Michael’s fault the press got involved! He would never ever call them or volunteer an interview! Michael deserves anonymity so lay off people and just love this wonderful guy who deserves your love no matter what!

  • Ready Made Man

    Oh and do not foret that it was some one else’s fault that syrenges with illegal substances were made up and Michael Brandon was OBLIGATED to inject them into his veins! he had no choice! Also, Michael did so much work to get men off Meth so he now has the right to use and sell all the meth he want! Because People should know to do what Michael Brandon says not what he does! I mean come on this is mere logic!

  • He is a worthless piece of shit

    Oh he’s a disgusting pig! His hair is always array and he does not clean his finger/toe nails which are yellow from his chain pot-smokin anyhow. + he gots loads of problems and a crystal meth induced erectile dysfunction and his ass smells like used tampons! Further, he gots bad skin and hair growin n weird places. I wish I knew what kind of cologne he uses cause it is like a combo of urine, sewage acid, and rotting eggs, cabbage and onions rolled in2 1 bad smell! And u ever geta load of his teeth – yuck! No one wants this man porno star or not…. And all this is thanks to the inability to learn to stay out of trouble with the law and to allow obsession with drugs rule his life! Drugs are Brandon’s higher power – period!

  • rustee

    @He is a worthless piece of shit: Oh he is a PIG and I wish someone would shoot him right between the eyes so the world does not have to suffer form sicko and creepo Michael Brandon’s rotten presence! I’d be willing to pay someone to murder him!

  • pop-6-squish-ahah-cicero_

    @rustee: I do not know if killing anyone is a good idea but I know for sure the planet would smell better if Michael Brandon was no longer here!

  • Michael Lucas Worldwide!

    Kayhill, move to South State Street treet about 1/2 block West of Main.

    Bayle, you move to 7th and Main.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @He is a worthless piece of shit:

    Wow… give that man a Pulitzer.

    Seems like the real disgusting shit is right between your ears, baby. From your highly descriptive prose it seems to me like you get off on it.

    Regardless of whether addicts belong behind bars or not (I think they do not) don’t you already have over a million people living in prisons?
    What’s your plan when you start running out of money to pay for their room and board? Summary executions?

    And yeah, living in a locked cage with a bunch of criminals (with an assortment of issues and problems) is really going to give someone the positive outlook he needs to break a habit and turn his life around.

  • Teens' parent

    @strumpetwindsock: You are fucked up! Michael Brandon is not just an addict! He is an addict who has had the opportunity to better himself! He went to prison 8 1/2 years and learned nothing – 0 – zero- rien – nada – zilch! Then the scuzbag has the audacity to go to meetings and lie to loving, giving generous sponsors and support groups that he was clean. He also announced to the world that poppers and sometime alcohol are not mind altering drugs! He set a bad example and became so vain, arrogant, self-centered and a swell-head that he “though” with his dumb mind that he had way too much personality for himself and had to give a separate name to his penis! All this was while he was lying, stealing, cheating and deceiving people that he was clean, taking money for anti-drugs and getting young gay men onto illegal substances as well as giving them AIDS, Herpes and other lovely bugs!
    Brandon has created his own Karma! He has hurt more people than can possibly be counted and all the asshole needed to do is return to 12-step meetings and surrender to step one – “Admit he had a problem” He was so proud and arrogant that he decided to sacrifice other people’s lives and sanity instead of his foolish pride!
    He went around bragging that he was the largest Dick in porno when in fact Chad Hunt, Ryan Idol, Michael Lucas and Especially Ken Ryker are far more well endowed than him! He then used the bogus excuse that his dick was too big to be in meetings and that everyone wanted him!
    In reality no one sober has ever wanted him and anyone in 12 steps could see that he was lying! Everyone offered his assistance but he wanted to make-believe that they merely wanted his penis! Michael Brandon is wicked and rotten through and through! He think the world loves dick and wants to drink his cum and piss and that anyone and everyone will bend over and spread for his penis and that with his dick with a separate personality he can get whatever he wants!
    Brandon has used “disease” as a facade for decades while in reality he is a cheating, thieving criminal who takes and destroys lives without a second thought! He is a monster which needs to be stopped and I truly hope he gets the intense and slow-suffering of a death that he deserves!

  • Irish Sinner

    @Teens’ parent: Brandon is indeed a dreadful liar who unlike just being an addict has gone out of his way to purposefully harm countless others and has comitted hideous fraud which deserves strict punishment! I quiver to think of all the young people now addicted to drugs, porn and unhealthy life style 100% due to Brandon. I hate also to imagine all the cases of herpes, AIDS and death by STD or overdosing that Brandon has created due to his selfishness!

  • Michael Brandon

    Wow, where does one begin?

    Well, I s’pose I should listen to an old saying

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say. Don’t say anything at all.” – Unknown

    I will say this…..

    Thank you for the love and prayers from countless people around the world. I didn’t think I would make it back from this one. It’s only through the love and prayers that I made it back!!

    So, thank you,

    Michael Brandon

  • go fuck yourself michael

    You’re so full of shit Michael Brandon! You screwed and insulted your friends, clients and fans! You lied and now your are cockier and more in YOUR will than ever! Take the fucking cotton out of your ears and stick it in your mouth! ASSHOLE!

  • Michael Brandon

    You’re a trip dude.

    I can’t help but shake my head when I read something you’ve written about me. Where did you garner your information? Your information is totally off base! What type of delusional world have you dug yourself into? You’re not writing about Michael Brandon. You’ve got much more going on within yourself that is manifesting.

    Of course I realize this will prompt another vicious round of your venom. I just couldn’t sit back and read all the crap that you’re spewing.

    I’m working very hard on getting the help I need to be a better person. I sure as hell hope you do the same.

    Shaking his head in San Francisco,

    Michael Brandon

  • Michael Brandon the Pot (or pothead) that calle the Kettle Black

    1)Let’s see if we can make this anymore clear! Michael Brandon’s words and actions demonstrate his case of “Me-itus!” He needs to go back to Step 1 and learn to surrender! – Take the cotton out of his ears and stick it in his mouth!

    2)Michael Brandon had been arrested some 15 times, been 8 1/2 years in prison, in and out of county sponsored rehabs, drained the state’s public defense funds, set a bad example all around, spent months in various county jails and for whatever reason Michael Brandon thinks he has a right to point at others and call them “off base.”

    3) 44 1/2 years old and has not learned to have 1 drop of humiltiy nor gratitude! Heads are shaking at you Michael!

    4)Oh yeah, don’t forget about how Michael Brandon tried to use all this irresponsibility as a publicity stunt – – if he really wanted to be clean he would not be throwing himself in to a spotlight and he certainly would not be speaking to press… One would also think that part of surrender would include letting the past go & HENCE not commenting on sites about Michael Brandon and worrying only about Michael Phillips!

  • Michael Brandon

    @Michael Brandon the Pot (or pothead) that calle the Kettle Black:

    * Behind the annonimity of the internet, you’ve made yourself very clear over and over and over again. There are many things going on in your life that you certainly need to take a look at. Spending all this time and energy on me is sure to cause ulcers, high blood pressure, possibly more.

    * Correct: I have been in and out of county and state prisons for the better part of 10 years starting in my mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

    * Correct: I have been in two treatment centers.

    * Off base!! You don’t even have my age correct.

    * Off base!! Pothead? Nope, wrong again. No pot for me thank you. Never have and never will.

    * Off base!! When folks such as yourself don’t have the facts correct. I’m certainly the one to be pointing out the truths.

    * Off base!! Publicity stunt?? It’s not me that kept my name in the press the past couple years. I agreed to do an interview which the reporter wasn’t able to get in touch with me for afterwards. She was committed to the article and filled in the blanks how she could. Some truth and loads of misinformation.

    * I’m sure this will have you spewing more of your false information. I will check back in with you later today to make sure folks have the information correctly.

    Have a wonderful day everyone,

    Michael Brandon

  • Michael Brandon a Pot which keeps calling Kettles Black!

    @Michael Brandon: Nope, sorry! Your birthday which was obtained from Public Court Records is indeed 09 Feb 1965. You graduated from Huntington Beach High School (barely) in 1983. No more lying that you are younger. You cannot physically pass for younger if your tried!

    Furthermore, all the info we have posted is 100% true and accurate! You are a non-credible convicted felon. If you were honest, you would have not served some 10 years so far!


    For sure, one of us might have a heart attack or something but at least that won’t cause us to “BREAK-OUT IN HAND-CUFFS AND GO TO JAIL!”

    LOL! Taco Bell won’t even hire you, you worthless crap! No one wants to see you naked anymore either so get over it!

  • Mar

    @Michael Brandon: 44 Yeah! One should focus on recovery and let these outdated articles run out of circulation on the web.

  • bel anie o

    @Michael Brandon: Don’t try to pretend like you are 10 years younger than you are. No one will believe it and you know your were 43 at your last arrest,not in your mid 30s. Your original arrest began at about age 20. These are all easy to look up so do not lie anymore.

  • bel anie o

    In reality Michael Lucas is the same age as Michael Brandon but Lucas can easily get away with a 1975 – 1980 birthdate! Lucas is young-looking, sweet, kind, gentle, warm and giving. Michael Brandon has none of these qualities + is a snot-nosed, obnoxious bragging and screaming, fat, wrinkled Brat! Sweet Beautiful Michael Lucas will continue to make porn for at least 3 more decades and we are gateful because he does not embarass the gay community like Brandon! Pretier dick too and Lucas is not always bragging about his acccomplishments or penis size either!

  • Mahvsz

    LMAFO!!!! Welcome to MID-LIFE Michael Brandon + Welcome to LIFE on LIFE’s TERMS!!!! Opposed to Michael Phillips’s Life on Michael Brandon’s Terms!

    You are 44 and a complete and utter failure! You are bankrupt, convicted again of a felony, not credible in any circles and your few remaining fans are sick n tired of you posting YOUR OWN LIFE TERMS on these blogs! + you are old-looking and fat!

  • TANK

    @bel anie o:

    Yeah, ‘acause porno stars are a tribute to the gay community…just like porno stars are to the straight “community”. Oy… The comments are what’s really sad.

  • bel anie o

    @TANK: Sad but nonetheless quite true. & Michael Brandon used his porn status to be an activist and as an activist lied to both straight and gay community and hurt and mislead countless individuals! He’s got a few more runs in him. Hopefully one of these runs will kill him and we can all celebrate!

  • bel anie o

    @Mahvsz: Don’t forget about bald! Michael Brandon has lost a hell of a lot of hair in the past 2-3 years!

  • TANK

    @bel anie o:

    Curious. Did he do something to you personally?

  • TANK

    Answer. I have to admit I’d never heard of this person before queerty, nor michael lucas.

  • bel anie o

    @TANK: Yes, he lied to my best friend about how to get off drugs! It turned out that Michael Brandon was not practicing what he was preaching. This person went into Michael Brandon’s bathroon and found drugs, paraphinalia and poppers bottles. My friend called Michael Brandon on his lies and Michael got all preachy about how he was right, the guidlines of 12-steps and the whole rest of the world was wrong! This friend of mine loved Michael Brandon, epitomized him and was a huge fan. After Michael’s attack on him he wrote a note and comitted suicide.

    This upset me to the point that I started researching others Michael Brandon has hurt and there are many. Michael’s bad behavior includes, stealing, assault, romancing others into using drugs, giving sexual disease gifts, batters, fraud and more. Michael Brandon uses addiction as a disease as an excuse! he also is so conceited thinking he is god’s gift and that his contributions to porno are life altering. He needs to be punished severly before more lives are destroyed! Oh and his co-dependence on that mexican alcoholic named marcos. Many of Michael Brandon’s friends disappeared due to this twerp!

  • bel anie o

    @TANK: You are so lucky! Don’t let Michael Brandon know you never heard of him though. He will track you down and harass you until you admit you have been watching his videos for a decade and that he is the greatest being on earth! Michael Lucas is the nicest guy you will ever meet! My country is honored to have him as an immigrant. Lucas has never ever broken the law and he does wonderful things for people everywhere + he is not a druggie!

  • bel anie o

    There is a new website up n coming entitled FOOD MICHAEL (LUCAS) Vs. EVIL MICHAEL (BRANDON) It will have 2 columns A- listing all the awesome and wonderful things Michael Lucas has done and B- listing all the horrific criminal acts Michael Brandon has done. These two men truly imperson the reality of the Good and Evils of gay porn!

  • bel anie o

    OOPS Typos = Good Michael vs Evil Michael. Good is Lucas and Evil is clearly Brandon — will expose the extremes of the gay porn industry + expose fraud and lies! AND give credit where deserved. Michael Brandon of course hogs credit and has never deserved nor earned it!

  • Michael Brandon

    Oh my god……this is sooo cool!! Of course drug use fucks UP a persons mind on so many levels. One of the ways it has fucked UP mine is that time frame is quite the blur.

    You’re RIGHT!! I AM only 44 years old!!
    Some how I had convinced myself I was 45!! You’ve actually given me back a year of my life!! You fucken rock dude!!

    In my mind, during my recent relapse, I added a year. I know it sounds kinda silly and stupid. That’s the reality of it. You’ve given me back a year of my life dude!! Hella cool!!

    You know, I had plans to just rip all your false posts to pieces. I’m so grateful you’ve given me back a year of my life though!

    Wishing you the best life has to offer. Take care and be good to yourself!!

    Hugs and kisses on all your openings,

    Michael Brandon

    P.S. Huntington Beach High? Better check your public records!!

    P.S.S. Has anyone ever told you how cute you are when proven wrong? LOL! Later gator!!

  • Mike J

    Michael Brandon is from hunting beach california, not San Francisco. He is an OC native and he did graduate a year late for huntington beach high.

    He is 44 – his birthdate is 1965. His L.A. / Weho fans tried to commerate his 40th on 09 Feb 2005 and he was rude to them claiming he was only 32.

    Michael Brandon’s relapse started in 2001 with poppers. One does not have any clean time if he is using any type of mind-altering substance. PERIOD!

    He began using meth in 2005. (again)

    He is a convicted felon, a known thief, a known liar, and has lost his looks. He’s hurt many people and is not credible.

    He is not proving anyone wrong. No one is supporting him in his fraud either! Everything posted in this article and in the comments here are 100% true and accurate!

  • Bel anie o

    One can go to any low bottom county rehab and listen to hundreds of scuzzy addicts demanding that they had “X” amount of time off crystal or alcohol and it does not matter if they used something else! They further insist that their time off the original drug while using yet another substance should count! This is a typical characteristic to state “Oh I had 7 years off alcohol and meth and that counts for something!” IT COUNTS FOR NOTHING IF YOU WERE USING ANY OTHER MIND-ALTERING SUBSTANCE!

    Michael Brandon is personifying this trait – NEED to be right and NEED FOR GIVING UP ONE DRUG FOR ANOTHER and to make that time off the original drug count for something!

    In reality Michael Brandon gave up alcohol and meth for poppers! Again, this is a common characteristic of ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR! Some switch from Scotch to Vodka, others from Meth to cocaine, still others like Brandon trade both Alcohol and Meth for poppers (thinking that poppers are minor and no one will call him on it!)

    WRONG!!!!! + Michael is nt proving anyone wrong on his postings; he’s simply making a buffoon of himself yet again!

    Michael Brandon is demonstrating the pitfalls which are addressed at the beginning of any AA or NA meeting! He is such a fool! Clearly not doing his program and clearly “too good cause he’s a porn star” to listen to a sponsor! It is rather saddening to see his pointless fighting and demands that people take his as credible at this time when he ought to focus only on working the steps and a sobriety job towards selfworth.

    At first, when he started commenting on about 7 sites, he was ridiculous! Then, he became so ridiculous that he was funny! Now, he is just pathetic! He is more in his addiction than ever!

    He is trying to justify that giving up one substance for another was beneficial to him! This is wrong! YOU ARE NOT CLEAN OR SOBER IF YOU ARE USING SO MUCH AS 1 MIND-ALTERING SUBSTANCE – no matter how miniscule and ineffective the substance!

    Michael Brandon is such a fraud thinking that his words are proving wrong the people who have done their homework by doing a “he said / he said!”

    The facts about Michael Brandon are black n white!

    What is even more pathetic is that supposedly he has been in a new program of recovery since October and he still does not get the facts about recovery, humility, purity, honesty and surrender! HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INTO HIS OWN WILL, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INTO HAVING THE LAST WORD, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INTO BEING RIGHT ( and he’s wrong!) & SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INTO INSTANT RESULTS!!!

    Michael Brandon typical of an addict on the loose thinks that if he keeps posting his stupid, worthless and pathetic, falsehoods here that suddenly he will get a crowd of people to believe them and that he will be credible again!

    He brags about his previous work which was detrimental to his spirit and he cons people who are not in recovery to believe that he is doing a decent job in recovery! The truth is his recovery if below half-ass level! He is still a pathetic fraud, simply waiting for probation to end so he can make porno and turn tricks and be a big star and win the GayVN and Grabby again and fly to Mexico and make 2 grand a night with his large cock!

    Need for Instant Results is a clear sign of addictive behavior!

    Glamourizing the past which Michael Brandon is also doing is ANOTHER sign of active addictive behavior! “Oh my fans all over the world!” Please fans are fickle and many younger and cuter boys are out there now! Funny too Michael dreamed of his fans paying for him to go to a posh recovery centre and to get a high class lawyer for him! THIS NEVER HAPPENED! Michael’s stupid Mexican boyfriend did receive a small collection for this (not enough) and drank it all away behind Michael’s back! Monzon is a very active alcoholic! one might only imagine how an alkie and a druggie feed into each other’s pathetic diseased lives!

    Maybe when Michael Brandon has truly done all the time which he defrauded the world that he was clean in an honest and sincere manner + does all the steps AND then 3-5 years additional clean time + gives up on his stupid fantasies and quits preaching – – MAYBE he will be able to have some credibility for the first time in his life!

    2000-2007 he only “appeared” credible! He was lying!

    Michael Brandon needs to 1st make a trip down to Long Beach and make ammends to the Hungarian waitress at Cafe Americana who he stole from. She never pressed charges. She knows about recovery, has read about Brandon’s relapse and cannot imagine why she has nto received her ammend! There’s about 15 others in Long Beach including Matt Latona who is the kindest purest spirit on the planet which Michael Brandon needs to make ammends to! There are countless people in L.A. and Chicago + San Fran that Michael needs to openly make ammends to!

    Instead of sitting there accusing others who do have the facts right of being wrong and expecting some instant result – – Michael B should be focused on correcting the oh so many wrongs he has done!

    The truth also includes the fact that Raging Stallion has restraining orders against him! Come on, he’s not going to be a big porn star ever again! He needs to get over it! he does not even have a sobriety job yet (some 9 3/4 months later!)


    OR sooner or later, you shall BREAKOUT IN HANDCUFFS & GO TO JAIL! (again!!)

  • Bel anie o

    Just noticed how even more pathetic that Michael Brandon now has his comments here linked to his porno web site – – You tell your story Michael to whom ever will listen and after you end up in jails or institutions again maybe you will learn!

    It is so pathetic that you even have that stupid and out of date website up. Hold on to it cause it proves your worth!

  • Cheyl

    @Bel anie o: Good points and you are valid on this site! Michael Brandon is trying to make his lies the truth and his life terms everyone’s life terms!

    Michael Brandon’s hypocracy is not limited to drug and drug related crime.

    Michael Brandon has also been vocal with and participated in groups to promote Safe Sex. On the other hand, dated on or about the same time as this boisterous opinion are a number of videos in shich Michael Brandon does both roles in bareback sex!

    Sadly young, impressionable gay men got the mixed message and some now have herpes, AIDS and other “pretty gifts” resulting from Michael Brandon’s arrogant and selfish double-life!

    In the end though, Michael Brandon is the evil child of porn because the good things he “appeared” to do were hypocritical and have all now backfired! I wish they would strip him of his awards! He got them through his lies and misreprsentation!

    It is clear that Michael Brandon has no intention of working a 12-step program, making ammends or being accountable!

    Michael Lucas’s business is flourishing! That is one good thing that came out of all the hurt and ugliness Michael Brandon caused!

  • Bel anie o

    No one has ever thought that he was 45. No one has ever believed that in 2005 he was 32 and hence now might 36! He keeps making a buffoon of himself with his addictive behavioral words, thoughts and actions! Certainly he is using at the moment!

    45 or 44 looking at his life he should not be proud of anything! He is definitely 44 in any case! And, no he was not given 1 extra year, he was exposed as the buffoon / liar that he is!

    Sadly we have to think about the had facts which are a) innocent victims’ lives are permanently damaged due to Michael B. b) People have also lost their lives due to Michael B. c) Michael B. ClEARLY intends to continue to hurt others.

  • Maasalama

    It is clear that Michael Brandon in his current / today & now addiction is SLOWLY COMITTING SUICIDE & bringing others right down with him! He really has no understanding as to what it means to be clean!

  • Min Fadlik

    @Maasalama: That is correct!

  • Ralphie

    The stupid little fucker also thinks that pornography is a worthwhile career which contributes to the well being of others. Talk about delusional! There is no way Michael Brandon is not slamming!

  • I even offered his wife a job!

    Oh that lunatic “everybody should love me cause I got a big dick” rotten attitude is no good! Michael Brandon is a user and taker in life who thinks his penis entitles him to party, comitt crimes, steal, run up state expenses and wave a magic wand and automatically be forgiven for the deaths and tragedies he causes!

  • 4th grade banana,

    Michael Brandon loves and worships all kinds of drugs. He likes Anorectics and hammers and Benzodiazepines and Buprenorphine. And he does Cannabis and he loves Cocaine + Depressants and anti-depressants and Detropoxyphene. Michael Brandon likes Hashish oil and to inject Flunitazepam + he does all kinds of Hallucinogens. Oh he adores inhalants, khat, hydrocodone and Butorphanol! You should see him when he gets onto Lysegic Acid or Diethylamide or even Meperidine! He loves that stuff and is so cute on drugs too. You should see him on Chloral Hydrates or codeine! It is great! Dextomethorphan and Fentanyl make him real sexy too. And he is really hot on Heroine with a Hashish bong in his other hand! One time when I was going out with him he ate so much peyote that he wanted to fuck the likes of plain, old ugly me! It was hot! Some of the other stimulants that make him want to seduce boys are tryptamines, and salvia divnormum. When he snort some Gamma Hydroxybutyrate or Hydromorphone he looks so cute. On Ketamine be a big bottom. One time though he mix parahyde with opium! Boy that was a mess. So is he on his Marijuana. Not a pretty sight! I do not know where he got it cause you can’t find it in America he take some Levo Alphaceylmethadol and mix with Mephrobamate and crushed up Methamphetamine and he inject himself! Then he become so lovable it is great! When he was new to porno everyone say he was nice cause he was on Morphine all the times and in them poppers bottles he sniff some Paraldehyde! Or he put some Methylphenidate in his syringe. He don’t do no steroids cause that make his monster little though he can butch up a bit. He act like a man on Methaqualone and Methyloenedioxymethamphetamines mixed with oxydodone sometimes. He real interesting though not sexy on Pentazocine, Phencyclidine and Thebaine, Most drugs make Michael Brandon really, truly adorable and every one want to get fuck by him. That man need to do drugs to be good to others and be successful.

  • curry marie

    It’s the time of year, now that spring is in the air.

    When those two wet gits, with their girly, curly hair.

    Write another song, for moronic holidays, that nausi-ate-ate-ates in a million different ways.

    From the shores of Spain, to the coasts of southern France.

    No matter where you hide, you just can’t escape this dance.

    Hold a chicken in the air. Stick a deckchair up your nose.

    Buy a jumbo yet, and then bury all your clothes.

    Paint your left knee green, and extract your wisdom teeth.

    Form a string quartet, and pretend your name is Keith.

    Skin your-self alive, learn to speak Arapaho.

    Climb inside a dog, and behead an Eskimo.

    Eat a Renault 4; wear Salami in your ears.

    Cas-a-role your gran, dis-em-bowel yourself with spears.

    The disco is vibrating, the sound is loud and grating, it’s truly nauseating. Let’s do the dance again.

    Hold a chicken in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose.

    Yes you’ll hear this song in the holiday discos.

    And there’s no escape in the clubs or in the bars.

    You would hear this song, if you hol-i-dayed in Mars.

    Skin your-self alive, learn to speak Arapaho.

    Climb inside a dog, and behead an Eskimo.

    Now you’ve heard it once, your brain will spring a leak.

    And though you hate this song, you’ll be humming it for weeks.

  • IHOP Dude

    @<a href=”#[email protected]curry marie: OMG! I have not heard the Spittin’ Image Chicken Song in Years! It sums up Michael Brandon’s pathetic life pretty well though!

    PS: Michael Brandon was in prison when the song and TV show came out so he probably has no clew

  • IHOP Dude

    CLUE! Someone please wise up / clue in Michael “pathetic loosing fucker” Brandon!

  • IHOP Chick

    Michael Brandon? He is wicked and evil and, and, and he should be punished!

  • The cunt speaks

    Michael Brandon has been calling up his old victims such as Raging Stallion studios and the the San Vicente Inn and trying to con someone there into giving him a handout! Wow! I for one am grateful that the phone is constantly being slammed down on this fucked-up son of a bitch! I wish Michael Brandon would shrivel up and die! He is repulsive!

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