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  • Pyschofag

    I can get them for 5 quids….lol

  • Miss Understood

    You are lifting that story from the Sun, the British equivalent of the National Enquirer. I think you should have gotten little more info before presenting it the way you did. There is no context, just an implied assumption that he has hit the skids.

    George makes enough in royalties to, even in hard times, make a decent living. My guess if that he wanted to work the stall himself. Some famous people do not always want to be bottled up in their fancy condo. George has been designing clothes for quite a while, it’s good for business for him to show up personally.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    Sun readers all complimented him for being out working instead of whining like certain other Brit musicians. I agree, actually it’s kind of cool.

  • RichardS

    Have to agree with Miss Understood.
    The Sun sucks, and they’ve put a grim spin on this it doesn’t warrant.
    Selling clothes at Spitalfields Market is a pretty cool thing to do.
    I’d estimate George makes about £100,000 a year from Culture Club royalties, and can charge a fortune for a few hours DJing…

  • martymartymarty

    George gets $10,000 per DJ gig and makes a fortune in royalties each year from “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” and “Karma Chameleon” — he may be a total has-been and wholly washed-up in the “15 Minutes of Fame” world but money is not a problem for him.

  • RichardS

    Argh. Sorry, can’t let that pass.
    He’s not seen as a has-been in the Uk. On the contrary, he’s seen as rather cool, cause of the House DJing and his embracing of the Electro scene, and the clothes line etc etc.
    Cool qweer boys here love him….

  • Rob Moore

    The Sun only has credibility only with people who believe the moon is made of cheese.

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